Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ants Story

Note: This is a 18sx story during my school day. Kids under 18 years old are not encourage to read this post.


Red Ant and Black Ant are good friend, one day they decided to get out for some exciting adventure. They are living in a jungle for so long and never met with any human in their lives.

They really traveled until out of the jungle, suddenly they saw human! So they were very curious about it. Since it's an adventure trip, so the Black Ant told Red Ant... 'Eh... Let's go check it out what is that creature.' Red Ant agreed and they move on to a couple were sleeping.

They not even know what is male or female, so coincidence, both of them went to the woman's body. They just searching around what is surrounding them, suddenly Black Ant saw a small 'black forest' then it says...

Black Ant: Eh... Let's check it out what is inside there.
Red Ant: Ok... let's go!!!

They really went into the so call 'black forest' then they discovered inside there got a 'cave'. They were so curious and not dare to go check it out. Then they were discussing about the matter...

Black Ant: What do you think inside the 'cave'? Must be hiding lots of foods there I think.
Red Ant: Hmmm... I think so, I think we should go in and check it out. Ok, since you can run faster than me, why not you run in and check it out then run out? I can fight and bite if got enemy come attack us.
Black Ant: Sounds great! Alright... I go in now, you better protect me from outside ok?
Red Ant: Ok!

Then the Black Ant went inside the 'cave'. All of the sudden, the couple woke up and wanna make love! Black Ant was unable to run out on time and Red Ant was unable to fight from outside. After the make love session finish, Black Ant came out with wet and sticky body then scolded Red Ant did not protect him.

Black Ant: You bastard why never protect me?
Red Ant: Haiyooo... You don't know just now I was fighting so hard and the 2 big rocks were hitting me so hard, how I fight back wor?
Black Ant: What 2 big rocks? I just saw a dinosaur comes in and out like wanna attack me, then it get frustrated cannot hit me then splitting on me la!

*Hope you all get the meaning*



pinksterz said...


you got this story during your school days? heheh.

kenny was a really 'creative' student lah then.

kyh said...


shud be a gr8 tale to tell in form 3 science class!

AceOne118 said...

Bagus! Bravo!!.I wan more..!!

Calvin's Wife said...

(=_=)" like tat also can.. LOL... good one, its a surprise the ants can survive the stickyness, LOL LOL

Old Beng said...

allow me to continue the story...

the 2 ants very buay song so they vowed to take revenge and drank a lot of water and ready to give a good spitting when the dinosaur came again the next night.

the dinosaur came but the 2 ants kow peh kow bu bcos they cannot spit at the dinosaur when they see it, "knn la, the dinosaur got wear rain-coat, how to spit at it?"

Ckyeo said...

If i am the ant I go bite the dinasour!!! Coz the dinasour is blind!! (no eye wan)

day-dreamer said...


Very funny indeed. :D

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... actually was created from my friend, not me.

Huh? Why must form 3? I catch no ball la.

Thanks... u want more? More kena split ah? LOL

[calvin's wife]
Haha... in jokes, anything also become possible ma.

[old beng]
You really got good imagination la... salute u kaw kaw... LOL

Hahaha... blind one but shooting quite accurate wor.

Hehehe... thanks

kyh said...

u dunno form 3 teach sex education one meh? apa u... where r u har when in form 3? or u learned that in standard 3 oredy? :P

Iwan Sanchez said...

kenny bro best lah!!!

I love this joke!!!!1

Kenny Ng said...

Oi!!! You think what? It was 14 years ago for me ok? How can I remember that? Will you remember what you studied in past 14 years ago?

Thanks bro

Nonnie King said...

Sure you very good in Biology back in your school days~

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Wow looks like the black ant discovered the secrets behind the cave. HAhaa! The part about dinasour was good!

Simple American said...

Are you sure it was not a one-eyed snake instead of dinosaur? ;)

Kenny Ng said...

[nonnie king]
I was good in physics wor, my bio was so so only... LOL

Hahaha... glad u like that.

[simple american]
Because for ants, anything is bigger than them is dinosaur. Hahaha

kyh said...

aiaya sex eduation so important... of cos will remember which yr la... like if u're married for xx yrs, u'll oways remember the date one!

Aaron Chua said...

This joke I hear before~
But my version a bit different.
I forgot which insect liao~

ah nel said...

i heard it before as it was leeches n frog...

leeches went in then a black snake came in so it run deeper then tot it was gone it wana went out then the snake came it again n spit when it couldnt catch the leeches...

the frog had its head being bang continously by 2 rocks...

Huei said...

is that y red ants and black ants are not friends anymore??? =P

team BSG said...

imagine if red and black went deep inside sure loud scream pleasure come out

Jace said...

***Wondering ....*** --> how the silly red & black ants survived in tat situation.


pisang goreng 115,NF said...

good jokes bro

babyfiona said...

haha, i heard this story before, but u make it eve more nicer version hahaha

De Pianist said... friend got told me this before back in high's still funny even though i've already known it..hahaha...=p

Kenny Ng said...

I still haven't married, so I don't even know the date lor...

[aaron chua]
Really ah? When u remember tell me ok?

[ah nel]
Haha... same story different character only.

Maybe because of that... LOL

[team bsg]
Hahaha... really ah?

Just a joke ma, anything also become possible... kekeke

[pisang goreng 115,nf]
Thanks bro

Really ah? Thanks... kekeke

[de pianist]
Hmmm... seems like this joke spread all over high school already... LOL

CLare said...

Wow, Kenny!!! Very the creative lah ur fren. Primary school oredi so creative...

So funny lah u Kenny...Sometimes ur story funnier than Wingz's but hor u both got style, man!!! I like!

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks, but please don't compare me and wingz, I learned from him actually and he is my taikor :)

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