Thursday, April 19, 2007

Who Is The Hottest?

Ladies and gentlemen... Opssss... actually is more to gentlemen who mostly are ham-ham sap-sap (included me la), and also for ladies who like to see lengluis la... Now one of my fella from Penang, Cedric Ang has featured Hottest Female Blogger Award in his blog.

After 5xmom featured Top 10 Hottest Male Bloggers (which I was in the list too :P), many hamsap male bloggers were asking why no hottest female bloggers? So... the 5xmom's K-Kia (god son) Cedric Ang has done it.

Guys... I tell you all ah... If you all never visit there sure rugi kaw kaw to the max. Now I really in dilemma to choose who is the hottest female bloggers there. All also sooooooooooo chun leh! I don't bluff you all one, never try never know!

Currently he has nominated until No. 14 and still got 6 to go. So... don't miss this chance to vote your favorite Hottest Female Blogger at Cedric Ang's blog.

Warning: Don't forget bring more tissue papers, you may have nose bleeding non stop (thanks to 5xmom remind me that) and... also can use for TFK/PCC if you can't hold it... LOL

Don't Miss It!!!


cc said...

Wa, sure are some eye candies. A dilemma indeed. 'Heart big heart small', don't know who to vote ler. Hehee.

Ellone said...

Wahhh, so many leng lui...
I tagged u btw. Nah, informed liao a. So it's count ! hahahhaa...^^ said...

LOL, you not put warning. Must bring lotsa tissue papers for nose bleed.

Simple American said...

I must go see!!!

Huei said...

eh..paedo! those r little girls onli!!! hehehehe =P

AceOne118 said...

I nominate lao zha bor can anot? She is hot female blogger too!!!! wakaka

Calvin's Wife said...

Wahahaha, TFK ah? No almost nude picts of them also wor,, like tat also can TFK meh? *tsk* .. LOL

Nonnie King said...

When horniness strike, even a smile can make guys tfk I guess?

_butt said...

LOL@ aceone118's comment!!

so many lengluis! indeed hard to choose which ones the best wo..

Iwan Sanchez said...

bro, y am inot in the list too?


btw, i know whats pcc...

BUT whats TFK????

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL.. TFK means "play with urself" or in malay, melancap.. ehem sorry to be so rude ah.. :P

FireHorse said...

Those "hottest female bloggers" are truly hot but how come oni the young ones are voted?

kat said...


erinalaw said...

not only need tissue but also plastic bag incase ur "little brother" vormit leh........ hahaha

Kenny Ng said...

Yalor... really hard to vote.

Okok... will do once my internet connection recover ok? This weekend the line down again... damn sien

Got it... updated ady... thanks for remind me... kekekeke

[simple american]
Faster go see see... kekeke

Yalor... not ngam me this old man liao... LOL

Then u go request Cedric to put her on.

[calvin's wife]
For those good in imagination ma... LOL

I'm not into that extend la... but those pintai lou maybe la... LOL

Yalor... just close eye n simple vote lor... LOL. Anyway... nice meeting you :)

U wanna be gal ah? LOL... TFK is Tar Fei Kei in cantonese... same meaning with PCC... kekeke

[calvin's wife]
LOL... thanks for the translation. No worry to be rude here, my blog is freedom to talk one :)

That's why lor... just can see cannot touch. I just support Cedric la.

Thank you Kat

Hahaha... I did mentioned it (TFK/PCC) means the little brother vomit lor... LOL

Anyway... thanks for dropping by here :)

L i s a n said...

yerrrrrr. VOTE FOR ME LAH!!!

Wennnn said...

Happy birthday Kenny... Sorry ah belated one... Wah U also got nominated ah.. Gambateh lor... Aiyo U use all the girls pics for TFK ah?? hahahahhah And Ace sifu uses laozhabor's one issit becoz he sapot her!!!

Chen said...

don't nose bleed too much
Blood bank is lack of blood now :P

Happy Birthday kenny :)

mott said...


sorry ah...haps belated bday!!!!!

Those lenglui-s!!!!!!! aaaaahhhhh.... ..made me wish I was a man!!!!!


AhBoon said...

Hey Kenny, soli got hal can't come celebrate with you.
you tell me you vote who then I sappot your choice la, Sui Bo??

Happppy BirthDAY!!!

KidChan said...



Kenny Ng said...

okok... vote u

Thanks :)

Yah.. was nominated before. I don't TFK with those pics la... I use more powderful pics geh... Ace ah? I think so... LOL

Don't worry, I don't. I rather donate my blood to blood bank... kekeke. Thanks

Not yet over... it's on 21st. Thanks alot. Hehe... that's why become a man better :P

It's ok bro, we can meet other time for yamchar. Errr... I dunno support who wor. Thanks

Thank you boss!

clement said...

30 already? still young!

Kenny Ng said...

Half of my life already... not that young anymore.

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