Monday, April 16, 2007

Ah Beng Went for Medical Checkup

One day, Ah Beng went to a specialist for a medical checkup. He was so nervous because that was his first time in his life went for medical checkup.

When Ah Beng stepped into a clinic specialist, he was so excited and 'steam steam' dei when he saw a sexy nurse there. Ah Beng prayed so hard that the nurse will look after him for the medical checkup.

The moment that sexy nurse called his name... 'Ah Beng, it's your turn now...' quickly jumped up and raised his hand then shouted... 'Yes!!! Ah Beng here...!!!' Then he gave that nurse a pervert smile... ngek ngek ngek...

The first test will be the blood test. After checked the blood pressure and everything, time for blood test...

The doctor used a needle to punch Ah Beng's finger for some blood sample. After done it, the sexy nurse only realised that they ran out of cotton. Ah Beng bleeding none stop, the doctor was so panic to ask the sexy nurse get some cotton quickly. Too bad they can't get any cotton.

So... the sexy nurse got no choice and grabs Ah Beng's finger then suck the blood. This time Ah Beng was so high then asked the sexy nurse... 'Can I do urine test too?'

The sexy nurse replied... 'sure... why not?' Then the sexy nurse brought Ah Beng to another room. Ah Beng was thinking that this time sure can get blow job from the sexy nurse in a 'special room' somemore.

Then Ah Beng follow the sexy nurse, and the sexy nurse said...


Take this...

and go to the toilet pee in the container by YOURSELF!

Ah Beng was really....



Ellone said...

Wahahah, ke lian dis ham sap Beng.

Cedric said...

Yeah... behlowjuob also cannot get! LOL

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

you know what
i been fark by interan nurse when
I was in hospital last time....

Firehorse said...

Got dis type of Ah Lean story or not? ^_^

Pink Cotton said...

potong stim punya...ahahaahah

ah nel said...

at least nurse suck his finger worr!!!whre to find?LOL

Huei said...

is that y u were so emo the pass few days? =P
jkjkjkjk heheh

Sasha said...

ah beng wish la!

CLare said...

AHAHA~!! A good one there...typical ah beng joke~!

Nonnie King said...

Maybe Ah Beng had to bleed his "little brother" first, then baru the nurse suck it.

Chen said...

the nurse suck blood from ah beng's finger? later get blood transmitted disease then really padan muka liao... hahhha.. typical ah lian nurse :P

Iwan Sanchez said...

so kesian....

Ah beng damn cheehong...

anyway, yeah, kenny bro is back with his funny antics lah...

Kenny Ng said...

Like this also kelian? LOL

haha... yalor

[pisang goreng 115,nf]
How she fark u? Can share share ah? :P

Dunno wor... soon... kekeke

[pink cotton]
haha... u notty wanna see it happen?

[ah nel]
Yah hor... better than none

LOL... I'm not that stupid la.

In his dream lor

Thanks... kekeke

Good idea! LOL... u genius la

Haha... just a joke la, not a real story also, dun so sensitive la...

Thanks for support me all the time. I'll post more jokes in future ok?

Simple American said...

Ah Beng is not very quick thinking. He should start peeing and the cry out that he cannot stop. Then the nurse would have to suck on it till it stop lor?

janicepa said...

back to ACTION eh ... Good !!
Stay Cool Stay Rawk.. !!

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