Friday, June 08, 2007

Band Of The Week - Rainbow

I think most of you will be happy to see my band of the week again because it's going to weekend again! To me, I still have to work on Saturday, so nothing to shout about for me. Anyway, this weekend my pick goes to Rainbow. It's not the rainbow you see from sky, it's a classic rock band.

I guess many of you heard their songs before, let's start from Temple Of The King, I think this song is very famous on any slow rock album. Next will be a very beautiful song, Catch The Rainbow, I love it very much. Following the song title is my favorite quote, Long Live Rock N' Roll. Lastly another my favorite, Man On The Silver Mountain.

Click 'Play' to listen

Rainbow - Temple Of The King

Rainbow - Catch The Rainbow

Rainbow - Long Live Rock N' Roll

Rainbow - Man On The Silver Mountain

About Rainbow

Rainbow were former by former Deep Purple guitarist Richie Blackmore in 1975. This band were categorised as hard rock/heavy metal band in that era. Originally the band members consisted Ronnie James Dio (vocalist) was also a former Deep Purple vocalist, Mickey Lee Soule (keyboardist), Craig Gruber (bassist) and Gary Driscoll (drummer).

Original lineup of Rainbow

Over the years, Rainbow went through many lineup changes. The band split in 1984, Blackmore and Glover reformed the Deep Purple again as 'Mark II'. In 1993 Blackmore once again left Deep Purple and formed a new Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. Finally Blackmore turned his attention to Renaissance and medieval music, so Rainbow was put on hold again in 1997 till now.

To me, Rainbow is same as Deep Purple when Blackmore was around in either band. The only different now is Deep Purple still alive now without Blackmore. I really wish Rainbow will reform again in future and keep on rocking.

Rainbow... Long Live Rock N' Roll!!!

Happy Weekend!!!


day-dreamer said...

Actually, I'm quite paiseh to say that, from all the rock bands you've introduced every week, I know none of them.

*bows head in shame*

FireHorse said...

Have a great weekend!

Rabbit said...

*echo with day-dreamer*

Have a nice weekend Kenny!

jasonphoon said...

Temple of the king!

I never knew the band was called Rainbow !

Quite cool actually, I'll check out their stuff ^_^

may said...

never knew that this was the band who sang Temple of the King. I heard this number before long long time ago...

Nastasshea@Nesh said...



Nonnie King said...

Heard them.. But never know the name of the band and the title of their songs.

Kenny Ng said...

No need to paiseh la coz u not a rocker ma :)

Same to u :)

Haha... expected. Same to u :)

Glad u like it, thanks!

Now u know lor... not too late la... hehe

But got rock band play that song in rock version before leh.

So now u know lor? Good

Simple American said...

I loved Rainbow. Ritchie Blackmore is an awesome guitarist. I love all of the singers they went through. Dio, and then was it Joe Lyn Taylor and the guy after him I forgot the name. He was good too. Argh! Hate being so forgetful.

I saw Dio and Blackmore on the same day in 74 or 75. Dio was with Elf and Blackmore was still with Deep Purple.

My favorite song is Man on the Silver Mountain. I have a remake of it that Dio did solo, but it is not as good without Ritchie Blackmore.

I would love to see Rainbow with Joe Lyn Taylor. His voice was pretty unique.

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
I agree with your points. Blackmore and Dio were a good combination. I really envy you can watch so much concerts in your country.

FarahD said...

I like the track Rainbow Eyes in particular. Am a huge fan. My dad instilled rock spirit way back when I was a thumb-sucking toddler.

Kenny Ng said...

Wow! Your dad really a great rocker! Like father like daughter now... you rock!

TJ said...

4 5 years ago I bought a pirate CD containing all songs from the albums by Rainbow except for bent Out Of Shape albums (my fav is Drinking With The Devil and few other songs) ... together with Blackmore's Night Under The Violet Moon, few hits by Purple, and Uriah Heep. The CD is still in my car CD player drive ... cool band indeed

Kenny Ng said...

Cool man... I have lots of own made pirated CD in my car too. I don't want my original CD got spoiled by hot weather... haha.

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