Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lovers' Day?

Few days back on Monday, I get a free newspaper, The Sun when I was about drove to work, then I saw an article on the front page... Lover's Day.

I was like... what the hell? What Lovers' Day was that? I thought Valentines Day is the world recognised lovers' day. Some people said that the 15th day of the first month in Chinese Lunar Calender (Chap Goh Meh) is the lovers' day in for Chinese. Now got another version of Lovers' Day? Oh no! Not again!!!

It was celebrated in Taipei, it says that Chinese Valentine's Day or Qi Xi (The Night of Sevens). Qi Xi is the celestial story of two lovers, a mortal cowherd and a fairy weaver, banished to opposite ends of the Milky Way by the Goddess of Heaven, who cross the bridge of magpies to meet the seventh day of the seventh lunar moon. Chinese mythology believes that during the night of Qi Xi, the two stars representing the lovers.

I wonder... wasn't it seventh lunar moon is the 'Hungry Ghost' month? Will it be dating with something spiritual? This is my first time heard about it in my life on this Lovers' Day. Is that the particular day you only love your lover? If you really love your lover, everyday can be Lovers' Day right?

So... I'm thinking now, what type of days do we still have to celebrate? Do this world got Rockers' Day? I'm looking forward for it... jeng jeng jengggggggggg®

What A Day?!


Simple American said...

I want rockers day too.

Sex day would not be so bad either. ;)

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

must look in the sky 2nite.....

Princess Eileen said...

I second simple american for "sexy day". I didnt know about the Lovers day either...

hahahahahahahahhahahahahhaahha.. I think last year got 2 chinese valentine's day, 1 english valentine's day and this Lover's day...

I also confused

Rabbit said...

Ooo i saw that picture too on monday! and i didnt know about this lover that too till Monday. A lot of such a day ler.

clement said...

they go to love hotel on that day?

Nonnie King said...

All these whatever days are created by businessmen to make money nya..

Iwan Sanchez said...


i took this LOVE figure when i was at taipei.. hahaha!!

well, y not u start the rockers day??


Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Yeah... Sex Day will be nice too... haha!

[pisang goreng]
Why must look into sky? Got Superman fly by? LOL

[princess eileen]
He said Sex Day la... not Sexy Day, hahahaha... I'm confused too.

Yalor... really confusing right?

I dunno... and I dun care also, not my business.

[nonnie king]
You were right!

I'm not qualify to start it la...

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

This is Chinese Valentine's Day. They celebrate it in China! Elizebeth DL was telling about it. But I couldn't be bothered la. I also dunno whats the big fuss about it. Everyday is a lover's day to me. Hahah.

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah... if you really love your another behalf, everyday also lover's day.

Jace said...

celebrate valentine with ghost?

Kenny Ng said...

I also think so... wakakakaka

Anonymous said...

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