Monday, April 23, 2007

eB Sucks!

I'm online in a cyber cafe again now. My house's internet line still down since last Friday until now. I really pissed off with the service provider - eB.

Let me explain again why I use eB instead of Streamyx. Well, the place I stay now no TM service for house phone, it's by TIME, so streamyx is not in service for other telecommunication companies except TM. I did try other services like Jaring wireless broadband, the coverage is not so good at my place.

I've been using eB since year 2003 until now. Before that the customer service was OK to me, they have 24 hours customer service support. Recently, their service is getting bad to worst! Their service only available from Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 5.30pm. So, if anything happen at night or on weekend, I have to eat myself.

I called up the service center this morning and they promised me will send a technician to my place to solve the problem after my working hour, but none of them coming and not even a call! How ineffective is their service.

It's very unfair to customers like me, we paid so much but yet never got the best service. I know you all always complain about how bad is Streamyx, but I can tell you all, you may suicide if you using eB.

My advice, if anyone heard or someone approach you to subscribe eB, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT! The speed is not as fast as Streamyx, everytime when got heavy down pour the internet coverage will down, everytime got problems, they will take centuries of time to come and fix it.

eB Really Sucks!!!


angel said...

Have you tried Airzed?
Or else... pindah rumah?
OK OK! I know u love the food at your place :P

Chen said...

points noted :)
say NO to eB

AceOne118 said...

Okay noted. eB is out of my list already.

Firehorse said...

Will let my family know about eB and ask them to say NO.

day-dreamer said...

And to think that when approached by Streamyx promoters, I have to resist the urge to shout "Streamyx SUCKS!" at their faces...

Simple American said...

Wish you could find a better service. Seems like someone could make a lot of money if they could provide decent internet service.

Huei said...

maxshit sux too!!!! >.< heheh said...

Ahh. Can I ask: Is Jaring better?

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

change it brother kenny

clement said...

get maxis 3g, shud be available anywhere

erinalaw said...

Mana satu ulu place u stay ????

Kenny Ng said...

Airzed? Ok... will check it out. Thanks

Good... guai... :P

Ok... u also so guai... LOL


I did shouted to the customer service person. My experience is Streamyx still far better than eB.

[simple american]
That is Malaysia, make money but give bad service. I'm looking forward other services now.

At least better than eB, my line down for 5 days and never take action wei!

Jaring... the coverage not that good here.

[pisang goreng]
Still looking, but too bad none of them got good coverage.

Checked already, no coverage in my area.

Old Klang Road near Mid Valley, is there ulu?

frostier said...

just get a leased line to the internet. I think tm can provide that to u. but of course much expensive...

Iwan Sanchez said...

So ineffecient ar?

Usuallly while trying to lure ppl to subscribe their internet service, they will provide lots of services...

once u are their subscriber, they bo chap one...

marketing strategy hor...

Nonnie King said...

At least there's more than one broadband service suppliers in Malaysia.

In Brunei we only have ONE! And the cheapest package cost $98.00 per month! RM 220 YOH!

Kenny Ng said...

No need until leased line kua?

Yeah... what to do? Malaysia ma.

I'm not compare how many service provider, I'm here to say how bad is the service.

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