Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chaotic Weekend

Hell... I just reached home at 4.00am from my office, in less than 4 hours I have to go back to office work again. My working company is going to tender some projects and today by afternoon is the closing time for the tender. We all work till 3.40am just to compiling the tender documents. I decided stay awake, if I sleep now I won't able to wake up on time.


Is it deja vu? Or it just a coincidence? Back in 4 years ago on the same date (10/6/2003) KL was hits by heavy flash flood. Two days ago (10/6/2007) it happens again. This time the flash flood really made everyone doubtful with the SMART (Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel) tunnel we have now, why it still can't solve the flash flood problem in central of KL?

Let me explain what I know about it, I'm here not on the side of any party, I just pointing out what I know from my research and study on it before.

I was with DID (Department of Irrigation and Drainage) for five years until I left the department two months ago to join a private company which I'm working now. I was involved with the flash flood on 10/6/2003 and I will never forget the date, it was the worst flash flood I ever seen in my life with my own eyes.

Last Sunday I saw the rain was so terrible and I was thinking, this kind of rain sure will cause a serious flash flood, guess what? It really happened! Today during lunch hour I flipped some newspapers and I saw the flash flood in KL was so bad, then I read many parties keep point fingers to DID that the SMART tunnel is a failure. Now I really want to voice up to correct the statements.

For your all information, SMART tunnel is still not fully completed for the water way. It only open for traffic, not for water yet. The water outlet located at Taman Desa pond is still under construction. Not only that, the downstream of Sungai Kerayong at Old Klang Road which is the outlet from the Taman Desa pond is also still under construction. This is why the SMART tunnel is still not fully functioning as a component of flood mitigation.

I also saw the newspaper reported SMART was flood by rain water, when I saw the picture I really laughed off, it wasn't SMART, it's the under pass at Jalan Tun Razak which near to RHB Bank. If they reported outside of SMART was flooded then it really make sense to me. The usual flooded area outside of SMART is at near Sungai Besi air field, the Sungai Kerayong always over flow to the road.

Look proper, it's the underpass, not SMART

As I did some research and run on modeling software on SMART for my thesis in the past, it only can reduce the flash flood at central of KL especially at Masjid Jamek that area. With the current development, it estimate can hold up to 2 hours of rain fall (100 years return period). Frankly speaking, I felt SMART is a waste of money, no matter how advance you do, you still can't solve the flash flood problems, you only can reduce it.

From geographically, KL is located in a valley called Klang Valley, all the rain water will flow into the catchment. Secondly, improper development, squatters poor drainage design and rubbish are also are the components which caused flash flood. So, who you think should to blame on it?

Dataran Merdeka basement car park

At Jalan Sultan Ismail

I also track back the rain fall data, it really showed that the rain fall was unusual. So, let's wait the SMART is fully complete then only we judge on it. So far the result from my modeling simulation, it's quite work, but in reality I don't think it works exactly the same result as I got.

*All pictures were taken from www.thestar.com.my*

Flood Flood Flood...


Wennnn said...

Wah lau sure ka this is hapening?? Flooding in the city?? Alamak..

janicepa said...

wahhh.... ok... i will wait.. !!

ah nel said...

gabanment build SMART so tat they can colek more tol mani mar!!!

SMART - Samy Memang Anak Raja Tipu


angel said...

Thank you for the info! So actually still not very smart lor that tunnel...

Hope you'll get some rest soon!

Huei said...

wahhh! if smart not fully complete hor..they shouldnt start the toll so soon! =P hehehe

Jace said...

STUPID IDIOT samy vellu said the SMART gonna paid soon. And he said he can't guarantee the toll fees will be reasonable.

Jiun Wuu said...

The world is changing,not only Malaysia is raining that crazy.SMART?Just something that let those MENTERI rasuah only la,solve flood?See lo...

Zen Master said...

Whoa. Look at the SMART lane. It's not fully utilized.

Sasha said...

so the toll includes flood? or flood free road?

jasonphoon said...

Ahh , thanks for the information on the SMART tunnel. I didn't know there was a phase 2 of the project which hasn't completed.

Otherwise we'll just be making fun of the government without reason.

erinalaw said...

Wah, you no sleep kah? Go buy chicken essence or american ginseng lar. Get some energy and 'cheng sun'. I am lucky lor, I came back from KL on Sunday where you guys got the bad flood. What do the government know leh? Tell me about it. Hey! You take care har!!!

