Thursday, June 14, 2007

Give Me a Short Break

Sorry for no update this few days, I'm really super busy this whole week. On Monday I work till Tuesday 4am, then back to office again few hours later. I still never have a good rest since that, I'm really super-extra-ultimate-unlimited tired now.

Tomorrow I have to go Johor for a site visit early morning and will back to office by evening. I promise will try to update when I got time. To Clare, I'm very sorry that I don't do tag anymore, I hope you can understand it.

Now I have to use my 5 mins from my lunch break to write this. Alright... back to work now.

Give Me a Break Please...


FireHorse said...

Take that break Kenny, just take it no apologies needed. I will be going off in a few days time too. So go rest, take care :o)

Jace said...

poor thing.
Take good care.

belle said...

same like me so busy! but kenny come back fast coz m gonna be free soon!
nothin to read very sian..=D

erinalaw said...

Wah!! That remind me during my corporate life. Like siew char boh. Been working in the busy industry - propery & construction and hospitality. Really like mad women when i were in hospitality. Go to work at 6am and back home after 12am. Nearly kena throw out from the house by my hubby liau. Hahaha.............. you have a good rest and looking foward to read more on your blog.........

Huei said...


take more rest when u have the chancee!

jianbing said...

looking for your next entry, uncle kenny :D

day-dreamer said...

Wah, Kenny, so bok meng!

Don't worry, we all understand. We are behind you to give our support. Take your time and all the best! ;)

Jiun Wuu said...

Cheer Up and Add Oil dude...

**L-Y-N** said...

Hmmmm finally i found someone in the same boat as me :P but guess brader...u won't be away as longggggggggggggg as me ah !

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

No worries.. take a good rest!

ah nel said...

brader...its life so not all the time we r free...we nvr blame u coz no update ;)

a^ben said...

come back soon :)

kat said...

Good training mah, after being so relaxed in gahmen! Can work overseas redy! :D

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

drive carefully bro....
and if you tired...
take a rest at R & R palace with food stall.......

and i wait your next post

FL Sam said...

Post we can wait. Work is more important. Everyone need a break sometime from work or blogging.

Rabbit said...

I will wait for u to kambek!

Sasha said...

okay *sign kenny's leave form*

nyonyapenang said...

adoi...they employing human or robot? robot pun boleh rosak tau?

take care, kenny...must have rest also.

Nonnie King said...


Take good care of yourself yah. No hurry in blogging as we all will still be here.

_butt said...

take care oh.. :)

Kenny Ng said...

Have a nice holiday... thanks


Don't worry... I'll be back soon!

Haha... luckily I got no gf or wife, if not I sure kena throw or kick out already

If human no need to sleep how nice, I'll got more time

Kambing soon... stay tuned

Thanks... I'm so kam tong...

[jiun wuu]
Thanks dude

I tot u caught by alien already... no sound no gas at all... LOL


[ah nel]


Not so soon, still need to handle local projects 1st.

[pisang goreng]
No worry, 3 of us went just now, we all take turn to drive

[fl sam]
Thanks for understanding.

So kam tong... I'm back already

Thank you boss... anyway, I'm back already :D

No worry, I'm ok. I prefer this kind of life.

Thanks for understanding :)


clare said...

Yesterday Stream-y-ass down whole day...Ya, I understand lar...I just forgot that you mentioned nevermind, there are a lot of other bloggers that I can poke, don't worry about it...Heheheh!!!

may said...

before I could say "take a break and see you soon", you're already back with your second post! LOL! guess I'm just as busy... ;-)

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks for understanding :)

Haha... now I posting also fast fast did it, and I don't have much time to read other blogs already.

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