Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My DVD Collection

Wonder what kind of DVD I collected? Alright, I will show you later. I guess most of you like to buy DVD movies no matter it's original or pirated version.

If you guys asking for porno DVD from me, I would like to say sorry I never buy any of it. If you all asking me for movies, well... I very rarely buy DVD movies unless it's a good movie. Anyway, I'm a kinda person lazy to watch movie unless it's a very good movie.

So, what kind of DVD I collected? As a rocker of course is concert DVD la. Now days very hard to get concert DVD in market especially for pirated, all I can see are only movies DVD. For original DVD market it's really hurt me as a big fan of rock concerts, I willing to buy original copy if it's the concert I wanted to watch, but too bad, our market here is too low demand and too slow updated.

The price for a original DVD also a killer, it's more than double price after the foreign currency exchange! Sometimes I asked any of my friends who come back from oversea to get me a copy and I pay them back, it's much cheaper than I buy over here. It's not I don't want to support to buy original copies, but the fact is IMPOSSIBLE to get it here, but if can get it here the PRICE is too high if compare to foreign currency exchange.

Here is my concerts DVD Korek-sen (collection)...

My Korek-sen

Keep On Rocking!!!


day-dreamer said...

Prices of most original stuff (CDs, DVDs and even books) kills! Haha.

Iwan Sanchez said...

ya lor... i agreed with u.. but sometimes in overseas aslos mahal u know...

and pppstt.... dun anyhow korek lah...


Have a good day bro!!

Nonnie King said...

Die Hard Rocker!

Hmm.... how come you don't grow long long hair to look like them?

Rabbit said...

Eeek Kenny rock habis habis!

Have you tried counting how much your koreksen worth?

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah... u r right!

From what I surveyed, only here is more expensive. Dun korek? LOL... sound nice ma... not? Have a great day too.

Does rock got rules that must keep long hair? I just want to be myself, no point to keep long hair n do tattoo like rockers. I'm a pure rocker from my heart, not from the packaging.

Yeah... I rock till I die. Errr... I not dare to count, I sure pengsan after count it... LOL

Gallivanter said...

Cool collection you have there! :-)

Chen said...

trying to count how many dvds u have out there :)
lotsa $$$$$$ spent liao woh..

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah... but still not enough for me :P

Aiyooo... dun count la, I'll pengsan one.

may said...

I used to collect foreign movies, 'cos they just don't show them in cinemas back in KL. now can download... wakakakaka!

Kenny Ng said...

U know what? I also downloaded... shhhhhh... kekekeke

Simple American said...

Wonder if I could help you out here?

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
I love to if you really can help me, thanks sir! :)

Jace said...

WAH!! I wan to pinjam all:P


Kenny Ng said...

Wahhh... If u take all how I gonna rock? One by one can ah? LOL

erinalaw said...

Ya, better not count. Once you count, you will faint lor. Last time, I used to collect some musical CD but after having my kids, cannot afford liau. Why? Because my kids are collecting their cds such as Barney, Disneys and bla bla bla..... mummy, sek zhi kei

Kenny Ng said...

Yalor, that's y I dunwan to count. Be a mom have to sacrifice alot right? I understand that.

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