Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Coming Back to Life

I'm back! Yeah my internet connection is back, but I not sure it can maintain for how long. The connection was down for a week, how terrible it is.

As I promised (unlike REDtone always broke their promises) I'll update my blog and also will visit you're all blogs when I got time. Thanks to you all waited for me to come back in action and some suggestions to get over the problem.

Anyway, I just want to tell you all again there are no other ISP available or not allow to provide the service at the condo I stay now, this is the only source I can use currently.

I really felt just get out from hell, so coincidence I was listening to Pink Floyd - Coming Back to Life, so I decided to use this title for this post. If you never heard this song before, now I recommend it to you, I really like this song's guitar solo and I always will grab my guitar to play along with this song...

Pink Floyd - Coming Back to Life (Live)

Thank you all very much!

I'm Back!!!


angel said...

Keong hee, keong hee... dun pek chek liao, ok?

Simple American said...

No one makes a guitar solo as nice as David Gilmour. Love his technique. Others may play faster, but none sweeter.

Hope you are back up for good. said...

Welcome back
A cup of green tea for you

a^ben said...

selamat pulai~! keke

Rabbit said...

rocker is back!! Jeng jeng jeng!!

Princess Eileen said...

Congrats~ 3 cheers for ya~

tingtitlei said...

pink floyd <33

jeng jeng jeng? thats mine! =P

Zen Master said...

Hey, bro. You're back. Pink Pig, ooopss...Floyd - Coming Back To Life really suits your latest entry and I'm loving it.

Will said...

you're back! hehe

sun,moon&star said...

welcome back!!

Kenny Ng said...

Still abit pek chek, the line still not stable

[simple american]
Yeah, I like David Gilmour's skills very much! I don't like to play fast too... so I stick to his style, I found it more difficult to get the feel of the tone.

Thanks... where is my green tea?

Apa pulai tu?

Yeah... I'm back for rock! jeng jeng jeng!

[princess eileen]

LOL... jeng jeng jeng is my trademark la...

[zen master]
Thanks bro... I like this song very much!

Yeah... I'm back to rock more... hehehe


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