Saturday, June 16, 2007

Acupuncture Treatment

First of all I would like to thank all of you for understanding my situation, this weekend I'm not gonna blog about Band Of The Week.

Now I got a little time to write and read blogs. Today's journey was so rushing, early morning went to Johor with 2 of my colleagues for a site visit then took a fast lunch and rush back to KL. Luckily we all took turn to drive, if not I think I'm fainted already.

I just came back from my hand's treatment not long ago, my right arm was injured since last week from my badminton game, then on last weekend I went to driving range with Wingz, Golfnick, CKyeo, and others for our golf lesson, that time I got my injury even more serious.

The next day I can't even grab a toothbrush to brush my teeth, I have to use my left hand all the time. I thought it will recover in few days time, but it still the same, so I went to see a treatment center nearby my house. The doctor advice me to take acupuncture treatment instead of massage because it will be more faster and cheaper to cure. The doctor also said I have to continuous to do the treatment 4 to 5 times.

So I decided to take acupuncture treatment, just now was my second treatment and now I'm able to grab anything with more energy. At least I can TFK/PCC now... kekekeke...

Acupuncture Treatment

Sorry for my camera phone not so good in a dim condition. Got 6 needles punched on my arm, this is my first time to receive traditional acupuncture treatment. The most amazing thing is I don't feel pain at all when I received the treatment, and the result is so good. Each treatment cost me RM30, to me is ok as long it can cure my hand and I can continue with my badminton and golf games.

My Hand Is Recovering!!!


belle said...

claim medical fee from wingz! lol
faster recover woh! and glad tht its recovering
btw..1st! nyahahahhaa

Wingz said...

looking at the pic is like watching kungfu movie lidat! Wong Fei Hong ngo lei lah!!!

Tim said...

Walau. Train so hard until injured. Take it easier abit. Injured lagu susah and also cost $$$. Get well soon.

Poonky said...

Cool...hellraiser! it feel ah?

oh ya i new to ur not new quite some time liow

FL Sam said...

Kenny, The commentfrom Tim is mine. My son Tim has got a blog. When I comment he was logged in. :)

just me said...

Hope your hand is recovering well.

Give it a rest

Jemima said...

You're gonna feel like a champ.. like Lin Dan & Tiger Woods.. once your hand is fully recovered. ;)

Happy Weekend, Kenny!

Firehorse said...

Hope your arm feel better soon, I too went for acupuncture on once and was also pleasantly surprise that I felt nothing when all those needles went in.

clare said...

Cool!!! I don't dare to be poked by needles like that lah!

You're the man! Hope you recover soonest!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Serious?? Just a few acupuncture and your right arm is as good as new?? Anyway, what was the injury? I am just wondering what kind of injury can be cured by acupunture.

ah nel said...

the needle too tiny tat y u felt nth...i did it b4 when i injured my leg... ;)

may said...

acupuncture sometimes works wonders, yea? my uncle here who's a GP also does acupuncturre, but I've never tried. geliiiiiiiii!

Chen said...

glad u r getting well
acupuncture can really do wonders if done by qualified person :)

Nonnie King said...

Your arm is not that hairy bor.
Opps, I always notice something out of topic.

sun,moon&star said...

could be golfer's elbow injury you having bcos of the golfing practices.

day-dreamer said...

Looks kinda geli to me to see needles poking out, hehe. But it's good to hear that your arm is healing. :)

Helen said...

After the treatment, hope you'll become the new golf terror. THose golf cash prizes are really way out.

erinalaw said...

I don't think tat KL wong fei hong (Wingz) can lor. You see him also quick quick run away you know. Instead of healing your hand, maybe he make your hand more humsup. See anything sure raba raba liau. LOL........... run first otherwise wingz is going after me.

I wish you speedy recovery and your hand make me feel so gili leh with so many needles........ eeeeee

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... it's my own fault lah, why claim from him?

It's did by wong fei hong's mama, weng chun I think... LOL

Was injured during badminton game then golf make it more worst. Thanks

Welcome and thanks for dropping by here. The feel not pain but abit numb.

[fl sam]
Fuyoh... never know your son also blog, cool!

[just me]

Fuah... like that I become billionaire lor... LOL

Yeah, those experience doctor really good in that, you won't feel any pain

Just close your eye and let them poke in lor, no pain one, dun worry. Thanks

Need to do it few times continuous only can fully recover. Actually minor internal injury can be cured by acupuncture.

[ah nel]

Haha... now they also found out acupuncture also can lose weight wor, how amazing

Yeah, I surveyed before, one of my friend did there b4 and recovered, so I only got confident to go there.

[nonnie king]
Haha... my camera phone not that clear, I got lots of hair on my hand leh

Nop... was injured during badminton on my wrist, then golfing make it even worst.

No geli one la... very chi kek one... wanna try? :P

Haha... I never plan to be a pro golfer, I just take it as sport to spent my time.

Hahaha... If can become hamsap hand I want lor... coz so far I not dare to touch girl leh. Thanks

De Pianist said...

sorry for not able to come here everytime,been busy with my assignments everyday..hehe..

well,i hope your hand is having a speedy recovering..i know how it's felt only able to use one hand to do things..(now,my hands aren't able to hold things long anymore due to some painful fall..=.=)

Ckyeo said...

china is proud of you...long live chairman mao!!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

this is very good wan .......

narrowband said...

Wow. My hands have got not much flesh. Kena bone sure pain until cry.

nyonyapenang said...

was told acupuncture is very effective for these types of injuries.

take a good rest and get well soon.

King's wife said...

Hope your hand recovers soon. Take it easy and try to rest more ah...

Kenny Ng said...

[de pianist]
No worry, just take ur time. Your hand got problem? Can try the acupuncture also ma... :P


[pisang goreng]
Yah... it is

It doesn't matter, they can control it, acupuncture never restrict to fat or thin people.

Yah... it really works. Thanks

[king's wife]
I will... thanks

Jace said...

er.. What is PCC?

Huei said...

wahhh get well soon!!

the needles look so scary! *faint*

erinalaw said...

Oh itu macam kah? Then, get wingz lengcai to help liau. hehehee

Kenny Ng said...

Errr... dunwan tell u :P

80% recover already... thanks. Nothing to scare la

Hahaha... go go go

Jace said...

Tell me ler..

Kenny Ng said...

Same meaning with TFK la, in hokkien language only.

Simple American said...

Hope that works for you. It don't look fun though. hehehe

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
It's quite fun actually :P

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