Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tagged Post: Who Are My Fan-See?

This time mou din din tagged by Erinalaw to write up who are my fan-see in blogsphere. Since first time being tagged by her, so I give some respect to do it, if not people say I LCLY then I susah la... kekeke.

To be honest, before I start blogging, I never think of who will be my fan-see, I don't know what I'm good in, I just always be people's fan-see especially those classic rock bands. I feel that it's nice to be someone's fan-see than someone be your fan-see, I will feel the pressure if someone say he/she is my fan-see, I don't know why, I just like to have a normal life.

Now I really can't judge who is my fan-see in blogsphere, I leave it to you all to judge yourself ok? If you are my fan-see just leave some words in comment or my crap box ok? If you are not then just forget it. If you are not sure then I also don't know how... hahaha. I'm not famous and I don't think I got any fan-see. I will be very appreciated and thankfully if you admit as my fan-see.

To tell you all the truth, I'm your all fan-see! If you think you got no fan-see, let me be your fan-see ok? FOC for you wor... where to get this kind of fan-see? Don't worry if you are my fan-see, I'm not gonna tag anyone here.

Kao tim...

I'm Your Fan-See!!!


jianbing said...

Uncle, I am your #1 fan see!!! Thanks for becoming my fan see also.. hahaha.

Really happy to meet a Dream Theater fan see also la.. =)


AceOne118 said...

Bagus-Bagus! No tag anyone!

angel said...

Ok lor, I be your fan-see... cos u Locker... haha... :p

ah nel said...


i am ur aircond-see...

Huei said...

I aM UR FANSeE!!!!!!!!

De Pianist said...

lolz..another fan-see in here too!*holding up banner of Kenny!*

CLare said...

*chants* Kenny! Kenny! Kenny!

I'm also your fansee!

You rockz!!!!!!!!

Wennnn said...

Locker I am ur fansi too lor....

JoeC said...

LOL, we are all fan see to each other la, cheeers! said...

Though I don't comment often, I am still your fan-see leh.

erinalaw said...

See, now you know you got so many fan-see apart from me lar. Hahahaha............ woi!!! how can you say pressure if someone tell you that she is your fan-see. What if your darling say that leh?

Nonnie King said...

Idol. I want your autograph!

Rabbit said...

Me la me! Me is ur fansee! =P

Iwan Sanchez said...

eh... i am also ur fan see..
hahahaha!! Kenny bro pun popular what...


Kenny Ng said...

Haha... thanks, my Dream Theater fan-see too.

U want the tag ah? LOL

Thanks... sound like terpaksa one? LOL

[ah nel]
Fuah! U lagi powderful! Thank you brader, I'm ur super fan-see leh

I'm your fan-see too :)

[de pianist]
So kam tong... thank you very much!

You rocks too... thanks!

Me also lor... your fan-see

Sounds great! Cheers!

Me too... I'm your fan-see too

Thank you for the tag... if my darling ah? Sure I lagi siok la... kekeke

[nonnie king]
I want yours too! Can ah?

Me too! Me too! I'm your fan-see!

I'm not popular la, I just go popular buy books before only... LOL

ah nel said...

muahaha...i type wrongly saposed to b u r my airkond-see... :D

may said...

got count me also anot? me your fan-see also!

kat said...

I not lock fan.. i only kenny fan-see!! :D

So you now femes locker, bought all 5 fellalis aledy-ah? LOL

Kenny Ng said...

[ah nel]
Yes I am... kekeke

I'm your fan-see all the time. Thanks to be my fan-see too :)

Thanks... I'm your fan-see too. Now only got 2 fellalis la... :(

zeezee said...

haha.. kenny, okie okie.. i volunteer to be ur Fan-see too. FOC oso!!

Chen said...

another fan-see waving hand here..

Old Beng said...

Your oldest fan-see

Will said...

farn shue reporting... oops i mean fan see


Kenny Ng said...

Haha... thanks, me too!

*wave back* here also! :D

[old beng]
Thanks... me consider oldest also hor?

hahaha... thanks

Sasha said...

i'm yr fun shue...

day-dreamer said...

I left a comment here, so you know who I am. :P

Kenny Ng said...

Can eat u fun shue or not? I'm your fan-see wor... LOL

Haha... thanks alot :)

_butt said...

ok la, I wana join become your fan-see also.. haha

Kenny Ng said...

I also your fan-see wor... hahaha. Thanks

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