Sunday, April 15, 2007

Totally Sucks!!!

Well, I'm in a cyber cafe again, my house's internet connection still down to hell. I really fedup with eB, they still unable to fix the problem.

Today is Bahrain Formula 1 race day, I tapao-ed my food and made a cup of milo to wait for the race infront of my TV. It's 7.30pm... the race suppose to be started and it never appeared on TV! What the fuck!!! I kept switching channels and none of it got live telecast.

Since RTM took over the license for live telecast this whole season of Formula 1 race, they only showed live in Malaysian GP. Today they never show it live on TV!!! What the hack? Are we getting backwards? All these years I can watch it on TV live, but this year is totally sucks! Come on... I don't have Astro at home, do you expect me to subscribe it? I don't really watch TV unless got Formula 1 race.

Niamafulat... this is really rediculious!!! RTM only show the delayed on TV in midnight. Are they insane? Many people need to work tomorrow ok? How do I watch it in midnight? I'm getting more sick about our local TV programmes.

I realised that my side bar advertisement by nuffnang is gone! Well... this weekend is totally sucks to me! My sick is still not recover, I'm begging you all to wish me die faster please!



AceOne118 said...

Goreng sotong the eb la..apa tunggu lagi!!

zewt said...

i tot channel 82 is the only channel showing it?

aiyah... go mamak lor.

angel said...

Oi, liddat oso wanna die... apalah... dun so tak sayang your ownself lar... sayang yourself then oni got ppl sayang you, ok??

Nuffnang ti(p)u u arr?

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

they wan do delayed bcoz they wan more iklan(jau)

how come like this?
let them know the power of

opss too emotional kot?

Cocka Doodle said...

*Using loudhailer to speak to Kenny on the building's edge*..."Jump! Jump!*

FL Sam said...

RTM where can fight with Astro to get the rights for the F1. So they can only show delayed telecast. $$ Talk!

Thats is how it goes in Malaysia?

ah nel said...

ohkau ohkau...

i die 1st then balu u die...ok!

Iwan Sanchez said...

alamak bro, these few days, u seems so agitated...

cool down ok....


JL said...

panasnyer... come drink 'kwai low leong char' ;)

Huei said...

alamak u really had a very very very bad weekend! >.<

dun worry..everything's gona be alright!!

nuffnang ads..wingz oso gone rite? mebbe they dun have advertisers

Aaron Chua said...

Nuffnang ads all back~
I suppose they were updating their site or something.

CLare said...

Wei, Kenny gogor, cannot die lah...even if you want to, can gimme your guitar collection or not? LOL!!! Esp the electric wan...hehehe~!!! They are hot babes~!!! coz i oredi got acoustic liao...Hiak hiak hiak~!!!

But hor, still, cannot die lah, Kenny gogor...just call eb up and fark 9 them lar!

mott said...


don't anger la.....

at least u can still blog leh...even if at another place.

imagine if ur lappie/pc died on you..EVEN WORSE!!!!

so..don't anger k!!!

take a chill pill...with some cold nice german beer.

Kenny Ng said...

If sotong them then use what?

Last time 8TV got live, now RTM took over is totally sucks! Yah, I went to mamak shop watched it.

No F1 no fun la... really can die one. I dunno nuffnang tipu or not... just let it be la

[pisang goreng 115,nf]
I dunno la, our media getting backwards, damn tulan la.

Thanks, you r the man!

[fl sam]
Yah... everything money talk. Just like football, remember last time we can watch it on normal TV channel live?

[ah nel]
No body die

Thanks bro, I'm ok now after back to work.

You belanja? Ok... set!

Really bad luck lor the whole weekend. I dunwan care so much about nuffnang la.

[aaron chua]
Perhaps... I hope so

If I die I wanna barried my guitars with me wor... I tiu-ed eB already.

Ok... I want german beer! This can cheer me up.

Jiun Wuu said...

i also switch tv abt to watch th race 1,mana tau showing 2 'hang' was fighting using a weapon that is as short as their lan*iao(keris),then pusing pusing still don wanna fight,then keep on playing 'tak untung tak untung' music,really damn ham lan,i straight away shut off tv n sleep,since i've know massa has won,as long as my favourite ferrari win oledi enough la,damn those local TV channels,useless,i curse them will bankrupt soon and channels shut.

moz monster said...

Go find a sports bar, or even Chili's and have a drink there. The atmostphere would be good because you have many different F1 fans there. Maybe can make new friends too ...

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL on the term "niamafulat" .. I find it rather funny, this is the first time i hear it being creative.

Hehe, anyway... Kesian you on ur internet connection, Ive had them many times. Maybe you wanna see if Maxis's around ur area??

Kenny Ng said...

[jiun wuu]
yah... same what happen to me here too... really so frustration la. Local channels gonna chap lap soon la.

[moz monster]
I prefer watch at home, no disturbance from others ma.

[calvin's wife]
U never heard niamafulat meh? Well... Maxis? As I know quite expensive too.

janicepa said...

Cheer up ler.. :)

Kenny Ng said...

Tell me how.

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