Nonnie King said...

Kasian also. Must take care yah (so can blog more for us)

FireHorse said...

I will be so lost there.

day-dreamer said...

Wow. You work until so late! But yeah, when faced with such situation, I'd rather not sleep for fear of not being able to wake up in time later.

Well, I don't think one can totally solve flash flood problems. Minimizing its impact is the second best choice we can have, I suppose.

If SMART really works smartly, it won't be such a stupid waste. :P

JL said...

thanks for the info. Didn't know about it before this :)

clare said...

No wonder that day I cannot go back lah! Roads were closed that time!

Kenny Ng said...

100% sure... no bluffing

I also wait :D

[ah nel]
Whatever... it got pro and con, I dunwan to comment it more.

Well... let's wait n c how SMART it is... haha... I'm resting now, thanks

Not complete for the water way only, traffic way already completed ma.

This is not his 1st time la, cool down la please...

[jiun wuu]
Oh please keep back your words, I don't talk politics here, just keep it to yourself ok? I dunwan get into any trouble, thanks.

[zen master]
Which one u look at?

Inside the tunnel wont flood one, only outside la... LOL

Thanks for read everything what I wrote.

I'm at home now, the bosses allow us work half day and come home rest. Thanks

Thanks, I'm at home rest now.

No worry, the tunnel only one way, cannot get lost one... LOL

I work late not because of flood la, it's some tender documentation. SMART only can reduce the flood happen, not 100% solve it.

U r welcome... so now u know

Luckily u wasn't stuck with the flood water.

a^ben said...

wow.. that time when i go kl already raining very heavily.. tsk tsk tsk so serious eh`

FL Sam said...

SMART tunnel for the water diversion is still not ready. The flood happen too early which is 1 month before the waterway is fully completed and operational. Otherwise, it will surely be a good test how SMART is the tunnel!. :)

zeroimpact said...

My concern is mainly they opened the tunnel when it's not fully funtioning and what if the tunnel itself flood?
Anyway, this is like what they say an act of god and it voids everything in paper

Zen Master said...

The one with the caption: "Look proper, it's the underpass, not SMART"

narrowband said...

They say the SMART tunnel would have averted 95% of KL flood, *IF* it were functioning.

I hope they're not bullshitting us. Again.

moz monster said...

Everytime I leave KL ... it floods. Better measure is to pay me to stay in KL always !!!! =P

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Hi Kenny, thanks for this info. I was really confused and not knowing what is the real issue. Now i know. I also blogged abt this.

amanda said...

wah.. u no need to sleep then u can concentrate the next day ar ?? teach me how so i can use it as a tips for my next upcoming exam

MiccObaYb said...

omg really that bad arr? Oh nooo I don't wanna come back to flooood!

Kenny Ng said...

U haven't see lagi more serious one.

[fl sam]
yes, you were right! That's my point.

The tunnel will not flood but will open for water to flow in when got heavy rain like on last Sunday. Yes, no body can fight with mother nature.

[zen master]
That underpass is not under SMART la

To tell the truth, SMART only cover KL center, not whole KL, so u know I know la

[moz monster]
Haha... I can say after I left DID, KL always flood.

Glad u understand now. Thanks for posting up it.

Errmmm... Just try stay awake lor... drink coffee, keep moving, don't think of sleep, try to love what you do, maybe it can helps.

Yes, was so bad. Just stay alert when got heavy rain, that's the best we can do.

Simple American said...

That looks so bad. We get some pretty bad flooding too. But that is what happens when you put all this concrete in a swamp. wakakakakaa

may said...

I wonder if KL will stop flooding one day?... hmmmm, I doubt it. the whole world is sinking! maybe they should make that SMART tunnel into an underwater tunnel instead so we could see fishes swimming above... ;-)

sun,moon&star said...

let's wait and see how smart the tunnel can be when it's fully operational.

King's wife said...

Heard so much about this SMART tunnel, I still haven't passed thru. Toll of RM2 starting on Fri, yes?

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

good la bro explaine to everyone
some of them dont understand
that SMART still under constuction....

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
yah, you were right

It's impossible that KL won't be flood unless no more rain forever.

Yes... thanks!

[king's wife]
Err... I not sure when will start collecting toll and how much.

[pisang goreng]
Thanks bro understand it.

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