Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Megatron Down On The Road

Since now still got Transformer fever... yesterday I saw Megatron was down on a road.

Yesterday was damn busy outside from my office, my boss asked me to go for a glass manufacture factory visit at Puchong, then witness the facade structure test at Balakong. I drove alone and got lost, luckily I managed to find the way back to my office at Shah Alam.

While I was looking the way back to my office, the traffic was so terrible jam, then I only realised got an accident happened when I stopped at the traffic light. I was so 'keypoh' (busy body) and took out my mobile phone to snap some pictures at that scene.

A giant lorry was laying down right after the turn, I think must be the driver turned at that junction too fast with heavy metal load on it, or maybe the lorry is too old, the suspension can't take it anymore?

Luckily not in the middle of the road

The damages

Luckily the lorry driver was ok, no serious injury I guess so. I was wondering, why no rescue truck or crane on the spot? No police traffic to control the situation. I think it may just happened not too long when I passed by.

Berhati-hati Di Jalan Raya!!!


Poonky said...

balakong? near my place only..

Mochii said...

reminds me of transformers

AceOne said...

That lorry driver must be on the high ledi!

Cocka Doodle said...

Summore you say lucky the driver is ok ah? That farker must've been speeding while negotiating that bend!
Imagine if that bastard flip his truck and pin some unfortunate car underneath that pile.
You still pity him?

Simple American said...

Dang. Guess he forgot his trainging wheels. Thank God no one is hurt.

Winn said...

how come din turn into robot one???????

Nonnie King said...

Sad... Penipu.

Where got Megatron?

Huei said...

these drivers think they drive ferrari onli..luckily nobody was hurt!

most bus/lorries/truck/big big vehicle drivers all think they own the road cos they dem big! blegh!

a^ben said...

drunk megatron? :x

luckily din squish any other cars`

Kenny Ng said...

Really? damn far la... LOL

Thank you for reminds me too. LOL

Maybe lor...

Oi! Why u so emotion one? Cool down la bro, I never witness how it happens so I cannot simply just point finger whos fault ok? I just glad that no body injured that time.

[simple american]
Yeah... thank god

Coz defeated already... die jor :P

Kakakaka... I tipu

Yeah... luckily.

Haha... Megatron drink alcohol instead of petroleum? Yeah... luckily

Princess Eileen said...

Aiya, this morning so jam, it took me 1.5 hour to reach, but no accident or mishaps on the road. Sometimes I wonder....

I wish my car can transform... haha..

Sasha said...

u drive samo take picture? becareful leh..

_butt said...

that is one biiiig load of truck...

erinalaw said...

oi!!! y no turn into robot keh? Kena jam liau kah?

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah.. so jialat one...

tsk.. tsk..

kenny bro, berhati hati di jalan raya too!


Mochii said...

woof woof haha die edi yay autobots won :D

zewt said...

optimus prime la... :)

Kenny Ng said...

[princess eileen]
Morning the traffic so terrible but when after work was ok. Haha... in future all the cars can transform, that possible to me.

I was stop at red light ma, if green light I won't take picture la.

Yah, damn big indeed

Down jor ma, rosak jor.. LOL

I always berhati-hati one :)

Now days movie bad side always win hor?

Oh yah? Sorry ah, I still haven't watch the movie :P

belle said...

dude! you should say LUCKILY NOT ON MY CAR LA!
update plzzzz ^^

clare said...

Wei, Megatron is not a truck lah. Optimus Prime is the truck...
*realized something* Oh ya, zewt oredi said that....

may said...

that's quite scary. lucky no one was hurt leh.

Kenny Ng said...

Updated till grow spider web already la... LOL

Sorry, I still haven't watch the movie, I really forgot all the names coz long time never watch the cartoon.

Yalor... so lucky

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