Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sleeping Facts

Do you ever think that we were wasting so many years on sleeping? Sometimes I really wonder, why we human must sleep instead of a short break or rest? Don't tell me because of god created us to be like that, if it is why god want us to wasting so much time?

Now days I don't really enjoy to sleep, I felt it really wasting of time, furthermore I almost got nightmare every night during my sleep, I don't know why... Is that a bad sign?

If human no need to sleep, I think we don't have any excuses of no time for this and no time for that. Well, it just my thinking, sometimes without sleep for 24 hours to 48 hours, I still will say that not enough time.

Here is my simple and average calculation for how long we've been sleep in this entire life...

A baby will sleep more than 12 hours a day
A kid will sleep from 8 to 10 hours
A normal teenager will sleep about 8 hours
An adult will sleep 5 t0 7 hours
An old people will sleep 4 to 6 hours or maybe less (Hell... I'm in this category)

Let's say 1 year got 365 days
I'm 30 years old now
Let's say I sleep 7 hours a day


365 x 30 = 10950 days

10950 x (7/24) = 3193.75 days

3193.75/365 = 8.75 years

Oh no... I've been wasting almost 9 years time for sleeping only!!!

Alright... I think it's time for me to waste time and continue my nightmare now...



inquisitive said...

I love this...
it's so true, I mean, sleeping is totally overrated.
At least my dreams are filled with pleasant things, sorry to hear about your nightmares :(

ah nel said...

brader!u too tired liao so get more slp...

moz monster said...

brader ....

sleep must sleep one ... body is not machine mah. even machine also stop for maintenance. just think of it as your body's maintenance lor ...

instead of saying how much time is wasted during sleep, maybe you can try to find ways to make better use of your waking hours ?

_butt said...

kenny bro, sleeping is never a waste of time. we need a break, else we will break down leh. the nightmare is a sign, not a bad sign, but a sign that you're not getting enough sleep! lol


J@n!ce said...

Hi, reading your entry reminds me... yesterday I sleep at 3am+.
Just to get the Viral Tag up in my post !! So sleepy now *yawn*

Huei said...

i think u need more sleep! u san ji put ching edi!!! kakakkaka

ah u know sleeping is good for memory? last time my psychology lecturer taught us, if u r going to have exams, study n take a short nap, n u'll do better


though my studies didnt go very well least i passed! hehehhe

Rabbit said...

sleeping and resting are to prepare you for longer journey!

Nonnie King said...

But sleeping is essentials. I never felt that sleeping is a waste of time because I pretty much enjoy it and felt energized after that.

Perhaps you're all stress up thus you can't have a quality sleep all this while.

erinalaw said...

Sleep must sleep keh. Our body is also like a machine or a car mah. After sometimes, we need to give them a break. Rest our brain too mah. Maybe we put it in this way, why not we used the time that we are awake to do something good leh. Isn't that had got a longer time than sleep.

Calculation :
24hrs - 8hrs sleeping time
=16 hours that we are awake

16hrs - 12hrs working (average)
= 4 hour balance lagi

Where and how we used this 4 hours leh???

At times, it could be our time management not correct chor leh. I average sleep about 4 - 5 hours a day. Yesterday, 1 slept at 4am and woke up at 7.30am...... 3.5 hours sleeping but still look fresh and beautiful. Hahahaha, self-praise pulak. You know wat I have been practising doing? Take about 15 - 30minutes doing meditation. Just relax your body and breath slowly. You can also put on some music - wei! not the hard rock one har like wan to runtuh rumah keh. Just keep your mind relax and don't think of anything. Let it rest. It works and I have been doing it for my 4 times only. Who teach me? Influence by my hubby lor........ he stress alot also one. See har lar............ Cheer up, my dear friend.

Opps............. how come I so cheong hei chor har? Sei tak ngoh ar.

Jace said...

haha. I like this post.
Shit.. I fall in Kid category (>_<).
I was in baby category 2 years ago??!!!
How many years I have wasted?


Poonky said...

lol..i think i sleep more than that (if accumulated during my holiday season) haha..

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PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

EH... issit because of your lack of sleep syndrome that you are writing this? Aiyor.. what are we going to do if we don't sleep leh?? Too much time is no good for us also.

jasonphoon said...

hey , I'm in the kid category !

day-dreamer said...

I don't mind wasting time to sleep. Hahaha!

I think your nightmares are due to the immense stress and pressure you are under now.

Chill man. Things will get better soon.

Add oil!!

Iwan Sanchez said...


i love this too!!

bro, maybe u are too stress thats y ur sleep was interrupted?

Kenny Ng said...

U are so lucky that no nightmare... thanks for dropping by.

[ah nel]
Dunwan sleep can or not?

[moz monster]
My problem is not enough time, that's why I hate to sleep

What I mean take a break without sleep, if can I really have more time lor

Haha... then better go to sleep oh

Say me like that... if just rest 30 mins enough for whole day how nice la...

How long? I everyday travelling the same route to work also... I never see the road getting longer? LOL

[nonnie king]
I dunno la... I don't really enjoy it, always got nightmare and when wake up whole body sure pain.

Aiyoh... I can call u as my kai mah already can ah? LOL.....

What I mean here IF... listen proper... IF human born to no need sleep and just rest for a short while, so we will have more own time right?

Haha... u mean u r still a kid?

Wah... u wasting so much time already

It's ok... I'm so sorry that on 8th July I have to fly to Sabah for a project meeting, I think I can't make it. Anyway, thanks for the invitation.

Nolah... The reason is I really got no time for my own.

Should I call u siu didi? :P

Nolah... Since I was small I always got nightmare till now, I never have a wet dream before at all, u believe or not? Even I no stress I'll have nightmare too.

Nop... Not because of stress, I really have this problem since I was a kid.

erinalaw said...

sei tak nei ah. I so old meh. You could either be the same year with me or maybe older than me leh.

may said...

I would sleep for another 9 years, if I could! sleep is essential, never wasted. zzz...

Chen said...

Sleep is very important leh..
else u will become zombie liao :P

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... just saja kacau u only, coz u sound like my mom ma :P

*no eye see*

I mean 'if' human no need to sleep la

Hubport said...

Hey, you must be really tired saying things like that. hehehe
You better thank God for giving us time to sleep because there are lot of fun things to do in bed before you sleep. =p like read a book or talk to your partner about what happen today.

We are no machines and IMO, sleeping is not a waste of time. It really feels good when you wake up after a good rest.

About your nightmares, yes it is a bad sign. try cracking it up like a riddle. If it you nightmares is about zombies, you need to stop watching horror movies.

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