Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fastest Car in The World?

I'm not that good in car's knowledge, but I got something to share with you that what car is the most fastest car in the world.

I think most of you will think that sport cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and others sports racing car are the most fastest car in the world. My answer is NO.

Ferrari Sports Racing Cars

If is not sports racing car then what type of car will the most fastest? Maybe some of you will say Formula 1 cars are the most fastest street racing car. Well, my answer is NO again.

Formula One

If is not Formula 1 car, then what type of car again to be the most fastest? At the beginning I thought drag racing cars are the most powerful and fastest in the world. I was wrong, the answer is NO!!!

Drag Racing Car

Until one day I received an email shows that the most fastest car in this world. I was stunt to see the picture and I can't believe it just a normal old car modified to 'look as' a most fastest car in the world. I'm really proud to be a Malaysian that our people is so great to modify an old car to be the world most fastest car, I think if Michael Schumacher see this car, he'll step away and surrender.

So, wonder what car is it? Just scroll down and see, I don't bluff you one...

Gentlemen... start your engine!!!

10 exhaust pipes!!!

Fuiyohhh.... got 10 exhaust pipes, twin turbo, fuel injection, 3000 cc, and so on... somemore it also shows that the driver is already 73 years old man!

See... I don't bluff you one.... WAKAKAKAKAKA!!!



FL Sam said...

Malaysia we see many crazy people adding many exhaust pipes. It make a lot of noise but no increase in speed. They called it Janji ada Bunyi, Janji ada Song. :)

Iwan Sanchez said...


power!!! hahahaa!!

y so kiasu one?

Maverick SM said...

That's Pak Lah's car!!!!

Did Khairy sold it to someone else?

Clare said...

Malaysia Boleh!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

yeah i agree with you......

janicepa said...

wahh.. tht indeed the fartest car eh .. kakaka..

ah nel said...

bunyi macam ribut,
lumba macam siput.

Ah Pek said...

HAHAHAAA!!! Sohai!!

Jace said...

wat la.. so ugly..

Huei said...


10 exhaust! chisin!!!

jasonphoon said...

I think it's for show only la .... what's the point of having 10 exhausts ?? hahah

AceOne118 said...

I knew something is wrong ledi when scrolling down. hahaha

erinalaw said...

Woi!!! I don't know about anything about car also but you sure moh? Got bluff people like me that is so soon leong or not?

day-dreamer said...


PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Hahhahaha! This is crazy!!!!

Poonky said...

fuyoh!!!! so many exhaust pipes! sure very "pencemaran bunyi"

is it only me or what..haha i felt that car kinda cool..the color la

Winn said...

wah...actually 73 is not that old la. the car stil younger

Aaron Chua said...

Eat petrol like crazy!

Simple American said...

How many exhaust for the car and how many for the 73 year old man? keke

a^ben said...

*sumbat cola cans into the exhausts*

Nonnie King said...

You sure all of them got smoke come out one?

or is it for display nya?


_butt said...

fulamak.. so kheng! sure safe for driving? :P

Kenny Ng said...

[fl sam]
Yalah... and also janji ada pencemaran bunyi.

I dunno... maybe learn from S'pore so kiasu?

Since when Pak Lah so mat rempit? LOL

Boleh bodoh lor...

[pisang goreng]
Thanks bro

I just saja say is the fastest ma

[ah nel]

[ah pek]


Yalor... also sohai

You got the point

Nothing wrong what?

How dare I bluff you wor... I just guess only ma :P

*piak piak* wake up!


The colour hor? Still can tahan la...


[aaron chua]
Not eat... but drink

[simple american]
I also no idea

U need to find 10 cans leh

[nonnie king]
I also suspect that

Sure safe... like a song Highway to Hell lor...

Chen said...

super kiasu car
can fart like mad :P
and not forgetting the air pollution

Kenny Ng said...

Yah... if these all are real la.

may said...

someone once commented to me, having more than 1 exhaust pipe in a normal car is like having one too many holes to fart out of. spread it out too much and not enough pressure to fart well... was he pulling my leg ar?

J@n!ce said...

My sis went to malaysia & got one of those car for my boy. The rubber tyre drop out easily leh .... sigh !!

Kenny Ng said...

hahaha... he's right. But depend on what type of car la... like F1 got more than 1 exhaust lor

Too bad... but all my 6 model cars still in good condition... hehe


that is'n the fastest car in the world. The fastest production car is the Bugatti Veyron, but the fastest non-production car is The Vampire Jet Car made by the R.A.F.

venugopal said...

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