Thursday, March 22, 2007

Goodbye My Work + Hiatus

Don't get me wrong, I'm not MIA (Missing in Action) purposely. Yesterday (Wednesday) was my last day for my current job, I'm clearing my annual leave now and looking forward for my new job in April.

Sorry that no Band Of The Week for this weekend. I'm heading down to Johor later afternoon for my convocation on this coming Saturday. I'm sure most of you wondering now, what this (me) old man going for what convocation?

Ok, I'm not that lucky like others, I have to do step by step, from Certificate to Diploma, then from Diploma to Degree (Bachelor of Engineering). I did my part time Degree 6 years ago and supposedly I can graduate in 2005 but stupid UTM never offered that only paper (Islamic) I left to complete my Degree. So I have to wait for another year and finally I completed that only subject in 2006. After that again... UTM took too slow to process my application for my convocation, so... I only can attend my convocation in this year. I totally wasted 2 years for my bloody hell Degree.

I was planning not to go for this convocation, but my parents want to attend it, so no choice I have to go. Later afternoon they'll arrive to KL by lunch hour then we'll shoot straight to Skudai, Johor. After my convocation on this Saturday, I'll straight shoot back from Johor to Penang! Yes, I'm driving, really can die one.

KL to Johor + Johor to Penang + Penang to KL = Half Dead!!!

Alright, I don't know when I only got time to update. I got a little request from you all... No need congratulate me and Don't Miss me!!!

Bye Bye...


angel said...

Harr?? Kenot congratulate?? Got liddat wan meh? OK lor...

Have fun then!

_butt said...

straight shoot back? rocket ah? :P

aiyakk.. but i just congratulated you wor..

still in top 3 chup, not bad la hahaha

Simple American said...

Enjoy your break!!!

may said...

have a good time, rocker! will see you when you're back with more bands.

ah nel said...

see u soon brader!!!

Huei said...

yayy!! finally u're freeee!! enjoy ur freedom b4 starting work again lar! =P

drive safe!!!!

KL to Johor + Johor to Penang + Penang to KL = please get enough rest before each journey!!! and inbetween also! =D

FireHorse said...

Ok go get your degree, earn more $$ and eat char kuey teow when you get back to Penang, enjoy your well deserved break. catch you when you come back.

janicepa said...

i dun and wont miss you wan wor... really ... ahahaha...

laundryamah said...

ayo i thot u will cum to karaoke with us one...cheh...

Ckyeo said...

sky keep your haunted office....

Rabbit said...

Woah! Long journey u're gonna have. Can ta pao some nice food from penang and bring it back to me o not?!

Old Beng said...

I will miss your blog

Iwan Sanchez said...

i salute u for ur perseverance lah...

Good luck in getting a better job..

LP said...

ok, you got a new job, you when are you going to berlanja me makan?

eve said...

one thing from me carefully please..

FL Sam said...

No congratulate. Then I wish u good luck lar in all your future undertakings. Drive safely.

fattien said...

"Yi lu shun Feng" all I can wish to u.

Brother Wai said...

wa len leh ma foo lat. sound like u go for war only.

anyway, still i wanna say Congratulations n i veli veli veli veli going to miss u liow (god!!!)

take care mate!

Ah Pek said...

wahh!! I admire people like you lah. never give up! I signup for Open U, one sem I cabut ledi!!!

Congrats!!! like Wings say,

Ah Mah! Kenny jai duck jor lah!!

Kenny Ng said...

Greeting from UTM, thanks to all who left messages here. I'll reply one by one once I get back to Penang ok? I just finished my rehearsal, very rushing now. So good UTM got free wifi... kekeke.

karen Q said...

eh?? compulsory for Islamic Paper huh?? erm.. i was waste 1 year plus for my convo too.. haha.. :P

drive safely n enjoy ya~


Chen said...

must congrats wan..
how can not congrats woh?

nyonyapenang said...

hey, you listen here....i want to ucap TAHNIAH!

Will said...

congratulations anyway...

drive safe ya

Kenny Ng said...

Can... y not leh? Thanks

Thanks anyway... Yeah, top 3 but no prizes also... LO

[simple american]

Thanks... sure, will feature more about rock bands soon.

[ah nel
See u brader

Haha... thanks. Sure I'll rest if I tired.

Yup... already got a better job with better income, sure more char kuey teow soon... kekeke.

Haha... that's wat I wanna hear, thanks!

Sorry la... next time ok?

Hahaha... please haunted more :P

Can tapao but I sked later fatt mou jor how? LOL

[old beng]
Haha... thanks

Thanks bro... Already got a better job :)

When ah? When u come back lah, I belanja u good good one ok?


[fl sam]
Thanks :)

Xie xie ni... :)

[bother wai]
The journey is like a war. Thanks dude.

[ah pek]
U got more committement mah, if I were you I also can't do it too. Thanks man!

[karen q]
U also faced same problem ah? Thanks, anyway... I got my new job already then only I resign.

I don't feel any proud ma... thanks anyway.

Terima kasih K-Mak

Kenny Ng said...


kyh said...


Kenny Ng said...


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