Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Football Facts

This is some of my point of views about football and some heard from somewhere...

Fact #1

Why each half period of the match must be 45 minutes?

The reason:
  • Each team got 11 players (no matter male or female), so each match got 22 players for a football game.
  • Each player got 2 own balls (nuts or boobs).
  • So the total of balls on players are 44 balls.
  • Everyone are chasing 1 ball on the field to score goals.

11 players X 2 teams = 22 players
22 players X 2 balls = 44 balls
44 balls + 1 ball = 45 balls = 45 minutes.

So... that's why each half period of the game have 45 minutes. Sometimes got extra time for 2 minutes, that is included with the referee's 2 balls.


Fact #2

From my observation, 80% of the spectators in mamak stores, kopitiams, pubs... are betting with the football games. Well, I never bet on any games in my life, but I do enjoy to watch football games without betting.

Those gamblers always asked me, how can I so excited to watch the game without betting? I just answered them, I enjoy the passion of game, I respect the game and I'm not going to 'torture' the games.


Fact #3

My another observation especially for girls who doesn't really know about football games, when they talk about football, they only know Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid and few more biggest club in Europe only. They never know what is the score result but they only know got David Beckham, Michael Owen, Frank Lampard and few more all lengjais.

When I mentioned Manchester United, they said... Oh... that Beckham hor.... his passing good hor? Then I said Beckham no longer in Manchester United, they will said... really ah? Then where he went? I said Real Madrid la... Then they will said... like that Real Madrid sure be the champion la... *pengsan*. In fact Real Madrid never won any trophy since Beckham joined there and he is leaving the club soon.

Kek Hei ah~~~!!!

Fact #4

Now days famous footballers are earning more than superstars from Hollywood. Their popularity also higher than movie superstars. Imagine one world cup, the whole world is watching them playing, if for a box office movie, not all will watch it.

Pity to Movie Stars...

Fact #5

For your information, now days the football games are controlled by bookies. I heard from few local official referees told me, every games are dirty and they already setup the scoreline. So, the victims will be all gamblers.

I remember World Cup 90, 94, 98 and 2002... many people I know were losing money, some migrated to somewhere to avoid the debt, some declared bankrupt and got few even suicide!

May They RIP...

Fact #6

With the popularity of football now days, many sponsors are making huge money. Not even that, TV channels too. Imagine how much Astro earns from only telecasting football matches.

The close fight between major sponsorship now are between ADIDAS and NIKE, we can see many types of the advertisement in everywhere. Personally, I only prefer ADIDAS since I was a kid. Another reason why I like ADIDAS because... ADIDAS - All Days I Dream About Sex.... LOL

Sponsorships Rule...

Fact #7

You can see everyone is following the trend, during and after world cup few weeks time, you can see every empty fields will be full of people playing football. Some will wearing their favorite football club fake jersey with their favorite player's name.

After sometimes, the fields will be empty back to normal. Sometimes you can see the goal posts also gone.

Panas-panas Tahi Ayam...

Fact #8

The most amazing things happen to all football fans, when got live match during midnight, they will still watch it and most of them still can go to work. When comes to normal day without football match, if they sleep late 1 hour, next day will be like zombie, then giving excuses to get MC.

That's Amazing...

Ok la... enough la... I better stop right here la... if not I afraid I can't stop it until tomorrow. Anyway, I don't really watch football now days because of the quality of game and... I don't have Astro.

That's Football...


Jiun Wuu said...

i dont like football,like car racing only,hehe..

angel said...

This is a very good entry!

ps: I thot u said u got nightmare geh?? :P

Huei said...

i duno anything about football!!! kekeke

Calvin's Wife said...

Ahahaha, really facts...I especially like the one you mentioned on Fact#3, that wan sounded like me, HAHAHAHAHA.. but maybe alittle bit more better than them geh.. :P

Jace said...


Kenny Ng said...

[jiun wuu]
Both I like... hehehe

Thank you... thank you...

Nightmare? At night lor... when I sleep

Ok... nvm...

[calvin's wife]
Haha... U also like them? At least u better than them is good

You want tissue?

Julie said...

i cannot help but agree with you on Fact #3! you dont know how much i laughed reading that. it's very kek hei i know. i totally know how you feel. hahaha. i once wrote about something like that too. check them out!

i am a big fan of football btw.

and to evie, NO OFFENCE!! i know you're way better than them :P

Cocka Doodle said...

Another fact...why all the soccer teams in the world hates playing against India & pakistan?

Ans: Coz each time they get a corner, they set up a stall! Kakakakaka!!

Ok ok...that was a bit racist. *grin*

AceOne118 said...

Err..what team playing?

Infectioner said...

Fact #9

You will not win the match if just play "beautifully" without scoring goals. Eg: Arsenal XD

Rabbit said...

Football knows me but me dono football!

And i like the way they count that 45 minutes!! kaka!

_butt said...

fact #3 applies to me.. *paiseh*

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... I think Fact #3 is very common, but I met few gals b4 that they really know about football. I'm still a big fan of football but just never really watch it because no Astro.

Anyway... thanks and welcome here :)

LOL... U better dun go India or Pakistan, later they kidnap u and set up a stall to lelong u.

Chow Kit FC vs Brazil... LOL

LOL... u better watch out with Arsenal die heart fansi lor...

Not football kick u ah? LOL...

No worry, u r normal... LOL

Chen said...

interesting read..

i tarak minat football :D
but fish ball is different lah..
at least it's edible :D

Kenny Ng said...

How about meat balls? kekeke

Simple American said...

Great post. I never gamble on sports. Just watch for the fun of it. To see a good play is exciting enough.

kyh said...

kkk that is so funny and yet so true!

last time world cup germany final i watched till 5 smth in the morning and went to scul at 6 smth. LOL! yet can still tahan whole day.

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
that's great! Same here.

haha... me too

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