Sunday, July 22, 2007

Back From Blogger Booze

I just came back from Blogger Booze gathering not long ago, I use different and longer route to come home to avoid road block although I'm not drunk but I just don't want get into any trouble.

The gathering was great, at least most of them were walking around and greet each other, chit chat, socialising and so on... This time I really met lots of new blogger and non blogger friends, and I don't feel like an 'alien' anymore, hehe.

In the beginning, myself, Hizecool and Huei were plan to meet up together before the gathering, I was lost in Plaza Damas as I don't know where Modesto is... LOL, how embarrassing. Finally I found it after I called up Daniel to guide me to the exact location. When I found the place I met up with Kukujiaoman, first time met him and he's a real nice guy and friendly.

As usual, how can I miss the camwhore session? LOL... I think I'm addicted with camwhore session already, please prepare more plastic bags in case you all vomit after seeing so much of my ugly pictures ok? Don't say I don't warn you ok?

Alright... Camwhore session begins, jeng jeng jenggggggggg~~~

Booze game, I'm regret I didn't volunteer to go up the stage for the game, at least got free booze ma... LOL

Me and Zewt, the awesome and one of the greatest thinking blogger.

Group camwhore... from left: Myself, Kukujiaoman, Frostier, Huei, Zewt and his gf.

Me and Timothy, another music lover, we did chat alot about musics and guitar!

Me and MiccObaYb, the lenglui who invited me for the last gathering, in fact, I wanna molest her... Ibanez Jem series guitar!

Two rockers met again! Me and Gallivanter... are we look rock enough? LOL

Me and Louis, a new friend... a nice and friendly guy too, if you see his shirt you should know he is another F1 fan like me too.

Another new friend, Me and Jason... he is another rocker fan and guitarist too, I really want to learn from him and jamming with him someday.

Me and Yatz, 2nd time met him and the first time we really chit chat around, 1st time met him was in Together-gather Bloggers Party but no time to chat with him.

Besides that I also met with few new friends like, John, Alvyn, Michael, Gerald Mohan and many more, sorry I left out some names here. For familiar faces such as Earl Ku, Josh Lim, The Snark and few more, sorry again if I left out some names again, as I getting older my memory also started limited :(

Alright, that's all. Thanks to Gallivanter who organised this gathering for us to meet up new friends.



narrowband said...

nice coverage! nowadays got alotta bloggers meet eh.

yipguseng said...

u left out me :P

anyway, if he say he is not good at pool, he's actually LYING!!! though he still got owned, hehe

clement said...

wow, so much bloggers meet in kl.. y other places dun haf 1?

TingTitLei said...

HAY THATS ME! =P mind sending me my photos? need to update my readers on what happened =) big thanks in advance. first round on me the next time we meet =)

email :

day-dreamer said...

Oh, so Zewt looks like this. Now I know. Muahahahahaha!!

Yatz said...

nice meeting u kenny, though we didnt talk alot..
see u in other gathering again :)

FL Sam said...

I can see that u all enjoy yourself. I missed it. :)

zewt said...

nice meeting u and to have learnt about your thesis. cheers.

may said...

I find that the more we attend these meets, the more we become comfortable and less 'alien'. looks like a pretty good gathering!

Kenny Ng said...

Just coincidence la... normally not much

LOL... where got lying wor? I lost the game right? Nice meeting you man!

Because we made the efforts, u can do it in your place too.

Ting Tit Lei... don't panic, I send you already... LOL

So you got fall to him? :P

Sure man! If got any gathering just let me know, we'll talk more next time :)

[fl sam]
Yes we did... you just don't want to come la... too bad.

Haha... anytime! But my thesis not that impression at all. Cheers mate!

Yeah... remember the 1st time when I join u all? I got felt abit like alien too, now not anymore :)

AceOne118 said...

Fuiyoh! enjoyed kao-kao!! hahaha

Gallivanter said...

Hey Kenny, I had a good time mingling with all, though there were too many to keep track. LOL. Hope you had a good night, rock on! :-D

TingTitLei said...

omg.. all the photos u sent to me went into spam.. had to look for it in my spam directory

mott said... i know what zewt looks like! HEE HEE!!!

looks like you guys had a really great time!!! good job Gallivanter!

Huei said...

ahhhh addicted to camwhore! it's a must to be a blogger! =P

Princess Eileen said...

It is nice to see everyone having a blast in the gathering. Sounds like tons of fun!!!!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Eeee.. so much fun... I wonder will I ever get a chance to attend such an event.

erinalaw said...

It's always fun to have a gathering and off course I am 1 of them who love parties. Too bad, the event is in KL. If I go KL next mth, ada lagi this type of gathering?

SilverIsle said...

WHAT?! That hot chick plays a JEM? Gosh! Seriously cool.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Cumfirm nobody get drunk??? Woah everybody enjoy themself!! Have a nice week!

team bsg said...

eh u must get da rojak team in lah shud be fun , means those gluttons lah from food land. sure u drinkers funsters can out S#$*^@# them like hell one !

Rabbit said...

camwhore is good for you!! So camwhore more! Keke!

Seems that everyone wants to know how zewt looks like hor? "ohhh so zewt looks like this~" Keke!

Poonky said...

even the rocker like to camwhore now :P

belle said...

im not there! i dowan comment!

icalvyn said...

Did you manage to molest her.....guitar?

FireHorse said...

Ahhh.. now i know what Zewt looks like. Hehe. Looks like a great party!!

Kenny Ng said...

Yalor... damn kaw! LOL

Thanks for organising it, I really had a good time too. Cheers!

How come went into spam? Maybe I look too spam... LOL

Haha... everyone just want to see how zewt looks like, U didn't saw him during Together-gather party mehh?

Yalor... U teach me 1... sifu~~~!

[princess eileen]
Yeah... it was. Too bad you didn't join.

Sure... why not? When u come back I organise for u ok?

Why not? Tell me when u come KL, I try to organise for u ok? But don't expect a big group la.

Yeah... that's a cool guitar!

[hor ny ang moh]
Errmmm... got la, sure got abit la... hehe

[team bsg]
Aiyah... why you didn't join?

LOL... I stop camwhore since you say like that :P
You also... wanna see how Zewt looks like... LOL

Once in a blue moon only la :P

Did I saw someone commented? Gotcha! LOL

Nope... she didn't bring along, if she is, I don't mind to play on stage that night.

LOL... you another one wanna see how Zewt looks like.

Simple American said...

I looooooove your t-shirt!!!! Cool!

Hey! Now I understand why you are virgin. You should be wanting to molest MiccObaYb and not her guitar. Remember it is drugs, sex, and rock n roll. We worry about drugs later. Sex first. Go!

Just kidding. Both of you.

And so many bloggers with guitars. That rocks if you will pardon the pun.

Wish I could have been there too.

_butt said...

waaahhhh... people mountain people sea... so many rockers!! :D

reverendtimothy said...

Hey dude! It was really great catching up.

I'll learn some 'Floyd on the bass, and we'll have a jam next time I'm in M'sia, oK? ;-)

Don't forget to check out Tool!! I recommend listening to the Aenima and Lateralus albums.

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Haha... many like my Pink Floyd T-shirt. I just love rock musics and doesn't mean I have to go with drug and sex. That's me, I don't mind everyone laugh at me with this.

Really wish you were there.

Yalor... why you didn't come ah?

Nice meeting you again Tim. Great! I love to jam with Floyd's songs. Sure I'll check out Tool, thanks dude.

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