Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Gift From Ogawa

Last week I went to one of Ogawa outlet to redeem my birthday gift. My Birthday was over more than a month and I just remembered I got a gift from Maybankard but have to redeem it at any Ogawa outlets.

After I redeemed a free gift from Ogawa, the sales person told me just put in a AA battery and it will works. I was wondering what is that until I came back home and I opened it then I saw this...

I was getting more curious, what the hell is this for? The white stick was placed inside the pillow, I took it out and see how it works.

The vibrator

I was laughing non stop, why they gave me vibrator? I think it's more suitable for gal to..... hehehe... you know I know lah :P

The most amazing part is, it only needs a single AA size battery to run it. I wonder how strong is the vibrator with a single AA size battery only.

Then I found out... maybe the pillow is for guy and the vibrator is for gal, what a good combination hor? Kekeke...

From Ogawa

Eh... What you all think about? Don't think so dirty lah, it's a massage pillow only lah... WAKAKAKAKA!!! The vibrator is put inside the pillow and you can massage your neck, arms, and back with it.

The vibrator consume very less power from the battery and the vibrating is so strong. I use it almost a week every night before I sleep to massage my back, the battery life still good now.

Thank You Maybankard & Ogawa!!!


Wennnn said...

Ahhhh U use vibrator every nite?? Nid meh?? I know is ur birthday gip!! KAkakakaakak..

Chen said...

wah.. so syiok
i also want massage pillow :D

belle said...

erm...hahaa i can say its multi functional! lol

Wingz said...

oi u took the wrong plesen la!! the vibrator is for lady wan! lol!

AceOne118 said...

Woah! got this liao..no need go thai cock massage ledi lor!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i know that is massage pillow oledi

day-dreamer said...

Ours is green colour.

But then, it is spoilt now. Haha.

Simple American said...

You can massage your crotch too. Just no pictures. Okay!

ah nel said...

u got put it between ur leg to massage ur kkc onot?help u tfk worr!!! LOL

btw don owes used it coz when u addicted to it u cant slp without it as it just a plan for those sales...sooner when it spoild u need to buy new one n tat time they make money...

Huei said...

wah got so nice wan meh??? how come my bday they didnt give me anything! ceh!!! kekeke

Clare said...

What massage neck and back?!!! You don't bluff lah Kenny, we know what you use that for....WAKAKKAKAKAKKAKAKA!!!!

Jace said...

Massage pillow?
I wan try :P

Ckyeo said...

I can use these to scare my cousin bro!!

janicepa said...

eh .. u can take the pillow but can u gif me the vibrator ar ? kakakakakaka...

Nonnie King said...

Oh well.. Other than putting the pillow underneath your head, you can put somewhere else also mah.


Rabbit said...

Aww.. looks really comfy.

Yer u got free vibrator!! *jealous*


FL Sam said...

Wah. So nice gif. I go from Maybank/Ogawa but never collect it.
If I no its vibrator, i will surely go collect it. :)

Kenny Ng said...

Not everynight la... when tired only use lor.

fast fast go get from Ogawa :P

U show me how ok? :P

2 in 1 ma... the pillow I can use ma... LOL

Still need... there massage different ma... pure one!

U smart

Wah... u so ganas till it spoil... :P

[simple american]
Haha... u did that?

[ah nel]
I never did that! Anyway... i not always use it la.

U use maybankard or not?

Where got? No lah... talak la... none la... got meh? :P

come come... :P

How to scare him?

U want the vibrator for wat? :P

Where where? Can be more specific? :P

u want ah? :P

[fl sam]
U can try to collect it, I think it dun have expired date to redeem it.

danielctw said...

darn cool la.. Now i know what to get.. fast fast find one and i take the pillow

Kenny Ng said...

fast fast go get 1.. haha

_butt said...

so how's the massage pillow? good?

Iwan Sanchez said...

a nice gift....

double functions..


Cocka Doodle said...

Still using that racist bank products and services ah?...Tiu you lah!

I closed account and withdraw all already.

Say NO to Racism!!

Kenny Ng said...

Good luck ah... LOL

Good! kekeke

Eh eh... what double function? :P

If I close it how I gonna get my salary? Tiu...

may said...

dun bruff. I'm sure you experimented it in other places before you found out what that white thing is for, right? right?! lol!

Kenny Ng said...

Shhhh... dun so loud la... u know i know enough liao ma... :P

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