Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tagged Post : Six Bloggers I Would Like To Stranded On An Island

Being tagged again, but this time I felt so honor being selected as one of the bloggers stranded on an island with Firehorse.

David Gilmour - On An Island
(David Gilmour, my guitar hero from Pink Floyd. This song is nothing related with the tag, but the song title is just nice for this tag.)

This scenario reminds me like the drama LOST that I followed all the time, to see how they survive on a mystery lost island. Now my pick of six bloggers...

1. My brader Ah Nel, he is a real warrior and my hero too. We really need him to protect us from any attack. If we lucky can find stout on an island, so I can 'yam seng' with him kaw kaw lor... LOL

2. My taikor Wingz, why I need him? Because Wingz can cook! We need foods to survive so he is the right person to together-gather with us. He also can entertain us with tonnes of jokes when we are boring.

3. Simple American, he was an army before, so he is very good in skills to be a survivor. We need him to be our guardian in case got attack by 'the others'. I believe he also good in hunting so let Wingz to cook... hehehe.

4. I also want a person who got super power, he is CKYeo, he can control the sky to keep anything if 'the others' come attack us. I also can sing Jacky Cheung's song with him and also talk about Manchester United... wahahaha.

5. We also need a doctor in case got illness or injury, so the best person I think is Chen. She can handle it very well. Without her we all also cannot survive. She also very good in hunting nice foods, so with her around we can get many nice foods too... :P

6. Last person will be LaundryAmah, she very expert in doing laundry works. So I need her to wash my clothes lor... I don't like my clothes dirty mah... hahaha, she sure hamtam me kaw kaw one.

Alright, the name above I mentioned are being tagged by me. You can go it if you like and you also can just ignore it if you don't like it.

Looking Forward To Australian F1 Race!!!


Ckyeo said...

stranded on the island?! if the island got more bikini babes then u strand me there 9999 years i aso dern mind!

angel said...

OMG! What a tag! Haha! But u sure kena piak by the Lokter wan... want her to hunt for food pulak haha!

pinksterz said...

two protectors. two cooks. one laudry-er. and one keaping the sky.

so you are the master is it?


Chen said...

wah.. wat a weird tag :O
stranded me on an island???
EEeeee!! Lei hou sui geh

may said...

the Doktor hunt for food for you? good luck, she'll just come back with the healthiest of health foods and starve you instead, hahahaha! ooops...

laundryamah said...

wei! stranded on an island oso wanna wash clothes ah? seow meh? looking for survival and get out first la! sot chor one!

Kenny Ng said...

I also want lor... LOL

Nolah... to ask lokter hunt for food is second option, be the lokter is the 1st option :P

Haha... sounds like it, if u never metioned it I wouldn't know.

Haha... just a nonsense tag la.

Hmmm... not bad also, can live longer. Anyway, she also hamtam alot exotic foods also ma... kekeke

Haha... before get rescue mah, just saja say only la... :P

frostier said...

u veli good find bloggers can be ur kuli 1 hor. :P

team BSG said...

alamak a one time dream also got no one to se(x)rvice u one ah !? then how u can pass yr time with all those busy people ? sommore no
F1 on da island one...

nyonyapenang said...

dr chen will serve you chen-dol everyday.

De Pianist said... got plan everything liao you're the leader in the group liao..haha..or you everyday play guitar to them in return? entertainment leh..lolz..

aus F1 race?is in my place leh..but i no go and watch..don't like car racing geh..saw everyone in red shirts along the streets nia..=="

Kenny Ng said...

Not kuli lah... all work together la... :P

[team bsg]
Well... u should know me, rock music and food is my priority in my life. Se(x)rvice? I can kao tim myself... LOL.

Aiyak! Cannot la... chen-dol cannot cure illness la... LOL

[de pianist]
I'm not leader la, just all working together ma... :P Yeah, all red shirts must be Ferrari supporter, Kimi my hero won the race with Ferrari!

Rabbit said...

Kesian mia laundryamah. U samo wanna ask her to do laundy for u. Kaka!

FireHorse said...

Good, you take ah nel with you, dat way he can protect everyone, hehe, I can see some protest as to doing laundry, they are right yunno, on island wear banana leaf can ady LOL. Thanks for doing the tag :o)

Kenny Ng said...

Hahaha... just hamtam only la, if the real situation, who care of cleanness right?

Wear banana leaf? Cannot la, too sexy later 'the others' gal come rape me how? Wakakakaka

kyh said...

hahaha!!! having bbq on an island under the moonlight is veli fun leh... maybe u wudnt think of getting out there cos too syok liao... ;)

Kenny Ng said...

If really happen good la, but in reality world I dun think it gonna happen la...

_butt said...

this should be the latest tag right? wahhhh.. can't recall how many tags are lingering in the blogosphere..

yeah, it's essential to have a doctor like chen to keep us alive.. haha oh, and nel to protect you and the island :D

ah nel said...

brader!i wil do tis tag when i free...

Huei said...

y no me?? y?? i can sit n keep quiet there! haha =P

Kenny Ng said...

Yalor... too much tag lah. Haha... u also agree that chen stranded around?

[ah nel]
No prob bro... u steady!

U want also can geh... LOL

Simple American said...

Okay Okay!

I already been tagged with this. Being King of memes I will add my own special twist when I do this. Soon!!!

And David Gilmour just rocks!!!!

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Thanks... yeah, Gilmour is rocks!

Lin Peh said...

You get starnded with all the mah latt lor for fuck ah ? LOL!

Kenny Ng said...

[lin peh]
not all mah latt lou la

Wingz said...

haha niahma i think i better start a cooking blog as well since everyone is like drooling over my food lol

Kenny Ng said...

yayaya... you should, faster start it... kekeke

Simple American said...

Tag completed.

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
You're really effective.. thanks

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