Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm So Tired...

I'm really so tired recently, not only tired because of work, but also tired with my internet connection. I'm in a cyber cafe again to write this post.

Past few days TM called me and informed me that the place I stay got no TM service, so I can't subscribe Streamyx.

I really pissed with eB service since they merged with REDtone, their service is getting bad to worst. I almost have to call the center everyday to report my internet connection is down. Yesterday I tried to called whole day and no body answer the phone, today I tried for almost 3 hours only they picked up my call and told me will solve it as soon as possible. When I reached home I tried to login, it was ok but the speed damn hell slow, after 2 hours the line was down until now, I can't browse any webpage at all!


My message to eB

I'm really exhausted, recently I always have to work till late night, weekend also need to work. I thought after I quit government job and join private sector will get a better salary, I was wrong! I was in wrong timing again! After the salary increament for government servant, their salary is higher than what I get now with the same position, and now I have to work more than them so many times!

I'm really tired to think about it, why I always in wrong timing? I'm now really tired with my life, I'm tired to blog as well, I'm so tired until I can......

Fall sleep when I'm shitting

Fall sleep when I was eating too...

Leave me alone please...

I'm So Tired!!!


nyonyapenang said...

sweet dreamsssssss.....

Chen said...

sorry to hear that..
keep fingers crossed tat tomorrow will be a better day

belle said...

don waste tht food plz.gimme the food
i dunno how to put it..but ppl often thing wat tht u did not achieve is better..
while i think u should be happy with yr decision coz everything happens with its reason.u will never know till the time comes. =D cheers mate

day-dreamer said...

Chill, Kenny.

All the best.

a^ben said...

rest well ` :)

angel said...

Hope you'll have more time to rest soon. I'm also very tired...

On another note, we should count our blessings because there are a lot of other people who are worse off than us :) Sleep well, Kenny!

Poonky said...

*bish* pour water to put out the fire, calm down a bit relax ..relax..relax

ah nel said...

jom ohkao!

Wennnn said...

Rest more more okie!! Sweet dreamzzz... let's go la la land together..

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

streamyx is good but
sometimes d/l is DAMN slow...
and sometime is DAMN fast.....

pening pening

FL Sam said...

My fren. Take it easy. Take a short break. No point comparing. In the long term, private sector is still better for advancement and opportunities.

yenjai.net said...

It is not how much you earn that makes you happy
It is what you DO that makes you happy

Have a good rest

janicepa said...

*quietly walk away*...

cheer up bro !..
everything will be fine soon ..

go kalaok and play golf lah ..
go go go ..


_butt said...

it may not be easy for you now but try to look at the bright side of things ya, keep the positive spirit up!


Huei said...

kesian kesiann!

screw EB!!

u look so cute when u fall asleep eating! =P hehehhe

Iwan Sanchez said...

take care ok...

just tink positively and i thing everything happens for a reason..

take care ok...

Ah Pek said...

go and giu a gai! you will feel better.

erinalaw said...

Taikor, live is like that keh. Nothing come easy one. We have to work to survive mah. Everyone also tired include me. But hor, with your hard work maybe in 5 years from now, you become someone leh. Nothing is cannot or impossible one. Abt the streamyx or eB thing hor, cannot help chor mah, correct? So, take things easily. Mang chang will only cause bad health leh. You are just too tired now, take some good rest and back to battle field again. Whatever decision you have made, don't look back ady. Go forth and look for the things you want. If you continue look back and compare hor, you will get even more sad, dissapointed and you will not be able to concentrate in whatever that is currently happening or plan for the future lor. Your pang yau here will always wish you luck and cheer up my dear friend....... NEI TAK KEH!!! Oops, did not realise I so cheong hei leh. Soli har

Calvin's Wife said...

kenny, *hugs* you just need loadsa hugs from everyone, that's all.... hugs that would comfort you... ;)

Jace said...

Take more rest. Poor Kenny.
But.. don shit n sleep ler.. Not healthy. :P

Rabbit said...

*brings pillow for kenny* sleep well! =P

King's wife said...

Hope you catch up on your much needed rest, soon!

rottentillthecore said...

there is no perfect timing to change a job. if u persist and never look back, u might see light at the end of the tunnel. all the best to you, kenny.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Streamyx also lousy. I tried in KL... when the house phone rings.. the internet line drops off.

Talking abt internet.. i think in Shanghai is more advance than KL. Every apartment has the internet port in every room. It cost RMB1600 (RM800) a year for unlimited connection. What you think? Better, right?

may said...

you need ginseng! tongkat ali! and lots and lots of zzzz...

Winn said...

err! u ok if i leave a comment hor? coz u said leave u alone:(

sleep tight...

Bernard said...

R e l a x , g o t o Z z z z.

-Princess Shin- said...

Oh you poor thing. I totally know how this feels. My internet was down for one and a half months before and it was hell!!! I hope everything works out for you!

Take care ya!

Kenny Ng said...



U eat cat food ah? Thanks


I wish to...

I know... thanks

I'm calm but just tired. Thanks

[ah nel]
No energy to drink la

lala land? got rock land?

[pisang goreng]
At least it better than eB

[fl sam]
You dunno how hard I'm trying all this while, I really tired with my luck.

In this reality world, no money how can be happy? I wasn't think of that before but after my family problem really change my mind.

I just need a long long rest

I always got think of positive side... but now I really TIRED to think of that anymore.

I'm old already... not cute anymore la... thanks

I will... thanks

[ah pek]
It doesn't appear in my dictionary.

You dunno my personal story, so I can't blame you. It's not the matter to try 5 or 50 years, I really tired to chase my vision already.

[calvin's wife]
Thanks... I just need a piece of mind.

I hope I got time to rest more. Why sleeping while shitting unhealthy?

I don't really rely on pillow wor... anyway, thanks

[king's wife]
I hope so too...

Thanks for visiting here and the advice.

You r so lucky to have such good service.

Tongkat ali is not healthy la. Thanks

Why not? Thanks

I will... thanks

[-princess shin-]
Thanks for understanding and visiting here.

moz monster said...

I don't quite understand why Malaysians have so much Internet problems ... maybe it's because our Internet providers, whoever they are, just don't get it !!!!

I feel for you .... because I had my fair share of Streammyx problems, and I think Streamyx sucks to the max. No idea that eB would suck just as bad.

Kenny Ng said...

[moz monster]
As I said... I used streamyx b4 and I can tell u eB even worst

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