Thursday, June 21, 2007

Suspected Flood Again

I suspect KL is flooding again now. It's very unusual heavy rain so bad now. The rain is quite similar as the previous flood event past 2 weeks ago. I can't really see the road while I driving and I saw trees falling down on roads.

When I reached home, I saw my kitchen was messed up like after tsunami, I can't imagine how bad was the storm.

Picture was taken near Sunway Piramid before the rain

Picture was taken on NPE when rain started.

What a Storm!


ah nel said...

tat wat i told my manager just now...sure flood...

Nonnie King said...

Global warming mah.. What to do?

Still, prevention is better than cure so we must save our Earth now.

day-dreamer said...

Sigh. Again.

Poonky said...

count count..time to avoid those black spot area liow

a^ben said...

fuah... a bit scary hor`

Rabbit said...

*brings umbrella*
*bring raincoat*

Er.. bring what else?

Kenny Ng said...

[ah nel]
Just some places

Now want to cure also susah lor

Let's see tomolo paper got or not

Stay at home is the best

a bit only? LOL

U forgot to bring carrot... LOL

zeroimpact said...

This is a case of take picture while driving
When will the flood stop

janicepa said...

checked dy .. sir ! no flood !!

Huei said...

wah wut does ur kitchen got to do with the storm?

yarrr...the rain was so bad last nite...luckily no jam to where i was going!

Aaron Chua said...

I takut flood lah~
Imagine like that TTDI Jaya's flood at your home! Alamak!
My house area damn low some more..

erinalaw said...

Penang also very heavy rain and strong wind leh. Even the billboard in Giant (Blepas) fall down leh. Luckily no one pass by. It was very strong wind. I go to the shop also hear aunties complaining and talking about it. You got call ur parents to ask kah?

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah.. so scary one ar... esp floods.. i fear floods.. hehehe!!

so ur kitchen now need massive clean up sessions?


Poonky said...

no way i can stay at home~ got classes so need to travel out haha..mayb avoid those lrt station, last time stuck there damn long

Kenny Ng said...

The flood will stop if the world is not raining anymore.

Yes madam! Thanks you.

Because I forgot to close my kitchen's window, the strong wind and rain went in the kitchen.

[aaron chua]
U better stay alert all the time when got rain

Wuah... so bad ah? I called the day before la, that time still nothing happen ma.

Yeah, it was scary. Yalor... have to clean up my kitchen

Then prepare a small boat all the time... :P

Poonky said...

searching for mini boat ballon

_butt said...

yesterday's rain was quite scary. the thunder and lighting, lashing out its fury like it's nobody's business. I could've sworn that it wanted to strike any innocent victim who walked out there in the storm so bad. almost... evil. lol.

FL Sam said...

Flood can happen anytime in KL. We have disturb the nature too much. :)

may said...

eh? your kitchen messed up like tsunami? you left your window open ka?

team BSG said...

thot last time u were man in charge of smart tunnel one, then also smart anti flood anti Noah bisystem one ?

so I not scared !

Chen said...

yesterday night heavy rain in penang too

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Wah... your kitchen flooded???
So how? KL flooded or not? Shaks.. did not check out yesterday.

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... good idea

Yalor... I was in the storm whole driving, I can feel my car move aside, how terrible.

[fl sam]
That's y... no body can fight mother nature.

Yalor... I forgot to close the window.

[team bsg]
I never in charge of SMART tunnel before.

Yah... and the wave from sea also terrible.

Yalor... my kitchen flooded coz I forgot to close the window. KL I not sure got flood or not but certain roads were flooded.

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