Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Late To Work?

I believe all of us experienced before late to work due to woke up late or stuck in traffic jam. As live in the city especially in Kuala Lumpur with the 'excellent' traffic system, I'm sure all of us got the problem late to work due to traffic jam.

It's very frustrated if we late to work due to traffic then get scolded or warned by boss, it's not our fault right? I tell you, most of the time I tried to get out from house to work earlier than my usual time, the traffic will be more worst, it end up I even more late to work, sometimes when I get out a little bit late from house, the traffic was so smooth. You say la... wanna hit wall or not?

Luckily I never face to this situation before (picture below), if really got I sure will vomit blood, then go hit wall, then jump sea... (luckily Kuala Lumpur no sea).

Do you know what is the situation that you really don't want to see if you stuck in traffic jam to work? Scroll to below...


You'll Never Get To Work On Time!!!

You say la... really can vomit blood then go hit wall or not?

Wish you all get to work on time...



ah nel said...

kl got flood wor?

*due to global warming maybe kl will be sea* :D

babyfiona said...

kekeke, that is why i always go out late to work one :P.

Jo said...

shiet! today i late to work again! damn the car accident on the road!

Princess Eileen said...

Hahaha... that sign for real or not? I think it prolly bring a smile to me if I really see that sign on the road. For me, the worst thing during a jam is when I really need to go toilet (esp for pangsai) and I know I need to be caught in the traffic for at least another hour....

DEVASTATING!!!!! Green, blue, black colour face also come out!

AceOne118 said...

Come-come, I rent you my private helicopter. hahahaha

De Pianist said...

hahaha...i think if this sign is put during the traffic jam in KL,i think when the traffic jam already become less,this sign sure got damaged by irritated driver liao..lol..=p

Huei said...


LRT works the same way oso..always got
"Due to unforseen circumstances, trains will be delayed" aka the road signboard!

Nonnie King said...

I wonder why the board is still up there? How can there be no one throwing stone or brick at it?

Chen said...

*touch wood*

touch the tree trunk..
touch the flower branches..
touch the wooden chopsticks,
touch the bench..

Must touch more woods..

FireHorse said...

LOL next time lide motobike can owes get to work on time :P

**L-Y-N** said...

WTF....is this for real?????

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

if this sign put in our country here....
gerenti mini'steri sound punya

Cocka Doodle said...

Take bicycle lah..
or roller blades.

Kenny Ng said...

[ah nel]
That is not sea, it's river expansion

Haha... me too

Sorry to hear that, I was late due to woke up late... LOL

[princess eileen]
Ah! I got that experience few times before, I can't imagine that feeling, really like better go to hell. Once reach any toilet, that time really like Hiroshima bombing lor... LOL

How much?

[de pianist]
Yeah, I'm the 1st person to damage it... LOL

So the LRT signage got show this kind of words? :P

[nonnie king]
Maybe they were enjoy it? LOL

No need touch, I kena already yesterday... LOL

Yah! Last time I use bike, but now days I dare not to use bike.

If u think is real... so it's real... LOL

[pisang goreng]
Haha... that's for sure

Yah... if walk even better, haha

belle said...

wuah!!!!!! hahaha sorry now onli see yr update!
if really got words like that hor ill go binasa that thing.already enough du lan!

Kenny Ng said...

No worry... haha, if really got I think the signage will kena bomb.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Hello... wah.. i was on the flight for a day and I see 3 days worth of blogs. Interesting!

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... Just to utilised it when my line is ok, if not u won't see me update.

Jace said...

Yeah! Excellent traffic system in Malaysia! You will never get to work on time. It's true! but why "HaHa!" Mau kena pukul?


Kenny Ng said...

Wait I come back from Dubai I pukul sama u... haha

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