Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thank You All

Yesterday (21 April), I went to purchase something from somewhere, then I paid RM 30. After that I was waiting for the change... So I waited... waited... and waited... why the boss never gave me the change?

Then I still standing there... The boss asked... 'Why you still stand there?'
Then I replied... 'Where is my change?'
The boss replied... 'What change somemore? You already 30 lah... No more change!... Shu shu... Go far far away!!!'

Tiu lor... I'm already 30, and I'm into uncle category already... sigh... I still got nothing at all, what I'm doing in this entire 30 years? When I think back I really wasted 30 wonderful years in my life.


Things are not so bad at all... This is my first time in my life to celebrate my birthday. Many thanks to Angel and Wingz taikor who organized the mini party for me on different occasions.

First occasion,

It was on 20 April, Angel organized a dinner at Bangsar Seafood Garden. The dinner was set for NyonyaPenang and my birthday. The others who attended the dinner were Zeroimpact, Aceone, Winn, King's Wife, LaundryAmah, and... _Butt and Day Dreamer I met them for the first time.

The Birthday Cake

I Murdered The Cake

NyonyaPenang aka my K-Mah present me a Rock Legend CD, that's really sweet, all the songs in that CD are my favorite songs. Very sorry and paiseh ah K-Mah... I never prepared any present for you. I felt so guilty with it.

The CD

We all were laughing non stop the whole night, I was really enjoy it. I also came out with a new term for the salty steam fish in cantonese... 'Ham ham sap sap steam steam dei fish', it sounds so vulgar... LOL

After the dinner we all (except Winn, _butt and Day Dreamer) went to the nearest Starbucks for tok kok session. It was a tired but very fun night for me. The next day I still have to work la.

Second occasion,

It's on my birthday, Wingz organized a sing-song tok kok session at Neway Karaoke in Cheras. The other attendance were Hizecool, Sky Keep You, Heui, Lisan and PennyPupz.

Jacky Cheung wannabe... LOL

The Birthday Cake again...

I murdered the cake again...

We all had a mini concert and having lots of fun there. After the mini concert, we went to nearby Starbucks for another tok kok session. Since my another group of friends end their drinking session earlier, so I did not join them. So we all (except PennyPupz) went for a midnight show, Wild Hogs. That is a very good funny movie, we all were laughing from the start of the movie till to the end of movie.


I'm really touched and felt so wonderful because bloggers are so nice. My first time birthday party were done by groups of bloggers. I just started my blog not even a year but I really make lots of friends through blogsphere. So... all I can say is... The Power Of Blog!

To all others who leave me birthday wishes in my SMS, comments, and crap box... I really appreciated. I'll never forget these moment for my entire life... I really so kam tong ah....!!!

Anyway... My birthday is same day with Queen Elizabeth II, so the whole UK is celebrating with me too... don't play play lor... LOL

You all are sooooooooooooo wonderful!!!

Thank You All Very Much!!!


frostier said...

Glad u like it bro.

Wingz said...

yea i enjoyed it too!!! its not everyday old fart like me get to go to karaoke u know? KAKAKAKAKA!!!

The movie is farking hillarious ok?!! Even joker like me luffed till sore throat!

Rabbit said...

Happy belated birthday, Kenny! =)

N u made me speechless looking at ur facil expression when u were trying to murder the cake. So ork one! Keke!

Jemima said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Kenny!

One is never too old to start celebrating birthdays & you do look like Jacky Cheung. :p

AceOne118 said...

Muahaha!! ham ham sap sap stim stim yue? No wonder you wack all la!!

Kenny Ng said...

Sure I like it... thank you very much bro!

Haha... me also very rarely go to karaoke. Yeah... the movie really can give thumbs up kaw kaw

Thanks... haha, I purposely did that :P

Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the wish. I really look like Jacky? LOL

Eh... where got whack all wor? All also whacking it ma.

Will said...

hahaha you love murdering the cakes hor...

Brother Wai said...

wah... got cake n sing K some more. no call me one?? sien lah lu...

angel said...

Glad to know u had a good time!

Yalor, RM30 liao, boh tharn jao liao... fai tik chuei lou por ahh!!

angel said...

First time celebrate burfday? This will not be the last ;)

may said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Kenny!! wish I was there to "cheong K" with you liao... tai kor jai lor, sang sang seng seng, ok? *hugs*

FL Sam said...

Happy Belated Birthday.Elo, U still young at 30. For man @ 30, u are like a dragon. :) said...

happy betaed birthday. Welcome to the 30s.

p/s though the cake got no mouth, you don't need to kill it twice ^-^

Selba said...

Waaaaahhhhhhhhh...... can get a slice of the b'day cake mah?

Oopssss.... must say first, "Happy Belated Birthday!"


Chen said...

Happy Birthday, Kenny..
Wah... how many cakes u murder ah?
Hope the poor cakes will rest in peace..

De Pianist said...

Wah..same birthday as my friend leh..lolz..anyway,didn't know that it's your birthday leh..paiseh Happy Birthday o!!

(din say early,i send one koala from Aus to you ma...keke...=p)

Kenny Ng said...

Yalor... I dun really like eat cake ma... LOL

[brother wai]
KNN... I dun have ur contact how to call u?

Very worry lor... RM30 boh tharn jao liao, an chua hor? Chui lor poh? Wu gai siao boh? LOL.

Thanks, I really enjoy it. Yeah... still got many years to go.

