Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bak Chang

I just noticed today is the Chinese Dumpling Festival (端午节) after one of my colleague mentioned about Bak Chang (Meat Dumpling). This is my 5th consecutive years I missed out the festival with my family.

This festival is not that popular now days, but to me is one of my favorite festival that brought me back lots of memories during my childhood time. I still remember last time when my grandmother still alive and healthy, our family is very particular with this festival.

Before the festival, we all will busy choosing glutinous rice to separate out with normal rice to make sure there were 100% glutinous rice only. Then my grandmother and my mother will busying prepared the recipes. My father, brothers and myself will busying looked for woods from everywhere and light up fire to cook the Bak Chang.

Last time we used to cook few types of Bak Chang during the festival, all my relatives will come and enjoy the Bak Chang together. Since my grandmother passed away, we don't really cook that much anymore because all my relatives celebrate it with their own family.

I love to eat Bak Chang very much, I think I haven't really eat it for years. Now I really got craving on Bak Chang, who willing to make some for me?

Note: All pictures were taken from my email.

Happy 端午节!!!


angel said...

i shake hands with u... i also din eat any yet :(

day-dreamer said...

Usually only homemade bak changs are nice.


Maverick SM said...

Go eat your bak chang and just remember to flush your intestine with Breeze or FAB...LOL!

Chen said...

today i ate the 1.25 kg gigantic bak chang :)

Simple American said...

That is so yummy looking. I don't eat glutinous rice anymore so I just have to listen to your reports.

kuanhoong said...

Your bak chang photo looks delicious. I am drooling now.

Poonky said...

me too~ gimme 5...so i end up cook my own version of crappy bak zhang..it turns into loh mai "pork"..

Kenny Ng said...

*shake hand*

Yalor... I missed my home made bak chang.

Can use dynamo ah? LOL

I so jealous la

[simple american]
Sorry nothing to report, I can't get any.

I also drooling myself... LOL

You at least can taste it, me none at all. Loh mai pork also nice ma

ah nel said...

i no eat tis year worrr!!!no ppl gave me o cant find it anywhre!!! :(

a^ben said...

happy bak chang fest~ :D

Zen Master said...

When you're away from your family, you have no choice but to buy it from outside, which costs us RM2.50. Yikes!

Winn said...

looks delicious!! not fattening one hor?

Huei said...

so hungry nowwwww

i oso didnt get to eat!!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Yes! I ate liao... my mum made in advance when I was back in KL. Hmmm... i miss my mum's bak chang!

LP said...

I miss bak chang

pinksterz said...

looks like ketupat! omg, i miss ketupat!

p.s: the lil' pink evil is back in action now her exams coming to the end xD

Iwan Sanchez said...


kesian nya...

go and buy somewhere lah bro...

didint know u love eating bak chang..


erinalaw said...

I know buy and home made bak chang is very different one. Send me your address and courier some to you. 1 day can reach u liau

kyh said...

oh my those zhangs look so delicious! aiya so hugnry now... :(

Rabbit said...

I is a big ba zhang fansee! Those ba zhang in the pics look so yummy yummy!

janicepa said...

ok .. u come my hse i gif u ONE.. only ONE ar... kakaka

De Pianist said...

nvm,i accompany you..i also didn't eat bak chang this year..=.="!

AceOne118 said...

Why you no eat yet? chun ma. Me drooling ledi. Anymore left?

may said...

your fifth year, my first! nevermind, we all eat bak chang togeder-geder same time same day, then feel like one big family around the world, ok?

Jace said...

This is my 6th years I missed out the festival with my family.
I love to eat bak chang!

_butt said...

your picture make bak chang looks extra sedap!! I'm craaving for bak chang now.. *drool*

Chen said...

i haven't have home made bak chang for ages liao :(

Kenny Ng said...

[ah nel]
Can get it everywhere la

Sad to me la

[zen master]
I checked already, here is RM3.50

Eat n see lor...

*shake hand*

How lucky u are... can ask ur mom make one for me ah? :P

Me too

Haha... actually is almost same with ketupat, just different ingredient

I love bak chang b4 u born leh... haha

Sure boh? No need to mafan la... haha... Thanks

Faster go buy n eat..

I tot u only fansi carrot? :P

U say one ha? Where is your house?

[de pianist]
Me 5 years liao wor

I dun have any.... how can give u any?

Come... let's go buy it

U win... extra 1 year than me...

Me also la.... :~(

Same here... sigh

erinalaw said...

Chehhhhh!!! You try to play play har? :-(

Kenny Ng said...

Nola... where dare to play? I just dunwan u wasting money to courier just only bak chang ma. I can buy it here if I want to eat. Thanks

Jace said...

Everytime i visit ur blog, everytime i scroll down and look at the bak zhang... and i .....


Kenny Ng said...

Come... Let's go buy some and eat.

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