Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Top 5 Foods I Love in Penang

This time been tagged by Velverse about my top 5 places of food I like to go. Too bad I seldom took photo about foods places. So, in this tag I have to get some from other sources (as stated).

The rules:

1. List out your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location.
2. Put down your link below together below the name/nick of the person who tag you and link directly to your post. Please include the state or country you're from.

Nicole (Sydney, Australia)
Velverse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Kenny Ng (Penang, Malaysia)

3. Tag 5 other people (preferable from other countries/states)

Alright, here are the places and foods I would like to recommend :

#5 - Tenggiri Food Court, Seberang Jaya

The cheapest drinks

My favorite curry mee

I'll never miss this place to get refreshment. The drinks here is super-duper cheap and you can never find any place cheaper than it. Click on the 1st picture to enlarge it then you'll see cheap is the prices. The curry mee there also excellent, the portion is just nice to me, not too big. The only thing the curry mee stall only open at evening and will finish quite early, most of the time I got no chance to taste it.

#4 - Penang Shatow Lane

New World Park Hawker Centre

Char Koay Teow

Chee Cheong Fan

Penang Fruit Rojak

Ais Kacang

You'll never go wrong in this Shatow Lane, now it has a bigger and nicer hawker stall there called New World Park. All the old stalls in Shatow Lane has been moved into this hawker centre. Now you no need to worry about parking problem and also there is more seats for you all.

#3 - Penang Batu Lanchang (Si Yang Yang Cafe)

Chicken Rice (Picture source: MayaKirana)

It's been many years I still love the chicken rice there. The cafe just located next to Nam Hwa Hospital at Batu Lanchang. I love the sauce which very intent and just nice with the fragrant rice. I'm a huge fan of chicken rice and I never feel bored eating it over and over again.

#2 - Penang Air Itam Market

Air Itam Asam Laksa

I think I no need to explain so much about it. This is the most well-known Asam Laksa not only in Penang but also in Malaysia. The stall just located at the Air Itam market and on the way to go up to Kek Lok Si Temple. This stall witll start selling from afternoon till evening.

#1 - Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth.

Jalan Raja Uda

Jawa Mee

Alright, this is the place where I grow up. Now this street can be named as 'Street of Foods'. Can you imagine I still haven't try all the foods along this street for so many years! Now many shop houses were build along this street and very hardly to see any old wooden house anymore. This street also can be as China Street in Butterworth, you can find all types of chinese foods over here.

To live in this place, you don't have to worry of your stomach suffer from hungry, you just have to worry how much you can eat... haha.

5 person to tag...

1. Simple American (United State of America)
2. Iwan Sanchez (Singapore)
3. Nonnie King (Brunei)
4. Pinksterz (Egypt)
5. A^Ben (Sarawak, Malaysia)


AceOne118 said...

Yummy-yummy!! Penang foods all nice wan.

angel said...

Ei, I think the Batu Lanchang kopitiam is called So Young Cafe... no? I love the "lor mee" there! Sedap!


_butt said...

omg those heavenlicious foooods!!! oh, it's killing me!!

Simple American said...


Velverse tagged me too mate. :)

Lets go eat. I meet you in Penang!!!

pinksterz said...

wat? wat?! WAT?! tag again? *die*

never mind i will do it. then i can tag aceone again!


ACEONE BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!! wakakakakakaka

food at any place oso can right?

janicepa said...

i missed the food in penang .. u got ta pao back for me o not ??

Huei said...

wah..if everymorning i see food like that..i sure get fat wan!! kakka

Nonnie King said...

Gotta take camera everywhere I go to blog about food in Brunei liao :p

Thanks for the tag

Pink Cotton said...

okok i jot down now

going to penang in august ;)

must do some research on food...

Kenny Ng said...

Yah... u'll never go wrong

Yah, it's called So Young Cafe... I forgot jor ma... LOL

Hallo... still alive? Not yet killing u kua... LOL

[simple american]
Come... let's go and rock the whole Penang!

Haha... good, u can bully him now. Err... if can foods in Egypt that u like lor.

Got! All in my stomach, some I pangsai out already... wakakaka

U can get fat meh? I dun believe!

[nonnie king]
Haha... Thanks

[pink cotton]
U can look for Chen, she is good in food hunting :)

laundryamah said...

woi! so how our blogger penang trip?? must start planning leow!

King's wife said...

Mana I punya ta-pau???

JL said...


gua mia tummy bergelora...

lapar la...

next time ta-pau la, dun show show picture nia :)

Eve said...

need to use google earth to capture raja uda meh?? hAhah...Ya, i know butterworth got alot of hidden treasures wan..

Chen said...

One can forget about dieting when he or she is in Penang ;)
How to resist the yummy food here?

Sasha said...

damn i came at the wrong time..before dinnner....now my tummy kriiiii kruuuuuu aiks!

may said...

OMG, those all bring back memories when I was there visiting the iDoc! except... I didn't have assam laksa... *sighs wistfully*

kat said...

Attap chee!!! I love attap chee!! So darn hot how, what I wouldn't do for a huge bowl of shaved ice with milk, santan, gula melaka syrup, angtau and attap chee...

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Slurp slurpp.. yummy lor.. Me too.. I just love Penang food!!!

Kenny Ng said...

Sure can... anyone volunteer to organize or not?

[king's wife]
Your ta-pao? I send thru DHL wor... dun tell me really Delivery Halfway Lost (DHL) lor... LOL

If I tapao back sure fatt mou la...

Haha... no choice, no other pic can show ma, just hantam it lor. Yah, B'worth have lots of hidden treasure.

U r right... so you are one of them? LOL

Faster go eat now... :P

Yah... U really missed the best Asam Laksa. Anyway... U haven't try foods in Butterworth right?

Wahhh... u really 'sek foh' wor... I like attap chee too.

Really ah? R u from Penang too?

Brother Wai said...

wah! after lunch already n c this post makes me hungry again. mafoolat lah lu...

Kenny Ng said...

[brother wai]
hahaha... then go eat again lor

kyh said...

wah so sedap!!!!! make me lao hao sui only in the middle of the night!

ah i wanna go to penang again~ must find one day to visit~

Jace said...


Kenny Ng said...

Haha... faster go eat now! Hmm... Penang, anytime u go also got foods... dun worry :)

Hi and welcome here. Got tissue with u now? Later u flood ur keyboard I dunno ah... LOL

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