Monday, July 23, 2007

FAM New Logo

Note: The picture was taken from my email, I found out it's quite funny and just wanted to share with you all. It's not my creation anyway.


I believe everyone is talking about Malaysia National Football Team lately of the worst ever defeated in AFC Tournament. I think I no need to elaborate so much the quality of our national team in the tournament, the results showed everything.

The first match we lost 1-5 to China, second match lost 0-5 to Uzbekistan and the third match not so bad, we lost 0-2 to Iran. So the total score is 1-12. It's really embarrassing as a host country for this tournament.

The first time when I saw Malaysia Team came out to the field, I was so surprise that our national team's jersey is sponsored by NIKE! Wow! Since when NIKE sponsor to Malaysia Team? I thought our team will be very competitive since NIKE only sponsors to stronger team or sportsman or sportswoman.

Since the worst defeat, many people suggested FAM should change their management as well the players too. To me, if the changes still with the same spirits, discipline, mentality and determination, it will still the same.

Few days back, I saw FAM logo has been changed by someone from my email, then I only realised, the change of logo is much suitable for this moment, let's see...

Persatuan KENAsepak Malaysia

Try to look at the panther's face and it's rear left leg, I was laughing non stop while I looked at it... The association name also changed to Persatuan Kenasepak Malaysia (Malaysia being-kicked Association)



TingTitLei said...

HAHAHA kenasepak!

I dont understand whys malaysia still dumping money into such a useless team. We have other much more prominent sports team like water polo but theyre not sponsored, AT ALL. Trust me, i know. i was a swimmer and my bro was a national water polo player. the water polo team has to pay for their own accommodation, and if im not mistaken airfare too. bias maybe?

yipguseng said...

bias...couldn't help but to agree ya know. We all know that Malaysia likes to dump money to something which are useless...

and ya, hahhaha! the new name and badge is awesome!!

AceOne118 said...

Wakakaka! this one is a new football club kah?

day-dreamer said...

Malaysian sports is getting more and more pathetic. While other nations are breeding the new generation of winners, we are presenting losers after losers. *shakes head*

ah nel said...

FAM = Finish And Mampus


Civilian Unit said...


Simple American said...

That is so sad. Hope they can rebuild the team.

Huei said...


aye kesian

no eye see la really

Princess Eileen said...


Haha, you make me laugh Kenny.

Rabbit said...

So kenny, are u playing for this club ah? =P

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

I'm not a fan of football, especially when malaysia team is involved. But looking at the scores... I think they needed the new logo and name. Kekekek. Useless bunch of craps. Or I should say, useless bunch of cripples, Waste of money, and joke of the nation. KNN!

_butt said...

kesian... no hope liao

kat said...

Hahahahaha... love the logo!!

And I still remember all the sanctimonious crap about how MC shouldn't come to play while the Asian Cup was on. Bah!!

What did happen to MC's tour to Malaysia anyway??

belle said...

later u terima surat onli you know!!

De Pianist said...

lolz...funny!but what the logo has portrayed is really true.Malaysia football sucks so much.even my China friend also say that m'sia football team really hopeless this time..jatuh mukanye..

Anonymous said...

Sigh.....I miss the 70's football. The team was multicultural and also performed at its best. Players like Shebby, Soh Chin Aun and Mokhtar Dahari are my idols.

Kenny Ng said...

I think not only water polo, many too. I don't want to say so much here as you should know why.

Haha... nice leh?

I hope so... LOL

What to do? You can see what kind/type of players only play on the field?

[ah nel]

[civilian unit]
Real one! Who say not real? LOL

[simple american]
Say is easy, but I think will not happen

No eye see leh?

[princess eileen]
Finally can make u laugh... haha

I play for Persatuan Tengok-Kena-Sepak Malaysia... LOL

Yalor... wasting our money only. It will happen when they can't separate sport is sport and politic is politic, they just wanted to make it 2 in 1 which doesn't work at all.

Early early no hope jor... now lagi lost hope

That 1 ah? Sure kena belasah more than that.

Mari la mari

[de pianist]
Even u so far away also can fell malu hor?

[zen master]
U got the strong point! The spirits of multicultural is gone now day.

Winn said...

hahah!!! siew sei ngo. msians quite creative i must say!

Poonky said...

that logo so kesian la~~~ haha

Kenny Ng said...

Malaysia Boleh ma... LOL

Kesian? I don't feel that

master88 said...

MU la not MC!

Kenny Ng said...

Pll said MC ma.. so I just follow lor... LOL

tanalan2 said...

Shameful...... no face leow...KNNBCCB..i think they better change sang kancil or a tikus picture there..suit it better !!

Kenny Ng said...

Hmmm... good idea.

mrBadak said...

ESPN used the fake logo by mistake hahahaha

Kenny Ng said...

Hahaha... that really funny! ESPN can made such mistake

Anonymous said...

u all hnya tau kutuk2 jer...apa sumbangan korg kt sukan negara gak?? lu pk la sendri...

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