Friday, June 29, 2007

So Close Yet So Far

Bad news for all, this weekend no Band Of The Week because lifelogger is down for maintenance this weekend, so I can't upload some songs for the band introduction, very sorry to all.


Yesterday evening while I still working in office, my housemate suddenly called me and told me that my picture was on The Star newspaper's thumbnails section, so I thought I won the RM50 for that picture, then I asked him am I got the prize? He replied me no... I was like... ok la, not a big deal, just for fun only. You can see the detail here.

The picture was taken on last week at Sunway Piramid, I spotted a tower crane was lifting a mobile crane from top of a construction site, I was thinking, that's really dangerous move, if accident happens, I dare not imagine how bad it is, furthermore the place is so crowded with people.

This is my original picture...

Too bad my camera phone's picture quality is not that good, if not will be much better.

This is the screenshot from The Star's website. Sorry I didn't buy any paper, so I don't have the cutting from the newspaper. If you are so kind, can you please cut it down for me? It's on 28 Jun 2007, The Star newspaper at thumbnails section. Thank you very much in advance.

Argghh... I'm so close to win RM50, if not I sure will belanja you a cup of teh tarik la. Never mind... will try again.

So Close Yet So Far...


angel said...

That twin *ahem* look like... ok nvm... :p

Hope you'll have some rest time this weekend...

FL Sam said...

Good try. U win win the next time. Wow Angel so imaginative!. :) said...

I don't get it
If the picture came out, how come you didn't get the money?

Huei said...


next time sure can get wan! me waiting for ur cha! =P

Jace said...

congratulation! but no prize. hehe..

Zen Master said...

Whoa...that was close.....else can get cash prize already.

clement said...


jasonphoon said...

maybe next time man.

hey , do you think they'll post it if I sent a picture of a policeman accepting a bribe ?

Hehehehe ...

Calvin's Wife said...

He aint heavy he is my brother, a nice song, i like that song... very touching.. ;) and a smart caption you had there... ;) you have a pleasant weekend Kenny...

Iwan Sanchez said...

sayang nya!!

hahaha! Wah.. RM50 can buy how many teh tarik??

am i included??


Rabbit said...

i book a glass of teh tarik from u first ha! =P

Ckyeo said...

Sing K on you

AceOne118 said...

I wan kapachino!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

At least your picture get posted!
BTW, what the heck are they actually trying to do???

Sasha said...

ooo i dun buy papers unless i look for job. hahahahha

erinalaw said...

I also don't buy newspaper one. Read from the net. Wah!!! Rest enough liau lar? Can talk so much har. Better not write so much. I am getting more cheong hei chor. I don't want to be your kai mah. Make me look old leh. But the picture you show, really dangerous. This remind me of something that happen last year Raya. You heard of a story a guy being killed at the side by tower crane. I know that guy

_butt said...

yep. when you win, do call us out for yumcha oh haha :D

day-dreamer said...

Wah... really so near and so far!!

Never mind... RM50 is nearing. Hehehe.

Remember my teh tarik okay... I prefer kurang manis one. :P

may said...

aisey, that RM50 could've bought you many teh tariks! nevermind, better luck next time!

Nonnie King said...

At least got show your name mah~

Chen said...

may be next time loh..

p/s: I prefer Teh C Peng ;)

Kenny Ng said...

Look like what? Fast fast tell me.

[fl sam]
I will... thanks

Because they only choose 1 to be a winner

sure sure... hehehe

Cilaka... mau kena pukul ni... LOL

[zen master]
yalor... too bad

It is

Try and see... who know wor

[calvin's wife]
That song reminds me Rambo movie, really touching. Same to u... have a great weekend

If u come sure include u

Okok... u slow slow wait ha...

RM50 mana cukup sing K?

Can can... as u like

The mobile crane was on a building for construction work, so after that they lift it down

Oh... nvm

I still not enough rest. Last year Raya? As I know I heard a lot of tower crane's accidents before coz I'm in this field.

Sure sure... hehe

can can... tambah manis also can... haha

yeah... will try again. Thanks

Aiyah... not my 1st time my name on paper la

Ok... can!

Jace said...

Don pukul me ler... :(

Kenny Ng said...

okok... then sayang ok? Dun cry la...

Jace said...

*cry louder*
(koko pukul me)

Kenny Ng said...

No pukul la,... dun cry la

Jace said...

*Stop crying*

Kenny Ng said...

Like that ma... guai... :D

clare said...

I saw that pic in the star...and the name sound it was you!!! Congrates!

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... thanks, but I didn't won the RM50

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