Sunday, August 19, 2007

Secret to Learn Motorcycle Drifting

Do you know how the MotoGP riders learn the drifting skills? Talking about motorcycle drifting skills, I believe everyone will recognise Valentino Rossi, one of the best MotoGP rider ever in history. He won all categories as world champion from 125cc, 250cc, 500cc and MotoGP.

Alright... here I show you how they learn the drifting skills from...

This is Valentino Rossi, my MotoGP hero.


Started from bicycle training through down hill... (This what I did last time, and I almost lost my knee, no joking!)

Then to bigger bicycle together another person behind you to learn the balancing...

Next level, learn from a trolley, this one really exciting because no braking system at all!!!

Some people got the fever and learn it at toilet bowl during doing their 'business'...

Then use smaller bike, drift with head, this is the way to learn how dare you take the corner...

This one really can learn how to handle your machine no matter how heavy it is...


Lastly... if you are not selfish at all, you can learn it together-gather with your buddies too...

The best drifting training ever!!!

***Warning to all children, do not try it at home! It's only for display, any damages or injuries is not under my responsibility.***

There goes my gloomy Sunday... Looking forward to Monday... YES!!!

Enjoy Your Monday!!!


angel said...

The one in toilet look like you.... :p

tingtitlei said...

wah! where do i sign up for this ? =D

Sasha said...

GILA BETUL THE PICS! hahahahaahh

clement said...

wow, this is interesting, is that how roads were designed by engineers?

Huei said...

u r one big weirdo! gloomy sunday happy monday! kekekke

oh well sunday was gloomy for me as well..haih!

Princess Eileen said...

I was hoping at least one of the pics is you posing in it.... I think that will make us LOL :P

Kenny in Action!

erinalaw said...

Where got people say gloomy sunday one leh. You really tried that last time? My hubby do that last time too. He and the gang do it at Teluk Bahang to Balik Pulau area. Why man like that? said...

That is drifting meh?
That is collapsing lor

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

WHAHAAHHA! Whoa!!! You are really good!!! This is damn hilarious!!! HAHA.

Rabbit said...

hahaha the toilet mia look damn funny! He samo look so serious mia face! kekeke!

Iwan Sanchez said...

alamak bro!!

so dangerous lah!!

the last pic damn funny!!


Nonnie King said...


My lord.. You sure it is safe?
Later insurance don't want to pay because this is equivalent to committing suicide ah!

De Pianist said...

hahahaha!last picture really funny lei..this post surely brigthen up my day today..=p

tanalan2 said...

haha..then wher did Keichi Tsuchiya learn his drifting from ?? U forget to mention Fast and Furious !! Initial D

Chen said...

ahem... the orthopaedic surgeon and the neurosurgeon will be busy liao..

Jackson said...

wow...u really chase away my stress and tired! thx for sharing those pic!!

Stels said...

Lols funny in the toilet also cn do drifting! Duno why on earth wud ppl do that ahahaha!


Jace said...

i hate tat toilet bowl picture! Can i slap him? hahahahhaha

Kenny Ng said...

Really ah? Maybe it was me last time b4 I lost my memory... LOL

Come come... I'm the CEO

Haha... yalor

Yeah... one of the factor, LOL

Because Monday onwards is working day, so my day will pass very fast.

[princess eileen]
I'm waiting for you to take my pic while I do it on my office chair... LOL

Because Sunday very boring for me ma. Yah, most men will do that b4, because chi kek ma :P

Haha... that's why called drifting.

Thank you thank you... :P

Haha... yalor, I was laughing on it too.

This is how people so crazy about it... haha

[nonnie king]
LOL... you really think until to insurance that extend ah?

[de pianist]
Haha... good!

That one all using cars la, not bike ma. Haha

Doctor always the doctor, always think that way... LOL

Thanks, I'm glad to hear that, cheers!

Haha... macam macam people also got la...

You can kick him too... LOL

Cocka Doodle said...

the last pic is a classic! You can even see the driver tilted one side.

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah... very high kung fu to do it. Haha

cheayee said...


how did u get the truck driting picture?

Adobe Photoshop ke?

Kenny Ng said...

I got it from my email, I don't know how to use photoshop la... haha

Russ said...

Hello Kenny (anothe Kenny?)

These pics are hillarious, cant help but LMAO! hehehe..

ahkwong said...

lol the best drift ever!!!!!

Jace said...


Kenny Ng said...

How many Kenny u know? Haha...

Haha... yeah!

Did he fell into toilet bowl?

Jace said...

Nope. He fell into the Kolam Najis!

Kenny Ng said...

=____= same ma

kia of riverside said...

I want to learn this stuff but I'm so afraid to fall whenever I try to do it. Thanks for providing a list of avenue wherein I could practice and learn this stuff. I think I must start on the trolley or on the toilet bowl.

Anonymous said...

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Lukman Sudarma said...

nice & inspired :]

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you!!!

iU Corbe said...

We've had a good laugh this morning. The link has been sent to a friend of us from Vietnam who also motorbikes and who lools a bit like you...
Keep on drifting!!

Jason Yu said...


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