Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Flying Off...

Ok, things never been so smooth, my house internet down again before I wanted to update this post before I leave. Now I have to come to nearby cyber cafe to update this.

To all my dearest reader, I'm going off today, now really have mixed feeling to leave. According to my colleague told me from Dubai, I may have to stay at least 1 month there, but this working company can change their plan anytime, I just afraid they will ask me stay for forever there till the project completed.

I'll transit at Bahrain then only to Abu Dhabi. I'll stay at Abu Dhabi nearby our regional office, but my working site is in Dubai, they said about 1 - 2 hours journey driving, that mean I have to travel to work everyday? Oh no...

Whatever it is, I definitely will miss you all here. Don't worry of me, I'll be alright and when I come back I'll still the same. I promise!

Miss You All & I'll Be Back!!!


sengkor said...

safe journey man! we all wait for u to kambek..

Princess Eileen said...

We will all miss you too! Hopefully you get internet access there and get to blog! Have a safe & sound journey ya!

Jace said...


frostier said...

take care dude.

btw, ckyeo & i predict that u will be losing ur virginity at the airport.

janicepa said...

take care !!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

God speed & take care! I will waite for ur cum back! Do take & post up all the chick pic ok! Ninja pic can also take 1 or 2 enought as they r all the same! Have a nice time OK!

SilverIsle said...

Woah. Very uncertain career trip. I like this kinda excitement! Hehe.

Take care and wish you all the best there yea. said...

Look for a hotel with Wi-Fi and update us, ok?

Poonky said...

tata taikor kenny we gonna miss ur blogging~~

FL Sam said...

Have a safe journey and enjoy your working stay in the Rich Arab Lands. Make lotsa of $$$$ and come back a millionaire. Remember to belanja all your readers. :)

nyonyapenang said...

take care, kenny. when you are back, we go yum-cha, promise?

Rabbit said...

*laugh at frostier's comment*


Kambek safe!

Simple American said...

Wish you a safe journey. Keep on rocking. I'm betting you find some internet access too.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Dude.. are you there yet?
Eeee... your blog so quiet, I miss your posting already.

Huei said...

yat lou shun fung!! do take some time to blog n tell us about u okies!!!


all the best!

tanalan2 said...

Eii bro...make sure when u come back..don change yr name to Sheikh Ng Abdullah ok ?????

Old Beng said...

Enjoy your trip :)

Kenny Ng said...

Ok... i will, thanks

[princess eileen]
I'm save n sound here now. Thanks for everything :)

Bless u too

KNN... I still a V ok?

U too...

[hor ny ang moh]
Haha... will see how ok? Thanks

U will lke it if u dun have any commitment.

I'm not staying at hotel


[fl sam]
I never wish I be rich, I just want a normal life.

I promise!

Laugh wat laugh? Nothing to laugh :P

[simple american]
yeah i did... that's y i can reply comments.. haha

No noisy again! LOL


Choy!!! I wont!

[old beng]

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