Monday, March 26, 2007

New Fender Stratocaster For Sale

Note: This is a non profit post from me, I just do some favor for my best friend a guitar collector.

My friend a guitar collector has recently upgraded his collection and wish to sell off a few items at a very good price. He is starting off with a mint condition, original Fender Stratocaster.

The guitar as already been upgraded with original Fender 'pearloid' scratch plate and 'Tex-max' pickups. No scratches, never played live or in jamming studio.

Front view of the guitar

Rear view of guitar

Back plate (Genuine)

Classic Fender headstock

Original Fender Tuner

Original Fender Bridge (no rust at all, 100% new)

Tex-max Pickups and Pearloid Scratch Plate

Very straight neck with low action

Package worth RM 250

Included package (all new):

1. Ibanez low noise cable
2. Classic leather strap
3. Marshall MT-1 guitar tuner
4. Planet Waves Shine (spray cleaner & maintainer)
5. GHS Fast-Fret string cleaner
6. 3 packs D'Addario XL electric guitar strings
7. 10 Paul Gilbert's Ibanez signature series picks

Total cost about RM 2,800.00

Selling price RM 1,800.00 (neg)

Anyone interested? Please email to


Simple American said...

That looks so suhweet!

Somebody is going to rock!

may said...

for a moment there, I thought you were selling off your "wife"! hmmm... buy it over from him lah, then you'll have 4 wives instead of 3, the more the merrier... *wink*

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Yeah... it's sweet. That guitar really rock!

You know? My dream is to have a real Fender Stratocaster guitar, too bad I don't afford to buy it now.

Seth said...

Damnit it's a Mexican stratocaster.

If it were an American-made Strat I'd buy it right away!

(looks at date and realizes this must've been sold ages ago)

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