Monday, March 19, 2007

Go To Hell You Morons!!!

NiaMahChaoHai!!! I really can't stand anymore, I was having sweet dream and suddenly got fucking morons having drift racing around the place I stay. The fucking noisy exhaust and tyre scratches sound really woke me up!

Are you guys brainless? Don't you guys think about how many people were in deep sleep now? If I have bazooka I sure will shoot you to the hell now! Cipet! I heard babies were crying because get shock by the noise. Don't you morons need to work tomorrow? I don't think so, you all gonna go to hell and have a nice hell work there soon!

Fuck you morons! You somemore modified your car like initial D car, who you think you are? A wira modified looks like can fly. TIU la... If you so rich why not you go modify your brain to be more considerate on other people? Don't you think it's dangerous to others? If you want to die then go the fucking place with no body around!!!

NiaSeng - NiaMahChaoHai - TiuNiaSeng - Puki - Cibai - Lanjiao - Fuck You - Butoh - TiuNiaMahChaoHai - Damn You Mother Fucker - Super - Duper - Extremely - Unlimited - Ulimate - Brainless MORONS!!!

I believe in karma, one day god will send you to the place you belong to!!!

NAH!!!!!..... You Morons!!!

Go To Hell You Morons!!!

*Niaseng... I can't sleep already, I'll be a dead man working later... fuck!!!


Cocka Doodle said...

Wakakakakka!!! First time see you cuss liddat! Way to go, Kenny!
Now you're a victim of Mat Rempits and those farkers in souped up protons a.k.a. Evo wannabes.

mark them....then throw a can of paint onto their cars or bikes.

angel said...

Ya! Agree with cocka... waa... u curse very the yao yeng lah! I thot normally you'll say, "Aiya, suak suak khi laa..." LOL! :P

*helps u to count sheep so that u can go zzzz*

Ckyeo said...

Dern worry..later you will see the cloud start coming in..then got lighning...then rain heavily.....then its time for the sky to keep them!!!!

Free sky keep you execution from lim peh sky keep specialities =)

_butt said...

cool down cool down.. *fanning*

KidChan said...


hahaha thank you-lah. I was having all this X*%8! in my head and you swore it out on the behalf of me.I feel so good already. Can take you drinking, if you have the time.

Why am i like P*SS off? some of the readers in the other kenny's(sia)blog, is judging me + Kenny as if they know us.

where were there when i was a new & struggling (still am) photographer? I had to share one nasi lemak bungku for lunch like few days in a row k? really ....arggh hahahah

WARNING- *kidchan attempting to croak*

yuen lai niiiiii- shem more do bu shiang yauuuuuuuuu!!!

may said...

very keng... very keng... next time I want to curse & swear at someone, I take lessons from you, ok? ;)

a^ben said...

wah, first time see kenny curse till like no tomolo lidat :x

kl one at least wira, kch one is using kancil one`

*pasang giant fan`*

ah nel said...

later we got put oil,nails and glass on the road n let them die ugly...

Ah Pek said...

hahahahaaa!!! hou lan 7 hot ah? said...

Haha. Kenny.
Take some video and post to youtube lor. And swear infront and behind the footage.
We will help to spread it :p

Huei said...

wahhhh so fierce *scared*

this morning i oso kena some farker blasting music wake my eyes can hardly open!!

ikanbilis said...

i miss my kucing now!

LP said...

F words flying out of your mouth? but those morons deservethat.

Ok lar...send you some e-meals to chill down... My version of Mee Udang..taste better than the one from Penang.

janicepa said...

wah say !!... so angeli meh ?? nevermind.. "SKT" one day ar.... dun angry .. come tea o ais limao on me !! hahahaha...

Kenny Ng said...

I was a victim long time ago, but last night I was really tired, now I really like half dead. No need to throw anything to them la, they'll pay the price one day.

God also can be angry sometimes, this is what happen to me now. I curse yao yeng? Aiyo... paiseh, I'm not like that actually, but my temper reached to the max already. Thanks.

Haha... I was gonna ask u to keep them out.

I'm sorry that I don't really curse like this so badly. I really can't hold my words, my limit was over.

Those 'others' readers know nuts, as long you and Kenny Sia never did anything wrong, nothing to be fear right?

Alright, I'll keep your words, one day we go for drink. I believe everyone who success (like you) has paid lots of sacrifices in the past. I was a photographer and I know how hard to be a success photographer.

Wah... you can rock too!

Better don't, I'm not like that anyway... but thanks for look me so up.

Yah... 1st time, I really lost my temper.

[ah nel]
No need la, we no need to be the bad guys. God will keep them one day.

[ah pek]
Yah... very the maximum hot, last night the weather damn hot somemore.

I wish I have a video cam to shoot it and post it up, too bad I don't have.

No need scare la, I won't eat you geh...

Your kucing also can point middle finger? LOL

L i s a n said...

fuiyooooo. kenny blazing hot.
listen to rock music.
or to me sing.

fwahhhh. that time you sure feel better liao.

Kenny Ng said...

e-meal? Aiyoo... not real one ah? Thanks.

I'm not like that actually, but I really can't stand anymore ma. OK! You said one ah? Teh O Ais Limau... I wait for it... :P

Kenny Ng said...

errrrr... u can sing rock ah? Come... sing now... :P

Simple American said...

