Saturday, June 30, 2007

Let's Crap... Let's Rock!!! - 1st Anniversary

Oh no... I just finish my work, and I just can do this short update.

Yes!!! Oh yes!!! (eh... not kena lottery la), my blog finally step into the 1st year anniversary. Time really flies and I look back what I've done in this past year, this blog really have macam-macam entries. Unlike other blogs only post their own genre, when I look back, my blog really a crap... hahaha, aiyah... who cares la, I just blog for fun anyway.

I really no idea how I get into blogsphere, in the beginning I really no idea what is blog until my friends intro me, then I browse on many blogs and I still don't get it. After that I just saja simply post up my 1st ever post, that was 'For 70's Babies'. After that I never care about it until one day I saw my 1st ever comment from Nonnie King, I was really surprised got someone commented in my post!

Since that, I keep writing and writing... until one time I decided to change my blog more to classic rock music and craps. Then I met up lots of bloggers through some mini gathering until to grand gathering (Together-gather Bloggers Party 2007), and I was one of the committee for the party, I'm so proud to myself (self praise... dunno paiseh one)... haha.

Anyway, my blog is not famous as many celebrities blogger, and also not so interesting like others, I prefer to be like this. I can see lots of bloggers try to change their route, but I still stick to my own ways, I just want to be myself.

Alright... I really don't what to write anymore, time for me to sleep, I still need to work after few hours later.

Lastly, I would like to thank you all support me all the time, without you all my blog won't survive anymore, you all are my heroes, my idols, my friends... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Today not only my blog's 1st anniversary, but also my car's 2nd anniversary, and also another good news, I got confirmation as Technical Engineer in my working company now... hurayyy~~!!!

Happy 1st Anniversary Crap & Rock!!!


angel said...

Keong hee, keong hee...

Kung hei fatt choy...

Sang Yat Fai Lok, Crap & Rock! Happy Crapping and May You Rock More! ;)

Infectioner said...

My one older... hohoho XD

day-dreamer said...

Wah... so many good news in one shot!

Happy confirmation, Kenny!

Happy birthday, blog!

And happy 2nd birthday to your car!!


*time to celebrate... partaaaaayy!*

narrowband said...

Happy anniversary man. Congratulations on the milestone!

FL Sam said...

Happy Anniversary. Many more to come. :)

ah nel said...

Happi Happi anibersari!

life whre got so bad ler! ;)

a^ben said...

*brings kiek~*

happy anniversary! :D

Chen said...

happy 1st anniversary to et's crap... let's rock
so fast one year liao :D
happy 2nd birthday to kenny's car-car
Yeah, u r now The Rocker Technical Engineer ;)

erinalaw said...

sum hei lum moon!!! Good Good Good. Happy Birthday to Crap N Rock, Happy Birthday to your car and congratulation to you. So without the RM50 from Star, you can still belanja us teh tarik rite?

Wingz said...

Kung hei! kung hei!!! 3 hei lam moon!
Tenkiu for your entertaiment for the past one year and hope there are many years to come!!!

Ah Pek said...

huray!!! confrim alredi sure got increment lar!!!

may said...

hey, congratulations on your confirmation! I say that that's even bigger than your blog's anniversary, or even your car's... LOL!! gunghei gunghei! yumseng!!

De Pianist said... many good news ya!Congrats oh!!*clapclap*

yo,must keep up with your craps and rocks o!let me see the rocker Kenny continue to rock the world!ngahahaha...=p!

Nonnie King said...

Happy Birthday to "Mari Berak, Mari Batu"!!!

I'm so flattered to be mentioned by a famous blogger like you lar.

And within a year, the number of readers and commentors increased tremendously! Li-hai Li-hai! Shi-Jin. Shi-jin!

TUX said...

Congratulations!! Triple you write that in chinese?? Keep blogging and climbing that corporate ladder. All the best!!

Poonky said...

wuuu finally 1 year liow~~ keep up the craps and rocks u got :)

Zen Master said...

Congrats, Kenny. More rock bands reviews, please. :)

mott said...

happy bloggerversary!!!

ROCK ON!!!!!!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

WOW! 3 celebrations in 1!! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!

Agree with you to just blog whatever you feel like, not what people wants to read. So when you read back 20 years later... it will be a good laugh.

Huei said...


haPPy aNnIVeRsaRY to ur blog n ur car!!! =D

n CoNGRAtULAtioNS on ur confirmation!!

when cheng yum cha? =P

Will said...

happy anniversary to your blog :D

_butt said...

woohoo, gong hei gong hei!!

happy anniversary to your blog, your car and congrats on your confirmation! :D

times does passed very fast...

Rabbit said...

Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ya~ *burn firecrackers*

Happy anniversary to ur blog, rocker!

Old Beng said...

Congrats to your well written 1st year.

Many many more years to come!!!

Kenny Ng said...

kamsiah... sure will rock more :)

Oh... I should call u senior... LOL

Thanks... can't celebrate la, no time la... internet down la.. susah la


[fl sam]
thanks, sure will!

[ah nel]

Mana cake? I dun see geh? :P

I like the Rocker Technical Engineer... haha

Thanks, teh tarik no prob geh... wait I come back to Penang la

Thanks... you inspire me alot taikor!

[ah pek]
The increment ah? All the time very little here la

Yeah, u r right... Thanks

[de pianist]
Rock the world? I pressure la... LOL... Thanks

[nonnie king]
I'm not popular la... my traffic also very less only, just 100+ per day. Thanks

Thanks... write in chinese? Oh no... my chinese words really rusted already.. hahaha

Sure I will... thanks

[zen master]
Yes I will! Thanks


Thanks... yeah, good memory hor?

Thanks... when ah? Tomolo lor... wan ah? :P


Yalor... so fast... Thanks ya

I dun see firecracker geh? Where? haha... Thanks

[old beng]
Thanks my friend.

Winn said...

thanks for being fren...:P
i still remember i ask u to teach guitar but i was lazy,..and still m:P said...

Wah. So many good news together.
So when will be the next good news... you getting married?

Jace said...

Happy Birthday to Kenny's Blog!

erinalaw said...

Wait for you to come back to Penang kah??? Bila? Still long kah? Maybe, I go to KL next month leh. You don't cabut ok?

Kenny Ng said...

You are welcome, same to u too. Haha... everyone is busy la, not lazy, no worry.

Wahhh... this question very pressure for me la. Thanks

Tenkiu tenkiu... :P

haha... dun worry I wont cabut away unless I have to outstation because of work, if not I sure ok one.

belle said...

how come my comment not here..i already sent wan le..suppose to be 5th.. =[
happy 1st year annie..BELATED TT

Bernard said...

Happy Anniversary, Kenny's Crap and Kenny's Rock.

Sasha said...

kong hei lu ah...mine is coming this 7th also . sama sama hepi la

dreamie said...

~ Happy belated blog birthday
happy blogging and rocking, Kenny ~

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... nvm, I treat it as No 1 ok? Thanks


Wah... so near only ah? okok... sama sama hepi... kekeke

Thanks alot!

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