Friday, July 20, 2007

Band Of The Week - Kansas

It's another Friday again, so fast coming to end of hectic week again. My time to headache to dig out which classic band to intro to you all, sooner or later will run out classic rock bands in my list and I'm going to do for solo classic rock singer soon. This weekend my choice for Band Of The Week is Kansas.


Let's enjoy some of their famous songs here, I think most of you heard before this song... Dust In The Wind, this song was original from Kansas but many bands did the cover song before such as Scorpions in their concert. Next will be my favorite tune... Carry On My Wayward Son, very great guitar works.

Click 'Play' to listen

Kansas - Dust In The Wind

Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son

About Kansas

Kansas is an American progressive rock in late 1970s and became a major arena rock group in that era.

In 1969 the band was called The Reason Why and the band member consists Lynn Meredith, Don Montre, Dan Wright, and Kerry Livgren. Then they changed the band name to Saratoga, finally they changed again to Kansas till now with additional of some new band members.


Kansas started successful with their debut album in 1974. Then in 1976 'Carry On My Wayward Son' became their major hit single then followed by 'Dust In The Wind' in year 1977.

During early 1980s, the band members began to drift apart. Then in 1985 the band reformed and still touring until present days.

Kansas... One of the greatest progressive rock band!

Happy Weekend!!!

*Looking forward for Blogger Booze on this Saturday night!*


Civilian Unit said...

'Dust In The Wind' is my favorite Kansas song!

Gallivanter said...

Carry On My Wayward Son - that's their best I believe. :-)

erinalaw said...

so fast hor, another week is going to end. Enjoy your party and tell us more later.

mott said...

Again, great band of the week!!!

Have fun at the booze!

SilverIsle said...

Really love this great band of the week! Looking forward for more. Hehe. Will check back the old ones once I have the time. =D

TJ said...

I hesitate to cover this band on my blog. Unfortunately it's covered by you already. And the two songs that you embedded here were the only collections that I have now.

may said...

I dunno any of these songs wor... but sorait, they were a good listen the first time at least!

TingTitLei said...

you should really introduce me to some more nice bands some time.. the rock bands in my music list is really limited =(

Kenny Ng said...

[civilian unit]
Aiseh... finally got 1 song u like... LOL

Yeah, now I feel want to learn that song, the guitar work sounds great!

Yalor, so fast... ok, updated already.

Thanks! Wah, you really know lots of classic rock bands huh?

Thanks! Sure, you can check my previous posts about Band of the Week when you free :)

No worry, just do it, I believe you cover more story than me, good stuff must share right? Go ahead man, don't worry :)

Yeah, thanks!

Sure no problem, you can check out my previous posts about Band of the Week when you free. If got chance to meet again I'll tell you more ok?

Simple American said...

I saw them in concert in 1980. Good show. Good music. Bad SA. I got so drunk and I won't bore you with that night. Always eat before you drink is my lesson from that day.

_butt said...

Dust in the wind is my all time favourite. but the first time I heard the song was Sarah Brightman's version. maybe not your type if you know how she sounded like, but she's just as good. then I found out it was originally sang (and written as well?) by Kansas, and it was a much different feel to the song. still, I loved it. the meaning is so deep, that it lives within me till this day.


Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Haha... that's a good lesson for me too. I had that experience b4, eat before drink!

Hmmm... Sarah Brightman is good too. This song really touched to me no matter who sang it.

Anonymous said...

Why does no one love Icarus? It's the most kick ass song ever... One of these days...

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