I sell you IED cheap cheap.

Vroom Vroom!!!

Boom Boom!!!

Nite! Nite!

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
What is IED? I know what LED is la... LOL

sun,moon&star said...

Wow!! you sure have a temper and all those F words coming from you.
Think its only natural when you are really really angry.

Lin Peh said...

Stop complaining ! Actually..your wish came true cause you ended your previous post by saying "Looking Forward To Australian F1 Race!!!" hahahah! Try replace the "Australian F1 Race" with Something else and see what happen next ! LOL!

Kenny Ng said...

Not all the time, once a while unless that really haunted me long time.

[lin peh]
That's different ok?

Nonnie King said...

I like that long string of bad words you scolded!

I wish I have that talent. Hhahahaa

Wingz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wingz said...

kenny, u remember the diesel trick u taught us? well ... that will work of the tyres too you know? lol

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... if u think u can... u can do it too... :P

Cannot lah, later other ppl also kena how? That is a normal road only, I always use it too, later I kena on myself meh? LOL

aceone118 said...

Can give lesson ar? you cuss well.

Sasha said...

oi i never see u so angeli before.Cool....i send u leng lui picture okay?

Kenny Ng said...

No need one, when you are into maximum angry till gonna bao cha... you'll automatically curse so well. Now I also wonder how can I cursed so well... LOL

Last nite was really angeli ma... okok, I wait the lenglui pic...

laundryamah said...

wah dun mess with a guy's sleep..can make him so teruk angry until curse liddat! wah mau cuci mata now!

Iwan Sanchez said...

alamak bro,
Relax ok.. cool down..

I can understand how u feel... some bastards distrupt ur beautiful sleep..

When i went to KL, i also same thing.. haiz...

Can the authorities do something abt it??

narrowband said...

Consider posting a podcast. Cussing like that is best put in an audible format - more kick! Seriously, since when those people cared? Not only were they noisy, but dangerous as well!

You should have called the cops!

Chen said...

the "best" is if those morons met with an accident in the middle of the night & haven't RIP yet.. The poor doctors & nurses in the hospitals have to struggle & work hard to save these "society rubbish"...

MVA or accident rates is very very high after midnight especially on weekends, thanks to all those moron riders & drivers :(

We have no choice but to save everyone who come to the hospital, regardless who they are ...

Chen said...

i had to stay awake so many times at wee hours after midnight cos of those people.. (eg from 1 am till 5 am etc...) Please scold them kaw kw too on my behalf

De Pianist said...

aiya...mat rempits...pi mati lah them..still say what what rights to race...kanasai lah..saman them no use,catch them no use,just hope they'll get accidents can d..

p.s : i thought i come to aus can be peaceful d..mana tau at night got tram sound,mabuk ppl singing at weekends,and worse,some stupid car sreeching somemore..=="

Cedric said...

Hmmm it'll be a celebration if one day while you are asleep, suddenly you heard loud motorbike noise then you wake up, cursing them and all of the sudden you heard a loud loud loud BANG!!!!!!!!!
You look out through the window, you saw their bikes caught fire, some Mat Rempits die/injured then you'll thank yourself for being so successful in cursing them... :D

Rycerain said...

LOL... u can come out with a dictionary for cursing... sounds like u're damn pissed off...
anyway nice pic... funny indeed XD

Kenny Ng said...

Actually I'm ok if anyone wake me up, I just hate those morons which waken up everyone included babies. They also can cause death to other peoples.

Authorities? Well... not far away got a police mini hut there, but it seems sleeping all the time.

Cops? ok... same answer as above.

Wahhh... In Penang also? I heard the similar situation in KL too from a doctor. Alright, I cursed them already on your behalf just like in this post.

[de pianist]
Yah... just hope they got serious accidents. Well... I think this case not only happen in Malaysia, can happen everywhere.

If really can happen after I curse them, then I'll be very happy. I not hope they die straight away but I want them suffer badly in the rest of their life. Like this only keng ma... tiok boh?

Wahhh... not so keng yet la, dictionary? Still cannot la... yah, the cat pic damn funny.

Simple American said...

IED is those roadside bombs the terrorists use in Iraq.

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Wahhh... that too violent to me. No thanks, god will punish them one day.

april said...

kekeke.. so yeng. did u look like a dead man walking the next day? kekeke should shoot a pic for us to see maa..

Rabbit said...

I am trying to read that bad words paragraph again and again so that I can remember them well in my brain. I might get to use it when im driving. Kaka!

Kenny Ng said...

Yah... really like a dead man, I slept during lunch hour. If i got good SLR camera I sure will snap the pics.

Hahaha... don't learn too much bad words la, be a kuai kuai gal la.

kyh said...

woahhhhh!!! last time u told u me u curse even more... really very 'more' lol! hahahaa!!!!!

those tak bertimbang rasa mia budak... $%#@$&##%!@

Kenny Ng said...

Now u know... so dun play play with me ah... LOL

aNNie said...

weiii.. the cat post so funny.. i keep laughing when i saw it...
ppl might tot me crazy kelak cz laugh in front of the PC..

Kenny Ng said...

Hahaha... behave abit... later they call Tanjung Rambutan then u cham lor...

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