Friday, March 30, 2007

Band Of The Week - The Allman Brothers Band

Going to weekend again, time really flies and I just realized today is FLY-day! Alright, as I promised this weekend I gonna introduce another classic rock band that I listening to. This weekend my selection will be the legendary of The Allman Brothers Band.

Let's enjoy some of my favorite songs by this group and rock with it together...

Click 'Play' and listen

The Allman Brothers Band - Rambling Man

The Allman Brothers Band - Melissa (Live)

The Allman Brothers Band - Little Martha

The Allman Brothers Band - Jessica

The Original Lineup of The Allman Brothers Band

About The Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band is a band from Macon, Georgia. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame labeled this band as "The principal architect of Southern Rock". This band was formed in 1969 and described as "the best damn rock and roll band in this country has produced in past five years" by Rolling Stone's George Kimball.

The band has been awarded eleven Gold and five Platinum albums between 1971 and 2005. Rolling Stone magazine listen The Allman Brothers Band as one their 100 Greatest Artist of All Time in 2004.

The Allman Brothers


The band was formed in Jacksonville, Florida on March 26, 1969. The band members were Duane Allman (slide guitar & lead guitar), Gregg Allman (vocal, organ), Dickey Betts (lead guitars, vocal), Berry Oakley (bass guitar), Butch Trucks (drums) and Jai Johanny "Jaimoe" Johanson (drums). Duane and Gregg had originally been in a garage band called The Escorts.

The Allman Brothers Band in live concert

Duane Allman killed in a motorcycle accidents on October 29, 1971 in Macon, Georgia when he collided with a lumber truck. Dickey Betts filled Duane's former role in completing the last album he participated. After some concerts the band added Chuck Leavell (pianist) to gain another lead instrument but without directly replacing Duane.

Berry Oakley died in another motorcycle accident on November 11, 1972 only three blocks away from the site of Duane Allman's fatal accident. Oakley was replaced by Lamar Williams at the end of 1972.

The Allman Brothers in live concert

Personality conflicts started to tear the band apart during late 70's and 80's when Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts both began their solo album. In 1989 The Allman Brothers reunited and returned to popular consciousness of the American public until present day.

The Present Lineup of The Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band... A legendary classic rock band.

Happy Weekend!!!


AceOne118 said...

You really terrer la managed to digged all this old photos!

fattien said...

this was very "qing dian" wor...

Iwan Sanchez said...

Sorry lah bro, i nver heard of this band before...


aprilcherrie said...

Hey, sorry.. i saw the wrong date i tot today is 1st April 2007 d... so the Pilipala contest is still running till tonight... 11:59pm.. so don't give up.. and keep click click ya…

Kenny Ng said...

That's the power of internet ma

Yeah... very de "qing dian", I like those kind of musics

Haha... cannot blame u, so now u know la... kekeke

Oh... sorry too, I totally forgot about this contest. Thanks remind me.

Nonnie King said...

Wah lao..

Your band of the week gets more and more "Cold Door" each time.

Simple American said...

Southern rock baby!!!

Got to tip my hat to em. Evne though I have never bought their album.

You know Greg married Cher for a while too.

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Yeah... I knew that.

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