Friday, March 16, 2007

Band Of The Week - Dream Theater

Alright, as I promised this 'Band Of The Week' will back after the bloggers gathering. Back to my business, this weekend I want to introduce you all my most favorite rock band - Dream Theater.

Let's start with my favorite songs selection. Hollow Years (Live at Budokan) is one of my most favorite song, the guitar solo by John Petrucci really killer! Next also another live version, The Spirit Carries On (20th Anniversary World Tour), the guitar solo... again will make you cry too. Following will be the heavy one, As I Am... this song really powerful!!! One of their most favorite song is Metropolis, that's another one of their finest music work. Lastly will be Another Day, another slow version from this band.

Actually I prefer even more in heavy version, but I afraid you all can't take it, so I just posted the slow version.

Dream Theater (from left, Mike Portnoy, Jordan Rudess, John Myung, James LaBrie and John Petrucci)

Click 'Play' to listen

Dream Theater - Hollow Years (Live at Budokan)

Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries On (SCORE)

Dream Theater - As I Am

Dream Theater - Metropolis

Dream Theater - Another Day

About Dream Theater

Dream Theater is a progressive metal band formed by Mike Portnoy (drums), John Petrucci (guitars) and John Myung (bass guitars). Three of them were from Berklee College of Music in United State. The current line up of this band together with Jordan Rudess (keyboards) and Kevin James LaBrie (singer).

Dream Theater also is a well known for the technical proficiency of each instrumental, they also won many awards from music magazines.

From left, John Myung, Mike Portnoy and John Petrucci (1985)


Dream Theater was formed in 1985 and named as Majesty. Somehow in 1986 they were forced to change their name when another band named Majesty threatening legal action. Therefor, Portnoy's father suggested named as Dream Theater, the name of a now demolished theater in Monterey, California.

For more information about Dream Theater, please visit to

John Petrucci

He is one of the most finest guitar palyer I ever seen, I really admire his skills. Now he also join with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai for the G3 tour. Petrucci also notable as one of the musicians to popularize the usage of seven strings guitar (alongside Steve Vai, Suicidal Tendencies guitarist Rocky George and the nu metal band Korn).

John Petrucci... my guitar god

Mike Portnoy

Portnoy has won 22 awards from the Modern Drummer Magazine. He was the youngest (at 37 years of age) to be inducted into the Modern Drummer magazine's Rock Drummer Hall of Fame. He is one of my favorite rock drummers, I really enjoy to see he plays on drums.

Mike Portnoy... my drum god

Portnoy's crazy drum set

John Myung

Myung has somewhat become the mystery member of Dream Theater. He really rarely speak and draw attention to himself in concerts. He is very quiet and very committed into his career. I've met Myung in personal in 2005 when he came to Malaysia. I was so excited to meet him in his bass clinic and get his autograph, and... I did it! I got his autograph on a post card and one of my Dream Theater's CD cover.

John Myung the silent man

Myung's autograph... don't play play oh... I really have it!

Dream Theater... the finest progressive rock band in this planet!

Happy Weekend!!!


kyh said...

no wonder u so rock la! ahahaaaaa!!!

AhTak said...

Dream Theather !!! Yes !!! Amazing !! I watched thier concert DVD so many times already still not enuff, still want to watch !!

Thier basist is insane ! So fast till almost cannot see his fingers ! Another 6 string basist !

Winn said...

u got open class or not? so u can teach us abt bands.....hehe. i stil canot diffetiate who is who la.......

eh and hor i requested for jem so long time ago u dindt do one! Hmmp! wanna wait for tag ar?:P

Kenny Ng said...

Now u only know ah?

Yah... I got their DVDs too and always watch it. They really damn good la. The bassist really keng la, saw him play real life when he did his bass clinic... damn keng! Not human leh!

No need open class... read my blog u can learn already. I told u already I don't know who is Jem la... how I gonna blog it leh? U 'hong hak ngor' to do tag ah? LOL

Gallivanter said...


_butt said...

omg.. those drum sets!!! I like!! :D

KidChan said...



Nonnie King said...

Wah....seems like you haven't blog "Band of the week" for quite some time liao.

Thought you ran out of band to talk about. Rupanya still got.

Kenny Ng said...

Let's rock!!!

Haha... come let's play drums

you also rocker? Come... rock it!

Was busy and no time to blog about band ma... still got many bands coming up soon :)

FireHorse said...

Hi Kenny Ng, I am sorry to tag you with a meme but I really needed music if I were to get stranded on an island and you are one of the six bloggers that I would like to get stranded with. I know you get tagged a lot so just ignore my tag if you dun have time ok :o)

Kenny Ng said...

haha... but mine all rock musics wor... okok... I do it.

Simple American said...

I never heard of this band. *slaps self*

When my new computer gets here I will order some songs off iTunes.

Wowie KapowiE!!!! That is an awesome drumset. So hot he has to change thrones while playing kekeke

Hey is Myung from Malaysia or his ancestors. Interesting that he will go there to do a clinic. Good on him. Good on you to get his autograph.

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Maybe they are new for you, I don't blame you, anyway... they are a bit heavy for you too. But it's no harm u try it out.

Yeah, was so sexicted shake hand with him and get his autograph.

mott said...


Dream Theater was one of my favourite rock bands ALSO!!!!!!!!!!! But...I completely forgot about was SO DAMN LONG AGO MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now..I must go dig up my classic Heavy Metal cd collection.....all the kids' nursery rhymes CDs..unfortunately, took precendence already! sigh....

thanks for the reminder tho!

Kenny Ng said...

Wow... never know you are into rock too! You ROCK!!! Yeah.. they really good in skills, I always watch their concert DVD over n over again.

No worry... if u need any rock music look from me, I have many in my collections.

Simple American said...

They ain't nuthin too heavy for me.

Led Zeppelin is easy listening as far as I'm concerned.

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Cool... then u'll like this band ;)

Zen Master said...

Although I'm not a big fan of progressive rock, but I think Dream Theatre really rocks. I like Metropolis.

Kenny Ng said...

[zen master]
I'm a big fan of progressive rock, that's y I love Pink Floyd n Dream Theater :)

mariothecomposer said...

Dream Theater are one of the top 5 bands ever. The songs are great. They have 4 world class musicians. The vocals sometimes miss out a bit-not always. There are also great vocal moments.
I have all their songs on CD and DVD and can honestly say I lisened to them a hundred times and never got tired
The others are:
Yes (maybe the finest band ever with Steve Howe, the greatest ever rock guitarist)
Rush (Geddy is just great and of course Neil Peart. Alex is not bad either- I would say, top 15.)

I'm still trying to figure out the other 2 contenders.
Pink Floyd are good and their sound engineering is just great. The concept album idea also works.
Genesis sound good but somehow, I don't thing they are big enough. I like Tony Bank's keyboards. Steve Hackett's and Peter Gabriel's absence are definetely felt

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