Thursday, June 21, 2007

eB Really Sucks!!!

I'm using my hp to blog this post, eB really disappointed me again and again. My connection here is getting worst than ever, one day up two days down, sometimes can up to 5 days down. I really fedup with this kind of lousy service. I can't do my work and can't read your all blogs now. I just want to say GO TO HELL eB!!!


Poonky said...

same problem goes to streamyx..once the service down..gonna took a week to fix, even u wasted time listen to their theme song for 10-15minutes

AceOne118 said...

Change to digi or maxis lah.

day-dreamer said...

Not that I want to rub it in, but tonight my connection is fairly good. A 1.6MB song downloaded in 2 seconds time. I was shocked. :P

Nonnie King said...

Thinking of changing your plan?

may said...

eh, I thought you moving on to streamyx oredi? notchet ka?

ah nel said...

brader!!!i tink if stimix saw bout tis post then u aplly stimix sure u the rm1 million winner...

Huei said...

walau!! sux man!!

tmnet still not ok at ur place? aye..kesian

FL Sam said...

Malaysia Broadband Service Sux. Be it Streamyx, Maxis, eB etc.
I used streamyx, it is so slow nowadays. Maybe trying to promote their more expensive 1GB plan. Maxis have no coverage in my area. :)

Rabbit said...

aiyoyo, chill ya chill~ Will be here waiting for u to kambek! =P

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah.... can blog using hp ar???

_butt said...

change to streamyx maybe? but then streamyx also sucks wor.. maxis?

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

I can imagine your frustration. 1 day without internet is already bad. How to tahan 2-5 days???

laundryamah said...

errr what is eB??

Chen said...

Errr... i tot u moving back to streamyx liao?

erinalaw said...

u so canggih, guna hp and blog leh.

Kenny Ng said...

At least u got music to listen, I just listen to the caller tone but no body answer it.

U pay me ah?

U were lucky

No other services available here

Bad news, no TM service here

[ah nel]
No TM here... how to win?

Nop... only Maxis available.

That's why they dun have such big head but want to wear big hat.

I kambek lor... LOL

Why not? I think u s'pore there more advance than here.

Trust me... I use streamyx before I move to here, it's much better than eB

That's y... can vomit one.

It's another internet service provider

Still no streamyx available here

Testing only mah...

d'Fish said...

hey cool blog.... will link you. keep blogging yeah...

p/s - check out my new blog k. its 'R' rated by the way.


Kenny Ng said...


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