Yalor... too bad U were not here, if not can sing till no sound. Thanks

[fl sam]
I know is still young, but for me is too late to be successful in many aspects. Thanks

Haha... I'm so nervous into that 30's category now. Just acting to kill the cake la... LOL... Thanks

You should join us ma, so u can get many slices as you want. Thanks :)

2 only... dun worry, I dun murder other things... kekeke. Thanks

[de pianist]
Really? Very hard to find same day with me wor, as I know Queen Elizabeth II also same day la. Thanks alot.

Aiyah... no need send me koala la.

zeroimpact said...

Happy birthday again man
Rock on rock on
I still can't stop laughing bout the salty fried rice

Nonnie King said...

Happy Birthday to you.

You sing really well, judge from the video from Rojaks. =p

Ckyeo said...

oi kenny!! we forgot to sing one song!! It's Young MAN!!

Jiun Wuu said...

Happy Birthday!

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Happy birthday! Hehehe!

day-dreamer said...

Ooo... finally somebody posts the pictures... yay.

LOL!! Ya ya, "Uncle" Kenny loves the ham ham sap sap steam steam dei fish eh? :P

Ei... that first cake-murdering picture was taken by me, right? I can still remember... muahahaha!! *kembang sesaat*

I think the first cake-murdering picture is nicer because it looks more natural. Hahahaha~!!!

ah nel said...

1st time celebrate then 29 yrs on ur birday u celeb wat?LOL

Hepi Belated Birthday Brader

*soli i din go*

Huei said...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!! hehehe

jacky cheung wanabe really sing like jacky cheung wor!!! =P

Ah Pek said...

wei! never invite me!!!

i dowan say happy birdday to you!

janicepa said...

me too !! no invite me.. dun wan to say .. Happy Belated Birthday to you !!.. hm.. :(

Gallivanter said...

Happy Birthday. :-)

Calvin's Wife said...

Happy belated burfday, kenny.. *grins* (sam tzi tai luk liao *candles ar*) must be goodie and look forward to get marry liao.. LOL..

May you have many more great burfdays to come and many happy returns of the day.. :)

TUX said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! sing like Jacky Cheung man, just listened on Rojaks blog! so keng lah!!

yvy said...

aiyoyo!!! you sure u are not going acting in SAW4 arr? :P

Jace said...

Happy Belated birthday to u...

laundryamah said...

hahaha i really like the RM30 no change part! hahahahaha...cannot stop laughing...anyway...yerrrrrrrr...gokalaoke never call me one....blechhh!

Aaron Chua said...

I didn't get to join!

erinalaw said...

Happy Birthday to you. Nice cake.....

Lin Peh said...

Hepi belated bday ! ;-)

Brother Wai said...

TIU!!! u got my email mah!!!

take down my number here... 012-8811967

since ur Ngau Yat, let me zing a zong 4 u lah... the title is 'My Heart Will Go On'

Old Beng said...

Happy belated birthday, dude.

Iwan Sanchez said...

happy birthday bro...
sorry for the late wishes..

may all ur dreams and wishes come true in many years to come...

Winn said...

happy birthday to u kenny!!!:)

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks again... the salty fried rice ah? Aceone punya trademark la... LOL

[nonnie king]
Thanks. Not I sang one la... :P

LOL... better dun sing more la, it's a gay song.

[jiun wuu]
Thank you

Thank you

[day dreamer]
LOL... glad u like the ham ham sap sap steam steam dei fish. Yeah, u snap the pic, like that also can kembang ah? Wakakakak.

[ah nel]
For the rest of 29 years I TFK to celebrate my birthday lor... LOL

Thanks again. Where got sing like Jacky Cheung wor?

[ah pek]
Not I organize one la.

Not I organize la... Thanks


[calvin's wife]
Thanks. Get married? Not so soon la, gf also talak.

Thanks. Where got wor? Not I sang one la.

I wish I could... LOL


Haha... glad u like it. Karaoke? Not I organize one la.

[aaron chua]
Never mind... next time ok?


[lin peh]

[brother wai]
Anyway... not I organize one, so I cannot simply invite people ma. Arrgghhh!!!! Don't sing me that song, I gonna suicide with it!

[old beng]

Thank you bro!

Kenny Ng said...

Thank you again.

Firehorse said...

Arrggghhh, I late for celebration again, Happy Birthday, you say your birthday same as Queen E II, mine is same day as the Queen Mother, kekekeke, except not born in 1900 lah. Eh how come Nyonya is your k-mah, she oso ah nel's k-mah, right?

Simple American said...

Belated birthday wishes to you Kenny. Hope you dun have to wait 30 years for your next birthday party. 0.0

But now, unfortunately, I must report you to the cake police.

Sasha said...

not invited to join so cant wish u ya, anyway wish u now..happy belated bday!

erinalaw said...

Don't say thank you thank you lar. Send each of us a slice of cake mah............... hahaha

Kenny Ng said...

It's ok, anyway... thanks :)
Wah... u same day with Queen Mother? Keng! Errr... Nyonya also my K-Mah by accidentally one.

[simple american]
Thanks. Wait another 30 years? I dunno I got that long life or not.

Sorry I was not the organizer, if not sure invite u join one. Thanks

Expired or sh*t out already... you want or not? LOL

nyonyapenang said...

sooooory i am so late here. ^-^
happy birthday once again.
am glad you like the CD. :)

tumpang space sikit to say a few words to firehorse.....gua ada a few hemsem mia khai-chais in blogosphere. gua sayangzzzz them all banyak-banyak. :))

Kenny Ng said...

No worry K-Mah, Thanks again. Mother's Day I belanja makan ah? Hehehe

Cocka Doodle said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Kenny!
Solly,could not join on the last minute due to unforseen circumstances.

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks... no worry, it's ok man :)

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