Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Convocation

I'm safe and sound in Penang now, I reached my hometown Butterworth at 12am this morning. I was a terrible tired journey for me, I left Skudai, Johor at about 2pm yesterday right after my convocation. We stopped at my KL house for a short rest, took a nice bath and dinner then started move to north.

My convocation was going smoothly, but I was so sleepy and tired because I woke up at 3am in that morning due to an unnecessary call. My parents thought it was 5am and they went to take bath. When I told them it just only 3 something morning. Hell... after that we all unable to sleep anymore.

Our cert was presented by Sultana of Johor, we were so lucky our convocation was on Saturday, the other day the cert will presented by others.

Here is some of my cam-whore session of my convocation...

Studio version... I look so fat!

In the hall...

Together with my coursemate, husband and wife who are the top students, got Dean Awards.

After ceremony... so crowded.

Posing at Johor Sultana's Car...

My coursemates...

Another cam-whore with my coursemates

Final moment, throw marble hat

Goodbye UTM!!!


King's wife said...

Nice rich red karer! Congrats again!

Assam laksa please! ;-)

may said...

huarrr, so stylo-milo!! red coror. I think mine was black with some blue coror, not as nice. congrats, lengjai!

pinksterz said...

anyway, have to pout. only then i will call it camwhoring. muahaha!

zewt said...

hi kenny,
thank you for your well wishes. i truly appreciate it.

kyh said...

oooh tahniah!!!

wah seems so syok~ and throwing the segiempat topi~ wat joy!

Chen said...

hou lengchai woh..
cannot say congrats ah?
dun care lah..
say jugak..
gong xi gong xi :D

angel said...

Waaa... very ang! Very ong!

Congrats! No no, not congrats for the graduation... congrats cos so lengjai :P

FL Sam said...

A Joyous occasion wor. Cheers.

Kenny Ng said...

[king's wife]
Thanks... Asam Laksa ah? Come come... I'm going to eat now... kekeke

Black la yao yeng... lengjai? Nolah... look nerd got la.

Errr... I took not much of pictures ma... hehehe

No problem man, thanks for dropping by here :)

Luckily the hat not hanging on the tree... LOL

Lengjai ur head! Don't ever say that again please!

Oh please... then u better congrat for my graduation ok already.

[fl sam]
Joyful and tiredness for me.

De Pianist said... many camwhorenye..haha..look so yau yeng leh..lolz..and finally you've graduated.really can throw the hat sky high liao.hehe..

p.s : my link change jor liao out of some personal my new blog link is

sengkor said...

congrats man!! so red like cny like that..

Ckyeo said...

that sultan got nice ride....mahfullat one day i wanna be sultan's driveR!!

LP said...

Did you guys have to walk up to the hill? I remember a few years cousin was complained how far her parents had to walk to the hall. Pitty those old people.

My food list is getting longer and longer.....

Cocka Doodle said...

Kung hei kung hei! Now you qualified longkang engineer ah? kakakakkaa!!!

nyonyapenang said...

hey, must distribute your autographed photos to us.
congrats! once again.

AceOne118 said...

Bro, Kong hei..kong hei!

Cedric said...

Geong hi di geong hi di!!! wakakaka I wanna graduate too!!! LOL

Nonnie King said...

So, how does it feels to take a bouquet of flowers in your hand and take pictures?

aNNie said...

hey, bro..
cngratulation bor... even u said dont congrat u but i want oso.. o d best in ur new environment.

ah nel said...

brader...ang ang bo hai lang!!!

Huei said...

woohoo!! congratulations!

u threw ur hats!!! during my convo we didnt dare throw..cos penalty for lost/damaged hats = rm10!! >.<

Ah Pek said...

wahlau! very the hensem neh!!

now can ask for promotion liao!

sun,moon&star said...


janicepa said...

wah say !!.. so leng chai wan ..

Congrats !!

Iwan Sanchez said...

yo kenny bro!!

Congrats lah...

All the best in ur future endavours!!

Fattien said...

That convo clothe make me sweat and hot like hell. I remember that time I wear this make me sweat like mandi especially quening outside the hall. Yesterday was damn hot!!!!! lolz

Btw, congratulations again!!!!

april said...

finally.. tai kor jai d!! Time to pay back PTPTN LOAN!!

spiller said...

congrats man!

Kenny Ng said...

[de pianist]
Haha... just for show only, we never really throw so high. Ok... changed the URL already.

Thanks... yalor, 2nd CNY this year mah... LOL

I also wanna apply wor... jom! We go apply.

Yeah, we have to walk up the hill. But after I slow talk to the guard, they allow me to send my mom up there with my car coz my mom's movement got problem. Long list? Wahh... I started sked sked liao.

Hahaha... can consider like that la.

No need kua... I'm not superstar la... LOL... Thanks

Thanks bro

Thanks... sure u can!

The flowers not mine la, my friend borrowed me one... haha. I asked my parents don't buy anything for me ma.


[ah nel]
Thanks brader

Thanks... haha, we throw low low only just for snapping that pic. Others all never throw at all.

[ah pek]
Not hensem la... promotion? U mean job promotion? I got new job already and better position too.


Not leng jai la... Thanks

Thanks bro...

Yeah... it was so damn hot, luckily in the hall got air conditioner. But when outside my body almost cooked and can eat lor... LOL

I dai kor jai long time already.... PTPTN loan? Haha... no need coz I never get any loan.

Thanks man!


ayo..why throw ur hat away one ? sell lah, make some money...aiyah

_butt said...

wahhh so bangga!!

cheh. earlier before your convo say don't want to show pics :P said...

Wuah, keong hee. Eh, when u go back? Makan together lah. I 'chia'.

Kenny Ng said...

Cannot sell la, must return all in piece only can claim my cert la.

Coz... all requested me to show ma... :P

Kamsiah... Sorry la, I'm back already in B'worth now, tomolo will back to KL.. Next time ok? Very the paiseh, next time sure call u ok?

april said...

so u got graduation dinner for us? since u no nid pay back PTPTN. stupid load.. money sucker.

K :y nno :D said...


Ur family must be so very proud of u!

Congrats !!!!

K :y nno :D said...

btw u loke beli ensome!

Kenny Ng said...

Hahaha... sorry I did it last year, my convo suppose in last year but got some technical problem from my Uni so I only can convo this year. Yeah... PTPTN really a sucker.

[k :y nno :d]
Yah... my parents were so excited. U more ensome la... me like a nerd only.

kat said...

Thern yao yeng keh? Love your 'study', dude!

Not only your robe ang-ang like CNY, even the stage looks like CNY!!! LOL

But seriously, you look very smart in your suit. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing you in the Middle East, ya? ;)

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks... Middle East ah? Not so soon, need to learn many things before I eligible to go there.

Simple American said...

Go Red. Well done.

Nice to be with your chums too right?

Wingz said...

wuah so hansem!!! kunghei kunghei!!!

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
Thanks... haha, yeah

Where got hansem? Thanks

KIDCHAN said...

Kenny! Congrats!! YOU ROCK!

zewt said...

and congrats on your graduation.... look so yau yeng.

13th Panda said...


Kenny Ng said...

[kid chan]
Thanks... let's rock!

Thanks... where got yao yeng wor?

[13th panda]

Brother Wai said...

Kong Hei, Kong Hei... Big boy already loh... can go quick2 marry n give birth loh...

Kenny Ng said...

[brother wai]
LOL... so u got any good gal to intro me or not?

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