Sunday, June 10, 2007

To My Dearest Dad

You were born in a big family as an elder son in a difficult situation, you willing to sacrifice your studies in primary school and went to work to support the family.

You always give the best to me and my other two brothers, as a leader of the family you always work so hard to make sure we have a better life. Although you are not rich in financial but you are very rich in your own principle of life. You are so loyal to your wife (my mom) and so taking care of us.

We seldom have conversation when I was a kid. You sacrificed all your time on work just to earn some extra income to support the family, but I know, your heart always with us, if not you won’t sacrificed everything you had and gave it all to us.

I remember when you came back early from work, you’ll bring me around with your old Honda C70, I really missed that bike because at that moment I only can be with you together. You also sent me to school with that old bike early morning so I no need to walk to school.

When I fell sick, I knew you’ll comfort me before you went to work, you’ll touch my forehead to feel the heat. When I injured you’ll get a day off and sent me to see doctor. I can see how worry you were when anyone of us not feeling well.

You look very tough from outside, but your heart is very soft and kind, you never beaten up anyone of us even though we made mistakes, you only scolded us then will not talk to us until you calm down.

You like to read newspapers, every morning you’ll go buy newspaper together breakfast to us, in the evening you’ll buy night newspaper together with supper to us. You always make sure we never suffer of hunger, until now everytime I came back you sure will ask me ‘have you eaten’? I really touched and speechless when you asked me that.

I’m really hurt and sad to see why you still never have an easy life after you’d retired for more than 5 years. You still are looking around some part time jobs to support the family. You had given out all your saving just to ease my brother’s burden and you still never gave up with it.

Last year during Hari Raya, you purposely went to work, after work it was heavy rain and you met an accident on your bike, you never told me that until my younger brother told me about it. You don’t want me to worry about you but when I heard that news my heart was so hurt and I was crying the whole night. I was unable to come back home to visit you because I was the only non Malay officer in office on duty in Hari Raya holiday.

I really wish I can give you a better life now, I’m really shame on myself why I can’t do as you what did for the family? Now I’m understood how hard you’ve been gone through in your entire life. I’m trying very hard now not to upset you and I promise I’ll give you a better life soon.

You are really my Superhero… my Role Model… my best Dad in the world!

Happy Father’s Day to All Fathers in the World.

I Love You Dad!!!


day-dreamer said...

First, Kenny touched us with his Mother's Day post. Now, he made us near tears again with his Father's Day post although it's still a week away.

Bravo! Well-written!! *claps*

LOUI$$ said...

One word: Touch. I hope you can make your father better life. No more excuse. Good luck bro. Haiz... another dummy make me wanna cry...

jasonphoon said...

Very touching post, Kenny. I think I've taken my father for granted lately, I'll spend some time with him tomorrow.

FL Sam said...

Very touch. The world will be a much better place to live if all childrens take care of their parents. :)

may said...


is it Father's Day in KL?!

our version here in Sydney isn't until September, I think! lol! no wonder I saw a few Father's Day entries around blogland. must send Dad e-card!

Firehorse said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes as it seemed like you were describing my dad. My dad oso used to take me everywhere on his old Honda. He was my whole life.
Happy Father's Day to Kenny Ng's dad, may you have a long and healthy life.

ah nel said...

brader...don feel shame coz we all being born in diffrent fate...not all can success in young age...

Happy Father's Day to ur superhero dad... ;)

Wennnn said...

HAppy Father's Day to Kenny's Dad... U made me think of my dad too... IN fact I hv two dad in my life that had taught me lots of things... Hmmmm how thotful son U are!! No worry no matter wat also ur Dad sure sayang U becoz U're his son ...

Nonnie King said...

So touching can die... I really like what you wrote for Mother's Day, and now this... Really, it's heart and sincerity that counts.

Don't worry, you're not alone feeling helpless when it comes to giving parents a better living. Same here.

Zephyr said...

Hi there,

U really have a great dad.Gambateh!!!to give ur parents a better life.

Not like me, that my father won't even care about me

clare said...

Today Father's Day meh?

Kenny Ng said...


Thanks, haha... cry?

Good, but father's day next weekend la. LOL

[fl sam]
Yes, I wanna be the child to take care of them.

Next weekend only father's day in Malaysia, I just do this post earlier

I believe majority fathers are same, they are our whole life. Thanks

[ah nel]
Thanks bro


Thanks. Luckily I got company here... :)

Sorry to hear that. Thanks anyway.

Next week, I saja do it earlier 1 week.

AceOne118 said...

Happy father's day to your dad!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

I am touched. I am back in Malaysia for a holiday and I really wish I can extend my stay to celebrate Father's day. It's good to know that you love your dad. I love my dad too.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers in the world!

narrowband said...

