Monday, April 02, 2007

Tagged Post : Place I Really Wish To Go

This is the most difficult tag for me to do so far, I spent few days to think which place I die also must go one day? Laundryamah gave me a very tough homework to do, finally I found a place I really wish to go!

Before I start this tag, I want to make something clear again. Most of you think that now my work place I got my own room. NO!!!!! That was my previous work place ok? I'm now working in a cubicle which is open concept. Well, it doesn't matter, I can work in any conditions, I used to work in construction sites which don't even have a desk and exposed to sunlight from morning till evening for years!

Alright, back to tag business, why I choose Monaco? I'm a die hard fan of Formula One race more than 20 years! Monaco F1 race is the one and only race which held on normal street road compare to other events in other countries.

(Picture source from:

The track is already covered more than half of Monaco. This place is a well-known as heaven of casino. I don't gamble, so I don't give damn, I just want to go there to watch at least a F1 Race with my own eyes. Furthermore, this place is full of pretty + sexy + hot chicks all the time, I like it! Kekeke...

(Picture source:

This race track is one of the most difficult track to all the drivers. Only for a very fine and skillful driver can win in this race. (e.g.: Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso... all won in this race before).

(Picture source:

(Picture source:

Now I want to tag... NO ONE!

Wish My Dream Come True...


AceOne118 said...

Ooi! so fast kau tim ledi ar.

angel said...

When you get your huar ang, can go! ;)

Ckyeo said...

thy shall no complain for thy work coz thy boss give money to thy...

Rabbit said...

Can i tag along if u were to go to monaco? *wink*

The Horny Bitch said...

Wah.. No wonder la.. The streets so F1.

Kenny Ng said...

Fast meh? Few days over already la

Still cannot la... must support my family la

Apa lu cakap?

Formula 1 u also ngam? Ok... will tag u along

[the horny bitch]
Huh? What u mean the F1? S'pore soon going to have F1 street race leh.

kyh said...

wah monaco! one of the places i wanna go too! so glitzy and glamorous!

from the last pic, we know that the earth is round. LOL!

ah nel said...

when u go tel me as i wana go oso... ;)

Huei said...

wah! cool!! legal street racing! on F1 CARS!! COOL!!

i wana go too!!!

laundryamah said...

aiya go see F1 in Sepang need to go to Monaco wat! kakakka..go holiday tag oso hard to do..*pengsan*

kat said...

From ME, Monaco is only about 7 hours away! Faster come!!

And in Monaco, you can even rent a Ferrari to drive around... :D

Brother Wai said...

Wah! can i join u go Monaco see F1 also ah? i like everything fast. The chicks also all Mou Tak Teng one...

sun,moon&star said...

need to go so far to see F1 race meh? go Sepang this weekend ...

may said...

I'd go there not for the cars, but for the so-called rich and fehmes lifestyle ler. they got fancy stuff there, no?

_butt said...

waah.. die hard fan of F1 eh?

wish your dream will come true too


Kenny Ng said...

Yah... one of the most interesting place. Now u only know earth is round one ah? LOL

[ah nel]
Sure or not? Okok... will tell u

U also? Okok... when I go I tell u

Sepang no siok la, Monaco can see the beautiful scene and also lengluiz... LOL

That's what I dream for... hopefully everything go smooth la

[brother wai]
Sure... why not? Let's go!

Sepang I went b4 la... not that fun at all...

I just wanna go for F1 race wor... fancy stuffs I can't afford la.

Thanks... if not I watch on TV only...

Simple American said...

I love this track too. It is my favorite on F1.

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Let's go there!

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