Friday, July 13, 2007

Band Of The Week - Damn Yankees

It's Friday the 13th! Don't worry, it's not a bad day, it's just a number. This weekend my selection on band of the week is Damn Yankees.

Let's just forget about problems for the week and just get high with the song title High Enough, I really like this song and become one of my tag line... "can you take me high enough~~~ jeng jeng jeng~~~". Next will be Come Again, this song's guitar solo really killer! My 3rd choice will be Where You Goin' Now, it's one of their famous song too. Lastly I like this tune Tell Me How You Want It, another great guitar solo.

Click 'Play' to listen

Damn Yankees - High Enough

Damn Yankees - Come Again

Damn Yankees - Where You Goin' Now

Damn Yankees - Tell Me How You Want It

About Damn Yankees

Damn Yankees was formed in 1989 by Tommy Shaw of Styx, Jack Blades of Night Ranger, Ted Nugent of Amboy Dukes and his solo career, and Michael Cartellone.

After 1993, Ted Nugent revived his solo career and left the band. During the hiatus, Shaw and Blade met with Nugent to record new album in 1998, but the album failed to please either the band members. Some of the materials were featured in Blades and Nugent on each solo album.

Damn Yankees only released two albums so far, Damn Yankees (1990) and Don't Treat (1992). This band is just like a side project band for these four yankees from all different four corners of the nation.

Damn Yankees... Rocking High Enough.

Happy Weekend!!!


Princess Eileen said...

I am born on Friday the 13th wor... So far I been lucky... muahaha.. it's a myth.. and I can use that to sound more "sexy".

I will listen to the Damn Yankees at home, I dun wanna 'fin tao' in office. Haha

Iwan Sanchez said...

yo bro,
can get high after listening to the song..


day-dreamer said...

Happy weekend!

_butt said...

you've been tagged!


happy weekend!

Zen Master said...'s been awhile since I listened to Damn Yankees. The last time I listened it is on Classic Rock and THR's Alternative Rock Show. Ahhhh.....those days.

may said...

the Damn Yankees were damn good! my favourite rock band when I was younger.

Gallivanter said...

Long live the classics! Have you blogged about White Lion or Cinderella before? :-)

P/S: Linked ya!

And I need your help to pimp the event next Saturday! Thanks!

Kenny Ng said...

[princess eileen]
Yeah, just a number. How's the music? Nice?

How high? Got fly? Hahaha

Same to u :)

Aiyooo... sorry la I don't do tag anymore la... very very sorry

[zen master]
Yeah... last time when got classic rock station was kicking rock, now really disappointed.

Me too! Come let's get High Enough... LOL

They are in my list, sooner will blog them out!

Sure... will help you pimp the even out!

Simple American said...

Definitely had some good tunes there. Kind of a dream band as I liked Nugent, Styx, and Night Ranger a lot.

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