Monday, June 04, 2007

Learning ABC in Easy Way

Note: The picture in this post was taken from my email, I found it quite funny and creative, so I just want to share with you all.


I believe everyone of us start learning English in ABC with A for Apple, B for Boy, C for Cat and so on. That's only the basic way to learn a word, now how to learn ABC in a sentence easily? Maybe some of don't find it difficult, but to someone like me is quite difficult.

Now I found out a simple way to learn A to G in a sentence, not only that, it also got reverse G to A in a sentence too. The meaning of A to G is quite true in this real world, don't believe it? See below...


A to G and G to A

So, do you agree with the sentence above? That's for majority of people la, but not applicable to me, because I do everything for Rock n Roll... hehe.

*p/s: My internet connection recovered today... and I really surprised that I got all advertisement space hosted by nuffnang! Thank you nuffnang!



belle said...

haha but im not tht kinda gal =D
i won forget anything even if i find new one LOL!
but nobody wants now..sigh

ah nel said...

whre u bought tat shirt?

i wan hv 1... ;D

btw usually gals owes forget wat guys had done to them when they wan new hamsapsem boypren... ;)

AceOne118 said...

I got sell this T-shirts. Who wan to buy, place your order now!!

jasonphoon said...

girls are evil !!

Wennnn said...

Errr guess the below one added a new there which stands for N wor.. But N is not listed there so it is not counted tat sentence.

day-dreamer said...

OBJECTION!!!!!! It should be the other way round. :P :P :P

Simple American said...

I'm married and would like to stay that way. Despite agreeing, I must not leave an opinion. ;)

clare said...

Now where have I seen that before...but no doubt creative...

Good day!

Huei said...

eh not true leh!

it should be terbalik lor..girls do lotsa things for guys and guys always forget

guys forget anniversaries..they forget birthdays..they forget everythign!!!! =P kekekkeke

13th Panda said...

I don't agree

not all girls like that

*ahem* like me i am not. UNLESS I super tidak suka that boy..LOL

erinalaw said...

I agree with Huei. Man always forget what we have done. See so many female disagree chor. When they go after a girl they will remember thousand and one thing. But as days goes by, their start to forget things liau.

DLG said...

although i should be standing on the other side, I WANT THAT SHIRT GIMME ONE!!


Rabbit said...

opjeksyen!! I no agree!!

Sasha said...

Where got such thing. It's terbalik la.

De Pianist said...

aiyoyo..we gals got so bad meh heh..i think there's gonna be a gals riot in here soon..lolz.

erinalaw said...

Kenny .......... sei four lor!!! Quickly go and find 'kau peng' liau.....LOL.............

Chen said...

boy & man is different, right?

nyonyapenang said...

ya..ya...ya...dr chen is right! when a boy becomes a man, he forgets completely to do anything!

Kenny Ng said...

Who say no one want you? Got someone told me he miss u so much wor.

[ah nel]
I never bought it, I got this pic from email la. Yeah... u r right

Sure or not?

I agree!

Haha... I dunno lor

I dunno... it's not applicable to me either.

[simple american]
Haha... I understand

From email? Same to u

Haha... terbalik or not also not me.

[13th panda]
Haha... I also not agree

Boy only forget, man not ma.. LOL

Aiyooo... where to find one for u ah?

Ok... I knew u will disagree... LOL

Really? Terbalik or not also not apply on me la

[de pianist]
Haha... maybe

What is kau peng?

Yah... different... :P

I'm a man now la.. n I never forget anything wor... how?

Iwan Sanchez said...

hahaha!! not really true lah...

but still creative...

alamak bro, ur email inbox is kinda intersting hor.

Kenny Ng said...

I know not true, just a creative thinking only.

erinalaw said...

Aiyoh!!! Helper lar. Opps forget u r not cantonese hor. Luckily, you still single if not sure sleep outside liau.. LOL

Kenny Ng said...

I'm cantonese la... but I catch no ball what u mean ma... 'gao peng' hor? LOL

_butt said...

should be the other way round!! lol

erinalaw said...

u say u from penang so, i thought u r hokkien mah...... I am not Penang girl so my hokkien is sucks....... hehehe

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... whatever, just for fun only ma

Oh... so where are u from? My hokkien n cantonese very powderful lor... :P

erinalaw said...

I am a Perakian. Kena import by a Penang Guy!!! Hahaha.............

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... icic, welcome to be a member of Penang lang :P

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