Thursday, May 03, 2007

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles

This is one of the best Fish Head Bihoon (noodles) I ever had. I never really realised it until one day my friend asked me to go eat it. What a shame, the place is just opposite the place I stay now! I just need to walk across the road only. Remember my old post about My Window View? The shop is just right infront of my window view.

This is their branch at Taman Danau Desa and they only sell it in the morning until lunch. The shop is at Ho A One Seafood Steamboat restaurant which is a seafood steamboat restaurant during evening to late night.

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodle at Taman Danau Desa

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles main branch is from Cheras Flats and it's damn well known Fish Head Noodle in town.

I was planning to eat for second time last Sunday and the crowd was so packed and I was unable to get a seat for 30 minutes. Finally I gave up and went to nearby coffee shop for my lunch. On the Labour Day holiday, I went again and guess what? Same scenario again, I waited for a seat until they sold off everything by lunch time.

How frustrated I was, I should go for ta-pao (pack) home and eat since so near to my house. So on the next day (Weesak Day replacement holiday) I went with my housemate, this time... haha! We manage to get a table after waited about 15 minutes. We ordered and waited almost 45 minutes than only the fish head noodles came. Imagine, we waited almost an hour just for a bowl of fish head noodle.

Milky Fish Head Noodles... RM 6.50 per bowl for normal size.

All I can say is worth to wait for it, the taste is just nice and the fish is so fresh. For normal working day, the crowd also very pack. So if you really want to try on it, make sure you can wait up to 1 hour if not you can just forget it.

Who want to try it on weekend? Come... We go eat together-gather.

I Love Foods~~~!!!


dreamie said...

waah ! sudah naik harga liao la
The last time i had 6 dollars oni

YUM YUM..... chin ho jiak !!!
both the fresh or the fried fish style aso nice.

Wennnn said...

Wahhhh now we know where U stay can follow the place and just look up toi find the correct window... Hheheheh yes or no?~?? Wah so nice hor walk down oredi got nice food.... Hmmmm I like tat idea too... Nice window view U hv.. Rainbow as well.. said...

Don't tar pao. It won't taste the same

Huei said...


Chen said...

hungry too..
haven't have my breakfast yet :D

day-dreamer said...

Wah... I want I want! :D

Rabbit said...

Ta pau can? =p

FL Sam said...

Wow. Look so delicious. I wan to go try. Can give some direction ah?

AceOne118 said...

Wokeh set! makan together-gether you belanja ya! kakaka

De Pianist said...

ooolala..this is the first time i heard fish head noodles..lolz...hor sek i don't know where the place is..==

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

YUMMY! Looks divine!!! MmmMMmmmm... wanna eat my monitor now! *Crunch Crunch*

Iwan Sanchez said...

haha! Even thou i am 50% malay, i still eat chinese food!! and i love this dish too.. In singapore also have but not kepala ikan one..

Fish slice only..

Too bad i am in singapore lah...


erinalaw said...

Wah!!! Make me hungry liau. This is a litte different from Penang one. Where is the place ? Can give some direction help kah? So, the next time, I go kl bolehlah go and try something new.

Kenny Ng said...

Yalor... increased since CNY.

Actually hor, not only that, got few shops also got nice foods over there. Pubs also everywhere but I never been any before.

Tapao also less than 5 mins wor... should be ok kua.

Jom... pi makan!

Come... we go eat fish head noodles :P

Come come... let's go makan

Come here la... tapao to Klang not nice already... hehe

[fl sam]
Ok... From Mid Valley to Old Klang Road, then turn into Taman Desa, go straight all the way until you hit 2nd traffic light turn left. The shop just on your right.

Wah... like that I pokkai la.

[de pianist]
1sr time heard it? AS dun have ah? Penang also got but diff la. U wanna come ah? Too far for u la... LOL

Hold it!!! Later your monitor gone don't blame me ah... LOL

Ohh... Singapore also have. No worry, one day you sure got chance to taste it :)

Ok... From Mid Valley to Old Klang Road, then turn into Taman Desa, go straight all the way until you hit 2nd traffic light turn left. The shop just on your right.

De Pianist said...

kenny,yalo..first time heard nia..haha..yalo..too far unfair..good food don't want let me eat d...wuwu..=.="

Kenny Ng said...

[de pianist]
Never mind... one day you sure can taste it :)

nyonyapenang said...

i like fish head noodles too. so bila aceone118 mau pigi? gua mau ikut sama-sama.

erinalaw said...

That means almost near projet lor. Betul moh? Not bad if I got it right for a person who go from Penang har..........

laundryamah said...

go go go! i was there the other day standing for 40 minutes waiting for the food! but it was worth it! slurrpsss

Sasha said...


Applegal said...

Waaa, one hour ah? X____X You're really patient!

Next time should bring own chair and table, hahahahaha XD

Kenny Ng said...

Come come... when u come call me.

No, Projet is in Kuchai Lama, my place is before the Kuchai Lama turning if from Mid Valley.

When u come again? Call me la... we go makan together.

Come... join me makan

Haha... if bring own table and chair also need to wait the food very long lor.

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Wah.. nice pic leh. Got rainbow somemore.. Food wise, must try then only can tell...

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... that time got raining ma. Ok... you should try it out one fine day :)

Jace said...

looks nice but why so many spring onions?? (>_<)

Kenny Ng said...

U don't like spring onion ah? Nice ma.

Jace said...

ya.. i don eat all kind of onions. I will vomit after i eat (seriously)!

Kenny Ng said...

OIC... why so weird one? Okok... u can take out the onion ma. Hehe

just me said...

So eating fish head noodles can instill patience too....

Kenny Ng said...

[just me]
Yalor... if not u not gonna eat it.

Johnny Ong said...

wld say most chinese likes to eat. wld drop in at this restaurant as i'm staying in danau impian only

Kenny Ng said...

[johnny ong]
Yeah, u should try it out.

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