Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bloggers Outing

I was invited by MiccObaYb for Malaysian Blogger's Day party at Friendster Cafe, Damansara Perdana. The event was not bad, too bad I got no chance to know everyone there, everyone was busing with own clan and the lighting was too dark, I can't really recognize who is who. When I was about to leave, I only met Alvin and just chit chat for a short while.

I don't really know most of the bloggers there except CKYeo I went together with him and Gallivanter we met during the Together-gather Bloggers Party in March. There are some bloggers I used to visit their blog but no chance to meet them, finally I got chance to talk with them and also some camwhore session. This will be my first ever camwhore session in this blog, hahaha...

When rockers meet... Me and Daniel @ Gallivanter

New blogger friend, Nick. Sorry I didn't get his URL yet.

The young gun, Shawnkid.

I guess no need to introduce, the famous SmashpOp and Rames.

Stephanie, we stay at same Taman but never meet until lastnight. LOL



For those who missed the party lastnight, don't worry, this coming Saturday will be another bloggers meet, 'Blogger Booze' at Plaza Damas, Sri Hartmas, this event is organize by Gallivanter.

Everyone are welcome to join this Blogger Booze, the conditions are no nerds only boozing and socialising. This event is aiming for new, old, or wanna be bloggers for expend contacts and having good time. Please leave your laptop at home, all it needs is just socialising. For more detail of this event please click here.

Blogger Booze location map

Modesto's Hartmas Walk @ Hartamas Shopping Centre, Plaza Damas
Tel: 03-6203 9707
21 July 2007 @ 9pm

See you all there!

Let's Booze!!!


Cocka Doodle said...

Wei...boozing in Hartamas better be careful. There's always a roadblock with breathanalyser test after the flyover on the direction back to PJ.

jasonphoon said...

crap , and I'm in Australia ... :P

SilverIsle said...

Wow. Cool gathering. Feel like meeting you all too. But well, I'm still new. XD

day-dreamer said...

Wahsei... so syiok o...

mrbherng said...

Only flying back on saturday. Too bad.

Winn said...

my dog blogs. can go? :)

FL Sam said...

Bradder, you rock star got special invitation. Me dont booze so no interest in the Blogger Booze. :)

NickTay said...

Its :)

moz monster said...

wahhhhhh !!! so syiok ah ?? i can come anot ??

Gallivanter said...

Come one come all, see ya this Saturday, bring as many friends as you wish!

Kenny, we'll catch up then! :-)

Stupe said...

Kenny - can't make it this saturday, will be in PD to torture myself.

and damn, i don't drink as i can't drink ( ie need more training!)

Princess Eileen said...

I dun wanna go alone....

erinalaw said...

sound so shiok but I cannot go......... :-(

clare said...

@#$%^!!! Why can't you people organize it when I was in KL??? Boohoohoo!!! *sob sob*

I want to meet that handsome botak Gallivanter!!! I want to meet Kenny again!!! *bawls*

Shea Speare said...

Wah! Cool la, Kenny.


KL is like so far far away from Penang...

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah.. all machiam superstars! hahaha!!


Kenny Ng said...

[cocka doodle]
Ha.. dun worry, I use other road to go home

Too bad... nvm, next time ok?

No worry, as I mentioned new old or wanna be all are welcome

Come or not?

It's at night, can you make it?

Your dog can talk?

[fl sam]
Not because of rock star la, just so ngam he is my friend ma. No booze also welcome as long all socialising.

Gotcha! Nice meeting you man!

[moz monster]
Why not? All are invited!

Yeah... Let's rock on saturday!

Too bad, if can't drink is ok as long all socialising.

[princess eileen]
Bring along your friend, or you want me accompany you?

Aiyah... too bad la

Aiyooo... where are u now? When u in KL let me know la... will try make it when u in KL ok?

[shea speare]
4 hours drive only ma... come la

No need jealous la, come join us!

Poonky said...

wuuuu too bad i dont have transport i also mau join join

Nonnie King said...

Wonder when I can come and meet you personally.

_butt said...

free booze? :P

belle said...

ya free booze xD?"

Kenny Ng said...

Come la... pinjam a transport lah

Hehe... sorry, no free

Paiseh... not free :P

Huei said...

yay blogger booze! looking forward to that!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah!!!Got boozing!! So when is the next meet?? Have a nice day!!

a^ben said...

it's time like this that i wished i was in kl at the time` eheheheheh :D

kenny tai kor macam having lotsa fun hor? :D

erinalaw said...

I cannot go. U really having lots of fun ........... , rite?

Kenny Ng said...

Let's go yam seng!

[norny ang moh]
Next? this coming Saturday's Blogger Booze! Coming?

After a hectic work must release mah... right?

Pics look fun only...

Simple American said...

So many blogger meets. I am so jealous. haha

One of these days I'll surprise you all and show up.

Gallivanter said...

Yes yes yes, let's foster bonds, forge new friendships all in the name of "spirituality"! :-D

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Can't wait from your surprise :)

Yeah... just do it!

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