Sunday, April 01, 2007

My Farewell

Today is April Fool, and also is my 5th anniversary I'd service in government sector. Time really flies, after five years on this day, I'm leaving my department. It's very hard feeling for me to leave with my beloved colleagues.

Last Thursday my department did a farewell ceremony for my colleagues who got transfered and myself which I resigned. It was very sweet and touching ceremony, everyone attended and wishing me best of luck in my new work place.

The reason I leave government is not because of I'm unhappy with my work place, it is because I can't wait for an engineer post which may take years for me to get it. At the same time, I can considered a lucky person who got a very good offered from a private company. I must thank to my coursemate who is a senior manager in that company to pull me in.

It's time for me to payback my parents who support me since I was born till now. As a government servant, the salary for support level is too low and most of the time it's not enough for me to survive in this city. I'm not hoping for any promotion or reward, but I just think I deserve to get the post which same level with my qualification.

My souvenir presented by new director the department

It was very touched at my final moment, all my close colleagues came and wished me all the best in future. I really don't know what to say at that moment, some of them treat me like their son or brother. I can see some of them holding their tears... Well, myself too!

My office room door

My working desk...

My working desk...

All this will become a valuable memory for me. I really missed my work desk. My new work place will not be that comfortable and no more privacy anymore. I'll work in a cubicle and not like before I have my own office room. I can't blog, chit chat and sleep as I like anymore.

My souvenir... I really love it and will appreciate it.

Goodbye Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID)
Selamat Tinggal Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran (JPS)

Thank You Very Much DID!!!


frostier said...

Oh. pembantu teknik also got room 1 wor... no wonder u can everyday Y!M

Ckyeo said...

no more gaoment tea time no more smoking break..muahahha u goanna suffer in private sector!!

a^ben said...

congratulations that you find a good job :)

angel said...

Good luck in your new job!

Waaa... very tai sai hor... got own room summore...

Chen said...

your office so syiok geh?
i jeles liao...
i dun even have my own desk leh..
hence no need to mention own room lah :P

all the best in your future undertakings :)

Maverick SM said...

Welcome to the world of commerce and capitalism.

You will find your new endeavor challenging.

Remember, you are no more Tuan. Now your are the new "prostitute" to be screwed up by those Tuans. Hehehehehe

AceOne118 said...

All the best in your new job brader!

Ellone said...

Hye, all the best to u k.
Btw, u have a very very clean and neat work desk ! hahaa...

zewt said...

wow... u have your own room???? haha... not so lucky in commercial world my friend. you might find your internet access pretty much limited too.

i always wonder how nice it is to work in the civil service, maybe one day you can blog about the whole experience.

Kenny Ng said...

My technicians work in cubicle they YM even heavier than me leh

Well... I dun break for tea also when I was in gov. Private sector? I've been work there b4 I join gov la.


Thanks... hehe, state post really dai sai 1

I dunno about other field, in engineering are like that. Thanks

Yah, but I was working in private b4 and I everyday pangsai also no need use energy one, I'm numb with it. Thanks

Thanks bro

Thanks. Clean? Haha... I clean up my desk b4 I leave ma... if not like bushes lor

Well, it's not my 1st time in commercial world. Blog about experience in civil service? Well... I prefer I talk than I blog it out. Maybe one day we can talk about it.

kyh said...

goodluck in ur future undertakings!

congrats upon finding a new job!

ah nel said...

brader...all the best!

Huei said...

wahh u had ur own room? so shiok! new opis got anot??

good luck in ur first day todayy!! blog about it tonite1 =D

FL Sam said...

All the best to u in your new job in the private sector.

Goament job very free one. Private u got to work hard and the reward oso good lar.

Ah Pek said...

Smooth Winds and Smooth Water

on your new job!

Sasha said...

wuah got rooom wan! eh good luck in yr new job wei!

sun,moon&star said...

all the best in your new job in the commercial world.

King's wife said...

Good luck in your new position!

kat said...

Wah! Pembantu teknik very powderful wan-or... they are the ones who know everything!!

All the very best in your new job. Go learn everything fast-fast, I wait for you in ME! :D

Brother Wai said...

walenleh!! got personal room some more ah.. well, good luck in ur new career. wonder when is my turn leh? i mean to hv my own loom...

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks a lot :)

[ah nel]
Thanks brader

New office cubicle one la... u never read proper ah?

[fl sam]
Thanks... yah I know that, I was in private sector b4 I join gov... now back to private sector.

[ah pek]

That was last time la, now no more. Thanks


[king's wife]

I dunno anything but I did everything la when I was a pembantu teknik. U in ME already meh? Okok... u wait for me!

[brother wai]
That room was my previous work place la, now work in a cubicle only.

may said...

that's such a cool souvenir! and you had your own room, waaaaa... even more "tai sai" than my MD, who sits in the row behind me, open office concept... ;) would've been so nice to zzz in there, hor?

good luck in your new job!!

Kenny Ng said...

*pengsan* Now I work in a open concept too la... that was last time la...

LP said...

Wish you all the best. Remember what you promise me arrr....LOL

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks... what I promised u ah? *make dunno*... kekeke

Huei said... was a monday! >.< heheh

team BSG said...

dun worry yr life journey is barely starting so enjoy the suspense and tension and release hahaha
tomorrow is more fun...
like the new songs u crave for yesterday ( sorry ah What V toking ah )
life is like that

_butt said...

all the best in your new job! you earned it!!


Kenny Ng said...

U monday always blur one ah?

[team bsg]
That's what I looking for. I was in that life before, now I wanna back to that life again.


zewt said...

sure thing then...

Simple American said...

Your such a humble guy!

Good luck. Grab the brass ring. Your life starts a new chapter.

Cool parting gift. You definitely will have good memories to build on.

Kenny Ng said...

Good :)

[simple american]
Thanks. Yeah, it's a good memories for me.

janicepa said...

Good Luck in your new Job !

Kenny Ng said...


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