Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why Michelin Tyre Pull Off From Formula One?

All these years in Formula One race, the battle not only between drivers and racing teams. One of the major war is tyre war. Recent years only 2 manufactures - Michelin and Bridgestone have a great fight on each other. In 2005 and 2006 season, Michelin tyre dominated most of the race which help Fernando Alonso won his double world champion title in that years.

This year, Michelin no longer in Formula One business, now Bridgestone conquer the Formula One business, they supply their tyres to all Formula One teams.

Michelin Official Logo

After a long thought, now I found out why Michelin pull out from Formula One. I can see Michelin is a very family type person, it has new babies and it wanted to take care of it's family, so it willing to pull off the business and take care of the babies...

The Babies...


Cute or not their babies?



ikanbilis said...

omg y so liddat so weird lol

aceone118 said...

Kakaka!! kuit mia babies!!

may said...

huarrr, twin boys? lol!

FireHorse said...

LOL I can see why Michelin has to take care of them :D

Ah Pek said...

wahahahaa... feed on what hah? this baby?

Huei said...

woahH!!! i must go home and c if my niece has so many layers now!!

Etcetera~Mommy said...

I always want to know if the images of the baby is real... So 'charm' la.. so chubby.. :( :(

Kenny Ng said...

I also dunno... really weird.

Cute hor?

I not sure is twin or not

Haha... now U know already

[ah pek]
I also dunno... must be alot of 'siew yok' kua... LOL

If have ask him diet... unhealthy lor

I think it's real, but I also felt pity to the babies...

aNNie said...

d babies r cute lah..
but hor.. kecil2 oled gt so many layer.. if besar mai cham.. haiih.. must eat lot oily stuff..
shake head.. mo suet wah ho kong...

sun,moon&star said...

Cute but far too many layers will make cleaning the babies difficult.

sun,moon&star said...

Reminds me of Lin Ngow (Lotus Root).

pinksterz said...

comelness. bwahahahaa!

Robb said...

omfg! lol!

Kenny Ng said...

This all can control geh. Make sure they on diet so next time will be ok lor

Haha... yeah, when washing alot of small gaps... Yeah, looks like Lin Ngow.


Thanks for dropping by :)

golfnick said...

don't remind me of my spares

Kenny Ng said...

Hahaha... I'm not :P

Iwan Sanchez said...


So geli....

true story ke?

_butt said...


Simple American said...

I better loose weight or someone will think I'm a Michelin baby.

Kenny Ng said...

fake story la... I simply created one la... LOL

Cute leh?

[simple american]
Haha... don't worry, I won't say that on u.

Jade Graham said...

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