Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bottoms Up

Ah Lian just got her new job as a sexy-tary (secretary) in a big company. She always have to follow her big boss to everywhere to entertain clients.

Ah Lian also an innocent person, she will do whatever her boss asked to. One day, the big boss asked Ah Lian go change her dress abit sexy and go to meet a big client from England.

The big boss told Ah Lian... 'This time we gonna get a super big business, do not memper-siasui-kan (shame on) me ok? You must do whatever the Ang Moh Kao (English man) requests ok?'

Ah Lian then replied... 'Ok boss!!! I go change now...'

Finally Ah Lian changed to be quite sexy and put on make up. The big boss got shocks and Lao Hao Sui (drooling) already... He never saw Ah Lian so sexy before.

So they reached into a high class night club, and they met up with the Ang Moh Kao. The negotiation went very well and they got the business deal.

The big boss was so happy then decided to celebrate with a bottle of XO. Then all of them started to drink, Ah Lian also follow and drank. The Ang Moh Kao was so excited and wanna challenge Ah Lian for drinking XO.

Suddenly the Ang Moh Kao shouted... ' Come on!!! Let's BOTTOMS UP!!!'

Ah Lian quickly stand up and turn around then.....


Bottoms Up

The big boss and the Ang Moh Kao straight away pengsan (fainted)!!!



Wennnn said...

HAhahahhah I like the word memper-sia-sui kan!!! Good word good word!!! Thumbs up...... not bottoms up lor

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

good wan ka kenny.......
this 1 must add in to dictionary...

*tabik* *tabik*

_butt said...

oh yes.. loved the word 'memper-siasui-kan'.. me and friends always used it to tease each other kekeke.

dreamie said...

ini macam har, nid to 'BOTTOMS UP' more often lorr .... KAKAKAKA

Ellone said...

Hahah, kenny also know that word...
Welcome to the gang. Malaysian boleh! hehehe...

Huei said...

hahahahhaha i tot the ang mo would be sexited!??

Ah Pek said...

her name Ah Lian or sohai?

Cocka Doodle said...

Luckily not mang kah li

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL on AhPek's comment.. LOL, sounds like it alot more than Ah Lian. LOL.. but its a nice joke.. couldnt blame her for being stoopid tho, Ah Lian is Ah Lian. :P

Aaron Chua said...

Bottles geh bottoms up, but she "ups" her buttocks~ Siao~
This "mem-per-siasui-kan" word is quite popular among my family.

Jace said...

haha.. a joke to make me laugh after a tired working day.

team BSG said...

gimi ah lian wan her now kanot tahan the round ass ! kwik kwik !

may said...

at least she knows what "botom" is! LOL!

Kenny Ng said...

Ah? U never heard memper-siasui-kan b4 ah? Luckily u said thumbs up... LOL

[pisang goreng 115,nf]
Thank you... thank you

hehehe... me too

Haha... jom! We go see more bottoms up, want ah?

haha... of course, I used it since I was in school day.

Too sexcited till pengsan ma... LOL

[ah pek]
Both also can... LOL

Hahaha... yalor

[calvin's wife]
True, Ah Lian still is Ah Lian, cannot change la... LOL

[aaron chua]
Haha... that's the hidden meaning lor. Wah... your family members also use it? Same same

Glad you like it... thanks

[team bsg]
I take 1st! LOL...

Yalor... cannot say she is totally stupid.

Tiuniasing said...

Wah... Next time I go out with other girls, I will ask them to bottom's up also!! Hahaa...

But, shhhh... Don't let my wife knows!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

Nice position!!! lolz!!!

Kenny Ng said...

U invite me go also la, so I also can see ma, like that I won't tell ur wife lor... deal? Kekeke

U like? I really like... LOL

Firehorse said...

LOL, thank you for Ah Lian story, love the word "memper-siasui-kan" :P

Kenny Ng said...

Hehe... thanks

AceOne118 said...

Nice butt!! , hehehe

Kenny Ng said...

Drawing only wor... also can be sexcited ah? LOL

Sweetpea said...

hmm... creamy soft buns...

Kenny Ng said...

Yeah... I like it... LOL

Simple American said...

I'll drink to that!

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Let's go!!!

clement said...

cheh... i tot the ang mo kau gets his kkc up

Kenny Ng said...

Too drunk very hard to get up ma.

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