Thursday, June 07, 2007

Parking Mafia

I always hate people simply park their car and block other cars to move out. This is not the new issue to me, I can always see it from my window.

If you want to double park your car, make sure you are just park for a very short time or you are just somewhere near your car, if not please leave a contact on your car so people can reach you. I can assure you that I can hear cars horning non stop to alert those cars blocked their way out everyday at the place I stay here. Sometimes the horn can up to more than 15 minutes long, this is very irritating to others.

I saw before got people lost their patience then broke the car's windscreen, so they only can released the car hand break and move the car away. I don't feel pity to the car owner because he deserved it, if I'm that person I'll do that too.

Back to some weekends ago, it was midnight and I heard someone horn non stop almost for an hour, that really spoiled my sleep on weekend night. The next day Sunday early morning, I heard it again and I was really angry that I can't have a good sleep on weekend. Then I looked down what was going on, that stupid car still parked there since Saturday night, that car really block the back lane access of the shop houses, all cars can't get through from that back lane.

Rubbish truck was stuck at the back lane

Please be more consideration when you park your car, make sure that you never block anyone that can caused many bad situations happen. Accidents and traffic jam can happen caused by irresponsible parking.

Please Be More Responsible to Park Your Car!!!


Simple American said...

No tow trucks. Hell it looks dinky. Get four guys pick it up and move it.

_butt said...

*shakes head*

day-dreamer said...


ah nel said...


if me i wil smack the windscreen oso... ;)

clare said...

Kenny, I know exactly how you feel. The place where I am currently working now has the same problem. They not only double park, some very the cleber they triple park. Sometimes can hear cars honking for 30 minutes the most!

Very annoying lah!

Huei said...

tsk tsk tsk

hate it when ppl r so inconsiderate! i used to get that alot in subang oso..NO SLEEP!!!

erinalaw said...

wahlau!!! bapa punya jalan kah?

sun,moon&star said...

sets your blood to boiling point especially when you are in a hurry.

LP said...

First, I will wait 5 to 10 min for the car owner to move his/her car. After 5 min, I am sure my blood pressure naik every min that I am waiting. 10 min later, I will probably smack the car then give the car some bunga muka and also a very nice F*#$@ note.

SO next time don't block my car ;)

Rabbit said...

Aiyah that rubbish truck should have just langgar that stupid kancil lah. after langgar ledi then fill the kancil with lapsap ler!

Iwan Sanchez said...

oh dear,
i dun know how u can tolerate the horning every now and then...

i think its depressing to live in such enviroment.

i kenot tahan...

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

that's why i love big car like 4x4 wan.
and must be powerful wan

if saw this kind of scence again?

swicth to 4x4 mode and push that car away....

gbyeow said...

Hey that looks like Taman Danau Desa mamak. You stay at the apartments opposite the Jalal mamak/Steamboat place?

Cocka Doodle said...

Yep, I'm one of those who smashed the side window of a car before to release their handbrakes.
Don't fark care! Just do it!

De Pianist said... terriblenye,yea..i don't think i'll feel angry for that irreponsible person if his car got smashed..huh..

and i'll try to put a banana into his exhaust pipe too.*evil smile*

Applegal said...

I'd get four guys or more to lift up the car, and put it in some place he can't find! XD And put some lapsap on top for him!

Will said...

last time my body builder friend and his gang lifted a double parking kancil and put it sideways between 2 pillars... i wish i could see the face of the owner when he/she comes back to claim the car... hahaha

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Last time used to have tow truck but some party misuse it to steal cars.

No eye see hor?

Terrible hor?

[ah nel]
Let's go whack some... hehehe

Yah... triple park is common here too.

We very the cham.

Datuk punya jalan kut.

Yeah... imagine if got emergency case, I dare not to think about it.

Great! We same gang.

Nolah, even the rubbish collectors also more civilised that the car owner.

You have to get use to it, we can't avoid this happen.

Don't you think your 4x4 will get scratch too?

Yah... I stay there, U also stay there?

Let's do it!

[de pianist]
That's old method and useless already, u still can't get away from that place, just smash the windscreen and release the hand break.

If is a 4x4 big car how?

I did rescued a kancil 1 tyre fell into drain by lifting with 2 person only... haha.

Jiun Wuu said...

damn,i hate such ppl too,screw them...

Kenny Ng said...

[jiun wuu]
Yeah screw them with break their windscreen!

FL Sam said...

Such people who double park has no brain or the brain is somewhere else.

The rubbish truck can just push this little Kancil away to clear the way.

Jiun Wuu said...

breaking their windscreen is too kind to them,must bomb their car,haha..

narrowband said...

If it happpened in subang jaya i think the MPSJ will come and tow the car away. So I think you can bring the matter up with the municipal council (majlis perbandaran), especiallly if the car has been obstructing traffic exceeding one day.

Jace said...

I think the car owner did not want his car anymore.....

So..what happened next?

Sasha said...

errr just sign on the car la...sign left sign i did before to 3 cars in a row.

Kenny Ng said...

They have no brain. The rubbish collectors are more civilised that the car owner, do you agree that?

DBKL used to tow the cars, but since got many unsettle issues, they stopped it.

Hmmm... good point, they dunwan the car, so the next we can whack the car as we like.

Fuiyoh... You terra! I support! That's the way to do.

janicepa said...

wah... u always spy out ur window wan ar ??

that place look bit familiar ??

BSP ka ??

Kenny Ng said...

Not spy la... look look only :P
BSP is what?

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