I saw your Mother's Day post, now this. I am sure you parents are very proud of you.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

I showed my Mum your post. She read and cried. Actually.. tears filled my eyes too.

I am in similar situation like you. I wanted to give my parents a very easy life. But right now, i still have not reached this goal yet. I went to China to work so that I can earn more money and give my parents a better life. I think I did it. But i want to do it better.

I wish you all the best and wish your parents will have an easy and relaxing life ahead.

kyh said...

wah another gr8 dedication to ur parent!

i oso feel so weird and tot u mong cha cha mistaken today as father's day... rupa2nya is u saja! =.="

an early best wishes to ur daddy and all daddies in the world! :)

Huei said...


so gum tung post again

luckily i reading on sunday night..not monday!

happy fathers day to all u good daddies out there!!!

nyonyapenang said... eloquent tribute from a very filial son. you sure made your poppa and momma proud, kenny.

Jemima said...

Happy Father's Day to your dad, my dad & everybody's dads. :)

Birdman Too said...

Kenny's father is a good person like what he described in here. Whenever I stayed overnight at his place, without requesting anything, I will get my nice breakfast on the table on the next morning.
Hey birdman! How are you now? guess that you still the same.

janicepa said...

aiyer... why so touching wan ?? early early morning make me wan to cry liao !!..

erinalaw said...

very kum tong. My tears also come out liau.

Ckyeo said...

the force run strong in ur family, Luke

Iwan Sanchez said...

awww... so sweet....

my dad sucks!!!

sun,moon&star said...

so touching this post, makes me wanna cry.

Calvin's Wife said...

:) You are a good son and I like your post... Happy father's day to your daddy. I have 2 dads too, now I'll have to scratch my head on what to get for both of them...

Rabbit said...

Tsk tsk tsk!

That time make me cried reading ur mother's day entry, now wanna make me cry reading this lah? Tsk tsk tsk!

Chen said...

happy daddy day to uncle.
Mum and dad are the best

zewt said...

now that you're no longer in a govt agency... u can go back during raya days then... no need to cry anymore...

Helen said...

It's not everyday I see a grown man pay tribute to their father.

Respect! :-)

King's wife said...

wah, a touching dedication. You are a good son. I'm sure your dad is proud of you. :)

Maverick SM said...

Thanks son, dad is fine...

Note: I was just penning on your Dad's behalf, ok!!!!

Kenny Ng said...


[purple mushroom]
Feel great to come back right? It's so nice can together with parents. Happy father's day to ur dad.

I hope so, I dun feel proud of myself.

[purple mushroon]
Wahhh... show my post to ur mom pula... thanks anyway. I can see u r really a good daughter. Your parents really proud of u.

I'm old but I'm yet blur... Happy father's day to dad!

Want tissue? Sorry to make u cry again ah...

I still feel that's not enough to make them proud, thanks

Same to u

[birdman too]
Hey my old friend! Thanks for dropping by here. I'm fine but very busy here. U?

Sorry lor... I didn't mean to make u cry 1

Aiyooo... another 1... paiseh ah, thanks

I hope so... thanks

No matter how he is ur dad, dun curse that.

Sorry ah... please hold it, I never meant to make ppl cry 1.

[calvin's wife]
Thanks. So now u headache leh? Happy father's day to ur 2 dads

Dun cry la... sorry lor, I belanja u eat carrot lor... wan?

same to u... yeah, parent is the best!

Yah... I'm glad I get away from that life.


[king's wife]
I still dun feel I'm the best son. Thanks

Thank you sir!

Simple American said...

Hats off to your Dad!

You are a good son and he has to be proud of you.

Jace said...

How i wish I have a dad too who cares bout me and my mum.


Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Thanks, u r a great father too.

Sorry to hear that... don't cry la please...

**L-Y-N** said...

Wow ai meh posting this so early.....trying to be 1st ah :)

Anonymous said...

Sigh... You made me cried and heartache! Reminded my dad as well.. in his Honda 70. I didn't managed to repay him and my mom as well. I was in EU with my then fiancé after our engagement visiting my in-laws when I got the news of my dad admitted to PG GH for stomach ulcer operation.Later he succumbed to stroke and past away 20 days after I returned. My mom passed away due to heart broken and stroke as well... :'-( just 11 months be4 my dad's 1st Death anniversary...sigh. What saddened me most was I didn't managed to take them for travelling as I promised after my return. Without our parents there won't you and me existing! Don't wait to tell them you love and care for them till old age on Father's Day, Mother's Day, their birthdays or anniversaries. It should be everyday! Action is better than words!

Happy Father's day to all dads and dads-to-be!


Kenny Ng said...

I'm bz mah... so better do early lor

I'm so sorry to hear about it. I agree with you, these all should make it everyday, not only on mother or father's day.

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