Monday, March 19, 2007

Bite The Eyes

Ah Beng used to hang out in a pub and betting with strangers with pool and darts to get some free booze. Most of the time he won.

One day, a Stranger came into the pub for some booze. Ah Beng then approached to that Stranger...

Ah Beng : Hello... 1st time here?
Stranger : Yeah...?
Ah Beng : Ok... chun! Now I got a deal, I want to challenge you, who lose will spend the winner all night long.

The Stranger looks very excited to take the challenge.

Stranger : Alright... so what do you want to challenge? Pool? Darts?
Ah Beng : Anything!

Ah Beng lost both games and he very frustrated and want to win back everything. Suddenly he came out with a strange idea...

Ah Beng : Ok... last deal! If you can bite your own eye I spend everyone in this pub all night long! If you can't you have to spend everyone all night long ok?

The Stranger laugh... and take the challenge. Ah Beng was laughing in his heart... 'hahaha, this sorhai going to spend everyone tonight'.

Suddenly the Stranger took off his right eye ball and bite it...

Ah Beng can't believe it... this Stranger's right eye is fake one! Ah Beng still don't want admit his defeat...

Ah Beng : Alright... confirm last deal! If you can bite your another eye, I spend everyone in this pub tonight! If not you spend!

The Stranger agreed. Ah Beng very confident he will win this round, because it's impossible this Stranger's both eyes also fake. If both eyes also fake, he won't able to see right?

Out of a sudden, the Stranger took off his fake teeth and put on his left eye and bite it...

This time Ah Beng really defeated....

Ah Beng : .................. ($%^&(**^%#@!&**@^$^~O@)



Ckyeo said...

mah fullat!!! U think that fler is terminator meh?!

Simple American said...

Convenient. That guy can always keep an eye out for pretty girls. keke

may said...

*pengsans at lame joke...*

Huei said...


ayeee stranger very the keng chou!

Kenny Ng said...

Just a joke ma... human terminator can or not?

[simple american]
Haha... good idea, so can peeps gals all the time :P

Eh... dun pengsan please... CPR please~~~

haha... so dun play play with stranger oh.

Brother Wai said...

Ma Foo Lat. Sure that Ah Beng Tiu Kau Tu Lan one...

_butt said...

wakakakakakakakakakaka!!! aiyoo, lucky got your blog to release tension hahaha

Iwan Sanchez said...

Can faint lah bro!!


Joke very original sia..


Rabbit said...

Kaka! So funny can die!

Rycerain said...

LOL... damn clever la this joke!

Kenny Ng said...

[brother wai]
hahaha... yes he is.

hhehehe... then must charge u next time :P

Hahaha... thanks bro, don't faint ah, I don't CPR to guys la... LOL

Don't die la.... later poeple sue me I die lor... LOL

Hahaha,... Thanks.

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